Sunday, June 28, 2015

Red & Blue and Thrifty Too!

It's hard to believe June is almost over!
I took a little time to add a little red and blue to the living room for the Fourth of July! I also wanted to show you my new rug. I really liked the chevron rug in there, but every time Sadie stretched or moved, it wrinkled up even with a rug pad underneath. That never happens with this new rug and it is super plush and feels so good on bare feet. It also blends really well with my furniture and curtains.

My decor is very simple this year. I never got my decorations out of the shed. I used books from my bookshelf with red and blue spines. If you haven't been a reader for long, click on the link and go see the beautiful bookshelf the hubby built for me last summer! I love using books to decorate with. 

I had to flag in some old scrapbooking supplies and the starfish was taken from the guest bathroom.

Here's a shot of the room from the TV wall. My living room is pretty small, but that's OK. Less to clean!

Sadie LOVES the new rug!

The table in the corner only has books and white decor.

The coffee table has just the July edition of BH&G! I haven't even had a chance to look at this one yet!

The clipboard got a new piece of "art" too! I love the free printables that can be found online with a simple search.

Here's the TV wall. I am still loving our plank walls and I really think I always will. The little heater to the right will not be staying in this room after our central heat and air unit is hooked up. I am going to put it on the porch when it is built. I have a really cute idea for it!

This is the vignette on top of the heater. The paper straws and pencils are the only Americana purchases for this year. I got the cute gingham pencils from the Target Dollar Spot and the paper straws from TJ Maxx.

Now, let me share a few thrifty finds from last week. I was pretty excited about these finds.  had actually looked at a similar piece online for my bathroom door. I didn't want to spend too much on it though, so I never ordered it. I found this one for $1.99 at the consignment store where I take my clothes. I love it!

I also found this plaque with a hook on the bottom. It will be used for a hand towel holder. I am putting both of these items up until we remodel the guest bathroom. Both bathrooms and the master bedroom are the only rooms that haven't been redone. Hopefully this year, but if not, definitely next!
This piece was $2 or $3....I can't remember.

I bought this wooden "V" to makeover and hang in my craft room.

I found three really nice baskets. This one is about 10 inches across.

This one is the cutest! It reminded me of a wicker laundry basket. I bought it to put in the laundry room to hold loose change.

See how small it is?

I love this basket! Not sure yet what I am going to use it for, but it was too pretty to leave behind. I think I gave $3 or $4 for all three baskets.

Just as I was about to leave, I spotted this beauty! Ignore my feet in the! This piece is solid wood and has three cubbies along the bottom with metal tag holders/hooks. I have plans to redo this piece for my craft room. It will get a coat of paint and the mirror will most likely be turned around and made into a chalkboard. I have another idea in mind too so I'm not sure which one will win!

Here's a close up of the cubbies/hooks. I love this piece and the best part is, it was only $5! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did! My daughter came home for the weekend and we enjoyed spending time together. Friday night she and I went shopping and to dinner. Yesterday was a lazy day until we went to the races to watch the Hubby race his car. He did really great and came in 2nd place. A couple more laps and he would have won it! Today we had a nice lunch at my parent's house to celebrate all of the June birthdays (me, my son Dakota, the Hubby, and Mama)  and Father's Day. It was the first time since Christmas that all of the family was together. It's really difficult to get everyone together under the same! It was a great day...despite the headache I've had most of the day. I have a busy week ahead but am looking forward to it. I hope to share my 4th of July tablescape soon! I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Until next time.....


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Laundry Room Reveal!

Well friends...the laundry room is 90% complete so I am sharing with you today! This was the quickest redo we have accomplished in our home to date. Of course, it has everything to do with the small size of this room, which is approximately 5' X 6". It contains only my washer and dryer and a broom closet which is not complete so I won't be sharing pix of it today.

Step through the door and check out what I have done with this tiny space! If you want to see the before, you can click here!

First, I will remind you that the reason we even remodeled this room was due to the fact that my washing machine broke last week and had to be replaced. Since my dryer was really old as well, we decided to buy a new matching set. I love the pretty new set I got. We went with a more old fashioned set with knobs instead of a digital key pad. The hubby wanted simple...less to tear up...and honestly, I did too. This one has more bells and whistles than my old set for sure and does way more than I will ever learn how to use I'm sure. We installed corrugated tin for wainscoting and I love it! It looks so good in this small space. You may notice the crown molding is not finished...we ran out and I have to get more. I also have to go pick out a new light fixture. We installed shelves over the washer & dryer to hold all sorts of things. 

The top of the dryer holds my laundry supplies. The small basket holds dryer sheets. 

I used a variety of baskets and containers that I already owned. The only new purchase for this room was the black and white striped canvas tote on the bottom shelf. I bought it at the Target $ Spot last night after we picked up the washer and dryer. I am loving black and white stripes these days and I couldn't resist this cutie for $3!

I used a mix of natural wicker and straw baskets, as well as silver and black. I wanted to use neutrals against the aqua blue walls.

Every piece of "art" on the walls are things I already had or was created with things I already had. This glass covered burlap is my basket storage list. It is written in dry erase so I can easily change out things in the baskets and just erase and rewrite the contents as needed. I hung my dictionary page/vintage graphic art pieces beside it. To the left is my back door.

