Monday, October 26, 2015

A Turquoise Pumpkin Among Other Things

 Hello there! Hope this finds you doing well. I have a few random tidbits to share with you today. I know it seems that's all I share lately, but it is what it is. :) I snapped this photo last week for Instagram. I am still loving my Webster' Pages Color Crush personal sized planner. Here's last week's spread. It's kind of this post. LOL! I prefer my pages decorated this way instead of perfectly coordinated and themed. Some highlights from the week...planner night with my friends, the annual Fall Festival at school, my sister and nephew's birthday (on the same day). my son's big race, seeing the movie Woodlawn with the hubby, my sister, and nephew Nathan, applying for my passport, and booking my trip to Europe! I leave Christmas Day!

I thought I would share a few other iPhone pictures from the week as well. This cute autumn header was hand painted by our librarian at school. She also happens to be mom to one of my best friends. I love how she painted each letter. The "u" is supposed to have a craft stick attached since it is supposed to be a candy apple. She lost the stick and hasn't replaced it yet. So cute!

One of my all time favorite students and his mom gave me this gorgeous Magnolia and Vine lanyard and two extra snaps to go with it. Have you heard of this company? I love the snaps. They are so pretty! I had been wanting one for a while but have been trying to cut down on spending due to saving for my trip so this was such a sweet surprise!

The hubby and I went to see the movie Woodlawn yesterday (I highly recommend it!) and I stopped by the road to take a picture of this gorgeous hot pink flowering vine on the way over,

It's just growing wild. I'm not sure what it is but it is so pretty!

We had a few minute to kill before the movie so we ran into TJ Maxx. I went in looking for a candle and a couple silk flowers, but I left with a candle and a turquoise blue mercury glass pumpkin. I had to have it! 

Isn't it pretty?

Mama and I are trying to walk again since the weather is cooling off. Today I spotted this beautiful heart shaped leaf. We don't get a lot of brilliantly colored fall leaves so this was a treat!

Here's that pretty pink branch I showed you in a photo above. I stick it in a green bottle and sat it with my pumpkin and gourd. I can't get to my fall decor right now and might not be able to at all, so I am using a few things I have in the house along with some real pumpkins and my new blue one!

And, that's the end for today my friends. I am off to bed! I'm so sleepy. I have been super tired lately and found out last week that my anemia is back. I struggle with it off and on. I hope your Monday was a good one and the rest of the week will be as well. Oh...I almost forgot! Stay tuned for information about my 3rd annual ornament exchange. I'll have the details up in the next few days!

Until next time.....

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Random Tidbits

Hello friends and happy weekend...or should I say happy day because you may not be reading this on a weekend day! Just a few random tidbits to share today. I've still been super busy and don't see things slowing down anytime soon, but life is good! I wanted to share a few things I picked up when the hubby and I went on our anniversary date. He was such a sweetie and trudged along with me through Tuesday Morning and Hobby Lobby. I was absolutely thrilled to spot this Katie Daisy calendar at Tuesday Morning for just $5.99. I just love her fun and whimsical! I can use these prints after the calendar expires and I already have an idea of how I will display them. They will of course be used in my craft room. Her prints scream happy to me!

This is one of my favorites!

Here's a glimpse at all 12 of them. I love each one!

I got all of these goodies as well. Most of them were super cheap at Tuesday Morning. I love that store and wish I could go more often. It's probably a good thing I cant't though! I bought lots of planner and scrapbooking goodies. I especially love the ephemera pack in the middle. So pretty! I recently organized all my ephemera and die cuts and will share that soon.

I also received a package in the mail this week from Peachy Cheap with all these die cut packs. I love using die cuts in my Project Life layouts. 

You may remember the folders I got on clearance at Wal Mart a few weeks ago. I said I was going to frame some of them and this is the first one I framed. I love it! This frame has been painted and repainted at least 5 or 6 times. 

Speaking of frames, let me share the two postcards I received in the mail from Miranda. The top one is Prague and the bottom is from her trip to Vienna. (She's in Berlin this weekend and really enjoying it). The bottom one begged to be framed. So.....

I took this obnoxious hot pink frame I bought at the Family Dollar over the summer to paint and use for something. It was the perfect size with just a little space for a mat.

I dug through my scrap paper stash and found a piece of black paper to back it with and here it is now. I love the gold with the black mat and think it complements the postcard nicely.

Here is is on my gallery wall. Another meaningful piece added to the others.

I also recently printed a new piece of "artwork" for my clipboard. I love this quote from Anne of Green Gables! And, I love the muted orange and aqua colors of this print.

Speaking of orange and aqua, here's some fabric I bought several months ago to make a fall bunting with. No time like the present since fall has finally arrived in Florida. At least in the mornings and evenings. It has been a little cooler during the day as well. It is a refreshing change from the near 100 degree humid weather we normally have.

Here it is before I pressed it.

And here it is hanging. Not the best picture, but I like the cozy vibe it has. This is actually my view right now as I type. I just took that photo with my iPhone. 

Last weekend when the hubby and I went grocery shopping, we decided to stop by the flea market. I have been much more selective in what I drag home these days and hardly ever go thrifting anymore, but every now and then I NEED to go. So, we stopped and walked about for a bit. I found only one item to buy. I actually almost didn't buy it, but I couldn't resist. I have always wanted a stool like this. and it was only $3.

