Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thrifty Finds & A Dream Come True

Hi folks! How are you on this lovely Tuesday? I'm home sick...again! I had a relapse from my illness a couple weeks ago. I went to the doctor this morning and was tested for flu, but thankfully I don't have it. She thinks it's viral.....I think I'm going to cough myself to death. My neck and chest are so sore from coughing almost nonstop!  Anywho....enough about that. I decided to make good use of  my time at home and share my latest finds with you all. I am really pleased all I found!

First up is this beautiful silver vanity tray. It has some scratches but those won't show once I put all my perfumes and lotions on it. I love the shape and the little pretty! It was a steal at just $0.99!

I got these adorable little wooden carrots to use in my Easter decor. They are attached to a string so they can be hung. They were just $0.49.

This little oil can was to cute to leave behind and I love the hand-painted strawberries!
 It was just $0.99!

It looks right at home on the top shelf of my sewing machine table.

I love picture frames and this one spoke to me. It is very chunky...about 2 inches thick and the words are engraved in the wood. It was $1.99. 

A stack of books for $1 each. All like new! I can't wait to get started on my library....that's our next project.

I love this beautiful Fitz & Floyd bowl. The detailing is so pretty. It was half off I paid $1.50.

These pretty plates caught my eye and since they were half off I paid just $1 for all 4! I thought they would look pretty in several different tablescapes. I'm thinking citrus, sunflowers, or honey bees!

This metal tote was just $1.99 and will be great storage in my craft room. Love the happy pink color!

These two milk glass plates are the first ones I have ever seen. I had to buy them to go with my collection. They were just $1.70 each. I think they will look pretty with ribbon through the cutwork. I'm thinking I need to get my Valentine's decor up so I can use my heart ribbon to fancy them up a bit! I love them as is though and am thrilled to have found them...:)

Here they are on the bottom shelf of my plate rack.

Another milk glass piece found it's way into my cart as well. I didn't have one like it and it was just $0.70.

This adorable little Buffalo China creamer had to join my other white pitchers. 
It was just $0.70 as well.

Doesn't he look adorable on top of my china cabinet?

Now for one of my all time favorite finds!!!

Any idea what it is?

How about now?

This tag was underneath. I did a little research and found out it used to belong to the J.M. Morrison Field which served as an air base during World War II in West Palm Beach, Florida. They opened Morrison Field in 1936 and converted for military purposes in 1941. They closed the place in 1947 and it later became Palm Beach International Airport. 

Here is my awesome chair! I am in love with this beauty...:) I have actually been hoping for a long time that I would someday run across one. It functions perfectly! They don't make things like they used to!

Did you know Pottery Barn sells a chair that looks almost exactly like this one? 

You can buy one from them if you have an extra $399.00 laying around.....however, I do not!
Want to know what I paid for mine?
It was sitting outside the thrift store with a $40 sticker on it, so I had decided not to get it. I really didn't need to spend $40 on it. So....I sadly went on in the store. Imagine my delight when I saw a sign stating everything was half off that day. I could manage twenty bucks a lot better than forty. So, I asked the cashier if that half off included furniture and she said it sure did, so I sent my daughter out to roll the chair inside. She rung me up and told me my total was $13 and change. I told her the chair was supposed to be $20 and she said she gave it to me for an even better deal. I got it for $10!!! I thanked her and let her know how happy she made me and proudly rolled my new treasure to my vehicle. It is currently awaiting a makeover...I am thinking white except for the hardware which I am leaving as is. So...what do you think? Did I score or what?

Ok...if you stuck it through to the end....thank you! I appreciate it and hope I didn't bore you to tears....:)
I just get so excited when I find such treasures! I pray each of you has a blessed and beautiful week. 
Until next time.....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Craft Room Happiness....:)

I can't believe it's already Thursday! This week has flown by. Last weekend I piddled around in my craft room a little...tweaking and making a few changes. I do that more than I craft in! I have always been one to rearrange and move things home, and at school. I either get bored with things or think things will work better or look better another way. Anywho, I love it! I started by putting up this shelf that I thrifted for near nothing sometime last year. I painted it grey and hung it up to put my washi tape in. The tension rod just wasn't working for me! I have them grouped by color and have plenty of room to expand my collection. I LOVE washi tape!

Some of my favorites...blacks, whites, greys, and yellows!

I also had a brainstorm and hung these little metal buckets on my line I strung up recently. They are the perfect size to hold the small items I had hanging and look cute to boot!

There's a little owl peeking out of the middle bucket.

I love the look of baker's twine...:)

I had to take a couple things down to put the shelf up for the washi tape, so I moved them to my gallery wall. The kitty picture and the pink wall pocket got moved. While I was tweaking, I repainted the frame with the heart in it black. It was yellow and didn't look too good on the green wall. I added the FUN letters too. The whole wall is about fun for me...:)

I need to get back in there and finish a few more projects but I have been too busy lately!
I came home today to this little package today.

Inside all the paper shreds was this.....