The other wall holds my ironing board shelf that I made a couple years ago, as well as a couple framed pieces and some galvanized wall buckets. I haven't decided what to store in these yet but I will label them when I do. The broom closet is just to the right of the ironing board shelf.

This is my favorite little vignette...:) My Scrabble tiles are such fun!

Sadie was happy to have her bowls back in their "home" after the remodel...:)

I love, love, love the corrugated tin walls!

This little area still needs work. It is the wall that still needs crown molding. It also needs corner moldings and a new light switch box and plate in white. I painted the electrical panel box to help camouflage it and will hang my ironing board and iron on this wall.

I added this label after I took the photos above. I always keep a bucket or basket to put dirty dish towels in. You can also get a closer look at the fabric I made the curtain from. It was made to hide the hoses and such behind the washer and dryer. I used fabric I got in my surprise box from Decor Steals earlier in the year. It is perfect in here I think!

One more shot before I leave you. I hope you enjoyed your tour of my tiny laundry room! Some day when we finish the broom closet and kitchen pantry, I will share those as well. We ahve been so blessed to have been able to remodel as much as we have over the past couple years. 
It is true that good things come to those who wait...:) 

I hope you all have a lovely day! Thanks as always for stoping by!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Happy Place!

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing a little update on my craft room, otherwise known as my happy place! I love to get in there a couple times a year and clean things out, organize, tweak, & move stuff around. Come on in and take a tour.....

We'll start in the sewing table corner. I made a new chair cover for my vintage sewing chair. The fabric was from a pair of curtains I made for my classroom year before last.

This sewing box was one of my redo's from a while back.

Here's a closer photo of the chair. The seat cover comes off and there is storage underneath. The sewing table was a vanity and the hubby added shelves to it for me a couple years ago. I painted it with homemade chalk paint and love it! It was an almost free project!

Moving to the right, you can see my $5 wooden file cabinet which of course got a makeover after I bought it home. On top of it is an organizer drawer unit I bought at Michael's. Hanging on the wall above is my blog friend bulletin board. I display correspondence from all my blog friends here for a while. When it gets too full, I move the cards, letters, and such to  my memento box, which you will see in a bit. My ticket stub jar and a photo of my sister and I when we were little girls sits atop the unit.

Moving on around is one of the shelves that holds my glass desk top. It holds a variety of things, from stationery to my hot glue gun.

Here's the desk top. Almost every item on it was thrifted.

Here's the other shelf that holds the glass top up. It holds mostly paper for the printer, and paper cutters and punches. It is easily reached when I am sitting in my desk chair.

You may have spotted the black and white polka dots in the above photo. This container holds all my yarn and looms and my printed sits on top. I sat it on top of a frame with casters from a chart stand I used to have in my classroom. I can easily roll it out when I need to use it.

This unit was a great thrifty find last year. It holds a variety of things, but mostly my Crayola collection.

Moving on around the room you see my basket unit (another thrifted find) that holds all my stamps and ink pads. On the wall is a blue magazine file and white shelf...both thrifted. The little blue box on the shelf is my memento box that I mentioned earlier.

The window looks out at my front yard. The table beneath the window was one of my first thrifty finds. It is painted aqua blue but it's hard to tell in this picture. On top is a tray containing my 12 Valspar paint samples I got for $0.99 each a few weeks ago. I used several of them on a project today. I'll be sharing soon!

In the right corner are two shelving units which I have placed in an "L' shaped configuration. They hold tons of craft supplies, from paint to fabric!

Here's my other big desk which is a vintage mail sorting case I bought from the post office where I used to be a substitute mail carrier. It is actually going to live on my front porch when we get it built. It will serve as a buffet on the porch. I will replace it with lots of shelves.

On top of one of the corner shelving units are two baskets filled with printed burlap and vintage sheets. On the left end of the post office desk are my cardboard boxes I dressed up with washi tape and a few other things.

Here's a view of the back side of the shelf. I put contact paper on the back to make it pretty. The painting is one I painted when my friends and I got together for a paint party. The white revolving tiered unit is from Harbor Freight. It was grey when I bought it but I painted it white. It holds a ton of stuff! My little vintage ladder is painted aqua blue and holds a few jars and things.

Another view of the top...vintage sheets and paper straws.

And the right side holds another washi decorated box and my scrap basket.

The left side.

The the happy colors in this shot!

The right side.

My Raskog cart from Ikea holds a variety of things. I'm actually working on it right now. I'll share when it's finished.

The other end of the room...near the entrance is a closet and a vintage thrifted record cabinet that holds lots of stuff. 

The metal card catalogs on top are among my favorite thrifted items. The wire basket on top holds upcoming project stuff. A thrifted medicine cabinet turned chalkboard is mounted on the wall above.

And that concluded our tour. It's a small room, but I have managed to store everything in it quite  nicely. This room has transformed many times over the past three years. It is truly my happy place and it just gets better over time. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask. I'll do my best to answer. 
Hope your week is going great so far! Today is the hubby's birthday and he took off work to finish the laundry room. We went and bought our new washer and dryer last night. While we were out, I took him to Chili's for an early birthday dinner. We had a nice time. I hope to share the laundry room with you tomorrow...even though all the little details won't be quite finished. 

As always, thanks so much for visiting and leaving such sweet comments. 
Until next time.....

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