Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Non-Traditional Wreath!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has enjoyed a day of rest. I haven't done much today other than rest. I did make a cute new wreath for the front door since I haven't had anything up since Easter! I'll share that little project later in this post. First, I wanted to share the last few treasures from yesterday's thrifting trip. I found a few napkin rings for $0.10 each. I saw the prettiest idea to use them to cover the floral stems in a vintage bridal bouquet so I picked them up. My daughter is thinking of a vintage themed wedding when she gets married one day. No definite plans yet though! Two of these are silver plated, one is a pretty clear acrylic, and one is porcelain. I also got a set of 12 plain wooden napkin rings for the same price. I plan to save them for a future project, although I don't have plans for them yet.

I got this vintage lace trimmed fabric runner. The lace is so pretty with the yellow edge. It was $1.79.

I also bought these sweet little vintage fabrics. There's not much of them, but they will work for small projects. I already used a small piece of each, which you'll see soon! The yellow gingham has the prettiest lace and rose design on it. It is raised and feels like velvet. These two small pieces were under $1 each.

Then I found these two large ramekins for $0.75 each. I use ramekins a lot, so I couldn't pass these white ones up!

Ok....on to the wreath! 
My wreath is a little non-traditional. I have seen a few around and about on blogs and Pinterest made from picture frames. I decided to use an old frame to create one for myself. This project was so cheap to do and I already had everything at home to do it, so technically it cost me nothing since I didn't have to go buy anything special to do it. Here's how it started out....

I wrapped it with jute which I bought at the Dollar General a while back for $1. I didn't use the whole roll. This part was the most tedious and time consuming, but not difficult at all. I just wrapped the sides with one continuous piece. As you can see below, the corners didn't work out.

No worries! I grabbed some wired, burlap ribbon, cut four small pieces and wrapped the corners. I just hot glued them on the back.

You can see the finished corners below. Don't be jealous of my fake butcher block laminate! 
LOL....I cannot wait to replace it some day!

Next, I added a letter H for Hunt that I bought recently for $1. I painted it aqua blue...:)

Fast forward a little as I didn't take pictures of this part! I made several yo-yos from fabric scraps and eyelet lace and layered them with a few different buttons. Some of them were from my grandpa's vintage buttons...:) I had one small piece of the burlap ribbon left and made a sort of yo-yo with it as well. I used the two pieces you saw above to make a couple of the yo-yos.

I love the colors, even if they do look like they belong in a little girl's bedroom! 
They look springy to me...:) I added a couple to the H as well.

Here are some close-up shots of them.

And here it is on the door...:) It brightens is up a bit!

What do you think? I think it turned out really well. It was fun to make and is making me want to create something else. I haven't been crafting much lately! I'm thinking I will make a bunch of yo-yos for the little wristlets I am going to make and sell. They are so quick and easy to make and are perfect for using up fabric scraps.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of your Sunday...:) I am battling a headache and I need to get up and cook supper for the guys! Dakota has a friend over tonight and they'll be hungry soon! 

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Have a blessed week my friends...:)

Until next time!

A Fun-Filled Saturday!

My Saturday was so much fun! It started with a quick trip to a few yard sales, and a thrift store trip! I found a few usual! 

I love these sweet little frames as well a the prints in them. The colors in them are so pretty! 
They were $1 each!

This vintage embroidered tablecloth is really pretty and has embroidery scattered all over. It could be used as a tablecloth or cut apart and used for several projects! It was $0.50.

This large pillar candle holder was super pretty for $2. It will probably get a paint job at some point!

This sweet little bird theme piece of wall art couldn't be left behind! It did have some fall colored plastic maple leaves stuck around on it which I removed. I am definitely painting this piece, just not sure what color yet. It will reside in the guest room when I finish it, and it cost just $1.79.

Another pretty apothecary jar for just $0.50! I didn't have one like this! 
It's pretty good sized too...around a foot high!

A cute little slightly rusty galvanized pail! This will be so cute on the porch we are hoping to build this summer! It was $1!

I really like this sweet little measuring/mixing bowl. It was just $0.79!

I bought this sweet little gold leafy tree intending to take the little leaves off and use on crafty things, but it's growing on me and I might leave it as is and use it in vignettes! Too cute and just $0.79!

This was my splurge for the day at $7, but it was brand new with the tag still attached. It is a large, lidded basket. It works well to hold blankets in my living room and I am using it as a small side table. I found one online like it for $25, so I think I got a deal!

This little hanging basket was $1. I have actually been looking for one of these. It was brand new as well. I will be giving it a paint job for sure though...:)

I was so excited to find these! You might remember the one I made for myself a couple weeks ago. You can see it here. Anywho, today I bought 20 of them at $0.50 each and will be making them over to sell in my ETSY shop! Huge score!

This gorgeous chenille fringe trimmed tablecloth was a steal at $0.50! I am using it already!

And....I got a few other things which I will share in another post. 

After I got home, I helped my son get all dressed up for his senior prom, then we went to take pictures with his group of friends. He looks so handsome and his date is absolutely gorgeous in her pretty orange sherbet colored dress! Check out that stunning hand-carved door behind them. Wish it were mine!

Here's the whole gang being silly in front of their limo!

And here's the whole gang again....:)

Bittersweet....his last prom! I love this kid so much....he's always the life of the party...:) You can't tell by looking at his serious expression, but he had everyone cracking up while we were standing around waiting for the limo! All the parents think he is so funny! He is a nut....but, he truly enjoys life and everything it had to offer! He keeps me young...:) 

After pictures, my hubby and I went to see the prom decorations before it started, then we went out to supper. After supper, we went by to visit some friends who recently had a baby. She's 3 weeks old now and I had to get some sweet sugar...she's precious! Look at that hair...:)

After that, we came home and well, you are reading what I did next! I wrote a blog post, edited prom pictures, and caught up on reading some of your blogs! Thanks for visiting...:)
Have a blessed Sunday!

Until next time.....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature's Bounty

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
Galations 5:22

Hello dear friends...:) I was reminded of this beautiful scripture while looking at these photos I took earlier. After work today, I went by mama's to drop off my niece and nephew for cookies and milk. I stayed for a short visit, ate a few cookies, and walked around the yard with mama to see everything growing. I didn't have my camera, but my iPhone takes pretty sweet pictures, so 
I snapped a few to share!

These photos seem fitting since Earth Day was earlier this week. We have been celebrating in my classroom! My sweet 5th graders have been making posters....maybe I'll share a few over the weekend! I have a few really artistic students...:) 

Look at the sweet little tomatoes.....can't wait until they're ready to eat!

The squash plants are so pretty!

And just look at that little cutie growing under all those big leaves!

The pear tree has quite a few pears on it....this one is pretty good sized already...:)

The green onions are ready to be pulled and added to some savory dishes any time!

This lemon tree is loaded down with lemons of all different sizes and it is still full of  sweet smelling blooms too! I am so looking forward to some fresh's a favorite at my house! I even have a new lemon juicer that I'm dying to try out!

Look at the fierce thorns on this lemon tree. This one was a bout 3 inches long.....Scary! 

Daddy is trying his hand at growing a mango tree...:) 
It's a pretty plant with one stalk and leaves growing all up and down it.

Here is mama's last lily of the season. This was bloom number 50! 
This pot of lilies was absolutely gorgeous this year!

These last photos are the blooms of the Florida plametto plant. Palmettos grow wild everywhere around here. They are so pretty when they bloom. 

Here's a close-up of the blooms.

I hope you all have a blessed Friday! I am glad to see it finally here...:) Oh....and I would love for you to  follow me on bloglovin' if you haven't already...:)

Until next time.....

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