The little bluebird made a nest from the shredded paper...:)

I won this adorable little Bluebird of Happiness from Terra Studios. Each week, they select one lucky winner to send a sweet little bluebird to. You just have to send them an e-mail with the words Get Happy in the subject line. I was so happy when I received an e-mail from them saying I had won and asking for my address so they could send me one! Click here to go to the page to enter and click on the link just below the blue bar of links under the pictures. It begins with Enter to win....

I used to have one of these sweet little bluebirds, but mine was smaller than the one they sent me. This one is about 3 inches from beak to tail feathers. He will look pretty sitting in the guest room window...:)

He looks pretty sitting on my blue and white table too. Just a peek at my tablescape!

Sorry nothing too exciting to share today. I was just happy to have a chance to blog about anything since it's been a few days! Tomorrow is Friday and I'm excited because not only is my daughter coming for the weekend, but my cousin and his family from Utah are visiting and we are having a big family get together at my Aunt Loretta's house Saturday. Love these times! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!
Until next time.....

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Raggedy Little Project

Yesterday...I shared this photo with you and asked if you knew what it might be. 
Did anyone guess that is a lampshade? 

You can see the lampshade before the makeover in the photo below.  I had recovered it a couple years ago and there was nothing wrong with it, but it was time for something new!

I saw this idea online a while back and had been wanting to give it a try. When I was home sick last Thursday, I decided to tackle it while I was sitting around doing nothing. I started by stripping the fabric and lining off the shade, leaving just the wire form (which I forgot to take a picture of). I then raided my scrap basket and found several different fabrics and tore them into strips about an inch wide. 

I then started tying them on the frame. This was easy, but very time consuming. I would say I spent between 2 and 3 hours tying the strips on! It was worth it though, since I love the finished product! Here it is after a few rows had been tied on. it is all finished! 

I decided to add some pop-pom trim to the bottom to give it even more character. 

It looks pretty with or without the light on...:)


And here it is at night.....:)

I just love how it turned out and the best thing is, it was free since I already had everything I needed for the project. I have another lamp shade I am thinking about redoing as well and hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier. So, what do you think of my raggedy little project? 

Thanks for stopping by and until next time......

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Highlights

I just love Sundays....and I love them even more when I don't have to go to work on Monday. Three day weekends are the best! I'm off tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day! I have had a wonderful weekend so far and I still have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to enjoy! I decided to share a few highlights from the weekend with you today.

This photo isn't from my weekend, but don't you love the flowers my kinders brought me from the playground? Tiny purple flowers...:) It amazes me how much detail something so small can have!

A sunset photo from one of mine and mama's walks. I am so proud of myself for walking 2-2 1/2 miles almost every day this week. I didn't walk on the two days when I was sick but have every other day. I have lost 6 pounds in two weeks...:) 

Friday night I got together with several of my girlfriends and sister to celebrate our friend Syleta's birthday. I've named them all below the picture. Heather...on the far left is the one some of you have been praying for. Jeana is my best friend, and Nancy is my sister. I just love this group of girls...:) We grilled steaks, had twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob,  my romaine salad, and bread. Jeana made the birthday cake....she's the when it comes to cooking! 

She also made this yummy pineapple dessert!
Isn't it pretty?

Saturday, the hubby and I got up and went to Lake City to the flea market and Lowe's so he could use a gift card my sister gave him for Christmas. We decided to try a  place we had never Italian place called Gondolier, and it was very tasty! I had a margarita pizza (white favorite)! I ate two pieces and brought the other two home for supper. 

I only ate two pieces so Joey and I could split a dessert. They had a dessert case full of amazing cakes! We chose the white chocolate with raspberry filling....heavenly!

Here's what I found at the flea market. I couldn't believe I got this adorable little cloche with the stand for just $1. It has a knob on top with a hook inside to hang something special on. I have an idea for this and will share if it works out...:) I was thrilled to find this brand new set of rubber stamps and the sweet little frame too.

The heart frame is for my Valentine's Day vignette I am working on and I was so happy to finally find a glass doorknob in my price range. I would love to have these on all the doors in my home! So....all these treasures for $6! Happy camper here...:)

Of course I couldn't go to Lake City and not stop by Michael's for a minute! I got a couple things in there for Valentine's Day, some baker's twine, and a new set of alphabet stamps. Crafty stuff just makes me happy!

Came home and piddled in the craft room for a bit and then went walking with mama. Loved the sun peeking through the tree on the way home...:)

I was happy to see my camellia's blooming so pretty after all the rain and cold weather we've had recently. Snapped a couple photos before I picked myself a new bouquet.

Happy moment last night while I was snuggled up under my fuzzy chevron blanket...this face...:) She laid her head on my leg in hopes that I would share a snack with her. Of course I did. Who could resist that sweet little face? I just love my Sadie Lou...:)

Here's a sneak peek at what I was piddling on in the craft room.....

Any guesses? I'll share tomorrow! 
Until then, have a lovely Sunday evening friends.

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