There are some imperfections for sure, but I love it! I couldn't pass it up since it is my favorite color.I cleaned it very well. It was absolutely filthy! I love the patina on gives it character.

Here's where I put it. I always drop my purse and things on a chair I had here after work, but this cutie took the place of the chair. I really like it here.

I will leave you with a couple of Miranda's European Adventure photos. She posted this first one on Facebook & IG earlier this week with this caption.....

"It's definitely fall in the Czech Republic. And, it's also already too cold for my warm Floridian heart. 32 degrees in October? That's a first for me.‪#‎MirandaMovesAbroad‬ ‪#‎Prague‬ ‪#‎FallLeavesMakeMeHappy‬"

I love this picture so much! The leaves are just beautiful. We don't get the gorgeous oranges, reds, and golds that other places do.

And here is one she posted today from Berlin. Another gorgeous fall tree. It has an ombre look to me! I love looking at all her pictures. 

And, that wraps up this post folks. A bit random I know. Seems like that's all I blog about when I do get the chance. I'm always so happy to hear from each of you. Your comments truly bring a smile to my face and to my heart. I have made so many "friends" here in blog land and I truly love and appreciate the friendships I have here. I hope you have a delight filled rest of the weekend. 

Until next time....

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Organizing, Happy Mail, and Planner Fun!

Hello friends! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit! I am relieved to have a 3-day weekend to rest and relax and have a little fun too! I just finished parent teacher conference week at school. We worked late Thursday evening to allow for Friday off. Thursday was my 27th wedding anniversary as well, so the hubby took Friday off so we could go do something fun. We had a wonderful day out shopping, eating a nice lunch at a new (to us) place, and watching a movie. We ended the day watching my nephew's football game. We had a great day! This morning my Mama, Nancy (my sister), and two of my nephews went to a fun festival called Pioneer Day. We went last year as well. I enjoy these festivals in the fall. We had a nice time. I am resting a bit now so I can go to the races later this evening to watch my son, Dakota race! Busy, busy!

Anywho, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life! Last weekend, I spent part of Sunday piddling in my craft room. I was working on organizing my scrapbook paper and supplies. The first thing I did was empty my scrap paper drawer and organize all my scraps. I saw an idea on a YouTube video where the lady stored her scraps standing up in a box so she could see everything at a glance rather than digging to the bottom of a box or drawer. Here's my drawer after cleaning out about half of what was in there. 

Here is the container I used to store it. One of the teachers had this clear container out in the hall in a giveaway pile, so I snagged it. It works perfectly for storing all my scraps. It holds 12 x !2 paper too. 

This is why I like it so much....I can see through the sides too. I organized my paper by rainbow order, starting with pink and ending with purple and then browns, blacks, whites, and multi-color scraps. I think this system will work well for me. 

I also recently organized my journaling cards and ephemera for my Project Life albums I am working on. Here is the system I used for those. I ordered these sturdy Avery Elle plastic storage bags that were designed to hold dies. They work well for my journaling cards too!

I am ordering a label maker soon to label each bag. I cut the back of the packaging off that shows the card designs and also has the maker's name and tucked in the bags too. I can see at a glance which cards are in the bag. I am storing them in a basket I got from the Target Dollar Spot a while back. I spray painted it gold.

It sits in the top of one of my Raskog carts. The other container holds various items for scrap booking as well.  

I had purchased a second Raskog for school over the summer, but decided to bring it home since I wasn't getting much use out of it at school. It holds all my scrapbook papers as well as the newly organized scrap paper bin and I have an empty space to fill!

This little acrylic container sits to the side of my desk and holds little scraps from recent pages I have been working on. I will move them to the big scrap bin later on.

I was blessed to receive some happy mail earlier this week! My sweet blog friend, Kimberley from SEASIDE AVE.  shares a love of planners and washi tape and such and was so sweet to send me some items I haven't been able to locate. 

Look at this adorable tape she used on the outside of the package! I love it! I haven't ever seen any like it...have you?

I opened the box to find these sweet little packages inside! They were all dressed for Halloween!

I love this card! This is one of my all time favorite quotes! 

Just look at the cuteness!

I was like a kid opening each little package! You truly made my day Kimberley!

Love these adorable sticky notes!

I have wanted some of these message pencils for a long time! So excited to finally have some!

Here's all the goodies! 
Isn't it awesome how little random acts of kindness like this always come at just the right time. My week was so busy last week, not to mention exhausting, so this really lifted my spirits. I'll be paying this forward for sure!
Thank you again Kimberley. You are so sweet! 

Last thing I wanted to share today is something planner related. I went in my craft room one night this past week and played...:) These little monthly pages are pretty with their gold foiled month and year, but they were a blank canvas other than that. So, I decided to get creative. I found several images online and made my own stickers and mixed them in randomly with washi tape, rub ons,  and some other stickers and decorated them. Here is October's page. The Forever and Ever, Amen sticker was for my anniversary. That Randy Travis song was our wedding song. :)

Here is November...

And of  course, December! The lower right corner is a scene from Prague's Christmas market in the Old Town square. I had to include Prague since I will be visiting Miranda in December! I am planning to fly our Christmas evening or the day after!

Speaking of Miranda, she is still having the time of her life. She is visiting Berlin next weekend! I am so excited for her living her dreams! She is a little nervous about her upcoming Visa interview so if you if you don't mind saying a prayer for her, it would be appreciated. I appreciate all of you so much and hope you have a truly delightful rest of the weekend!

Until next time.....

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