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Hmmmm....where to begin? You'll see me doing one of my favorite things in the photo below...:) I live just a few miles from the Suwannee River and I dearly love to just ride in the boat. Talk....about.....peaceful! I just love it!

So.....I am a pretty simple girl....I like to think I'm a REAL person. What you see is what you get....ya know? I spent years wishing for more than I had.....a real house (I live in a mobile home), more money, nicer furniture, etc. But....I changed my attitude a couple years ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I decided that I wasn't going to wish my life away any longer....I decided to be grateful and happy with what God saw fit to give me....I decided to make the most of it! I realized that I am so very blessed and have so much more than the majority of folks living in this old world. I realized I have nothing to complain about....I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on my table and that is much more than so many have. I decided to be content.....and I am now!

My home....after we put on new siding...:)
I am making the most of this home I live in....after all I don't have to live in a house to have a HOME! When my hubby and I finish redoing our home, it will be exactly what we want it to be and best thing is it will be paid for! We have lived in our mobile home for about 22 years now. We ordered it new but it was an inexpensive MH and we had some problems with it over the years, but it is paid for and has been for several years now! Everything we do, we do on a budget and with cash! So....since we aren't rolling in the dough, our home improvements are taking a while, but it's all good! We love planning our next projects and I am excited to tell you that my dear hubby is finally realizing that all the ideas I find on some of your wonderful blogs are indeed possible to accomplish! He doesn't look at me funny anymore when I say things like....I want you to bring those old doors home you told me about....I have plans for them! I want to make one of them into a hall tree and the other into a headboard....LOL! He used to think I was crazy, but I show him all the cool stuff I find online and he is actually excited about learning how to build and do everything ourselves...:) Our relationship have grown even stronger than it already was! We celebrate 25 years in October 2013 and I love him more than ever!

 Anywho....I am all about DIY, repurposing and redoing objects, and decorating with used and vintage items. I LOVE the thrill of finding what I call treasures and there are a couple things I am always searching for. I love the hunt and just know eventually those specific items I am looking for will turn up! I can't tell you how many times I have found something really awesome on a blog and then found it while treasure hunting! It gives me such a thrill! Who needs roller coasters and bungee jumping? Just let me stumble upon a vintage light fixture or a sweet little piece of china and I squeal like a pig! Doesn't take much...I know!

Well, you can read a little more about me and my blog name here.....Introduction....first post! Just a little more about me with the ABC's of me...:)

A- American
B- blessed
C- chocolate
D- Dakota (my sweet son)
E- education
F- family <3
G- God
H- home
I- Italian (favorite cuisine...along with Mexican)
J- Joey (my dear hubby)
K- kindness
L- love
M- Miranda (my amazing daughter)
N- Nancy (my beautiful sister)
O- orange slices (a favorite candy)
P- parents (Marleen & Donald)
Q- quiet
R- reading
S- satisfied
T- teacher
U- understanding
V- vintage
W- world (wish I could see more of it!)
X- eXtra large (my size....but hoping to change that this year!)
Y- young...ish (at heart anyway)
Z- zumba (something I want need to try)

And just because I love are my two beautiful children....Miranda and Dakota!

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a little about me...:) I hope you find some inspiration here and I do hope you'll look around and come back to visit often! Until next blessed!



  1. Hmm . . .
    Let's compare -

    --we live in a brick and mortar house, but like you we live small, pay cash we have so many friends who live in HUGE perfectly decorated houses (notice I didn't say homes) who are now, after 35-40 years of marriage, separatating

    --Mexican first, then Italian food . . . Mexican every Thursday night, same table in our favorite restaurant, same food every time

    --Zumba - want to try it. We have a free class 2 days a week after school for the community, but I am coaching

    --was an extra large, went to size 4 - gave up bread - back to size 6 - eating bread again - need to shed a few more - for myself- I feel my best about 12 pounds lighter


  2. So happy that I found you! I am not much of a DYI person at this point in my life. I spend too much time with my children and grandchildren!! However, I love seeing what others are doing! I will be your newest follower!


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