Sunday, May 1, 2016

Heart Smiles

Hello friends! Once again, it's been a couple weeks since my last post. I just don't have much going on lately. Well, not really blog worthy happenings I should say. But this blog is about what is currently going on in my life, be it big or small, so I'm sharing. The little things bring so many heart smiles to my days and really are what life is all about anyway. :)

A couple weeks ago, Sadie and Rooster had vet appointments. Sadie for her yearly check-up and Rooster for his first visit. They had a great visit  with their new Dr. (out former vet retired) and they enjoyed their car ride over and back. On the way, the hubby held Rooster so he wouldn't be bouncing all over the car, but on the way home, he let him sit in the back with Sadie and he did great. Here's a picture of them, and yes, Rooster is being a copy cat or should I say dog, again. 

The wildflowers are in full bloom and so beautiful right now. I love these little wild phlox and have since childhood. Some of my sweet students picked these for me last week at PE time. So sweet!

I finished my cookbook project a couple weeks ago and am so happy with my binder. It is packed so I made need to start volume 2.

I designated a few pages to Christmas cookie recipes from my friend, Jeana's annual cookie party she used to host. It was such fun and I always enjoyed trying to come up with something clever and creative. The second from the left, is a recipe card I made into a bookmark. The cookies were displayed in a book shaped tin. The one with Santa on it was called Santa's buttons and the cookies looked like buttons and were displayed in my sewing basket. The snowball cookie recipe card was glittered white and made to look like a snowball. The orange one was made to look like a creamsicle because that was the name of the cookies. Such fun! I won one of the prizes many years.

When she was old enough, Miranda was able to attend the party. Her recipe "card" for one of the years is sure to read it. Coffee stained and written on crumpled notebook paper...too funny! We had to make enough cards for every lady, so she hand wrote around 20 of these. Good memories!

This was such a fun project to put together!

We studied butterflies in kindergarten...well, life cycles. We had two painted lady chrysalises but one did not make it. This little beauty did though and the kids were so excited to release it.

One of my students whom I love dearly, left this on my desk after work one day. His mom works in pre-k so he was able to slip in while I was waiting for my other students to get picked up. I had done something special for him (he was recently hospitalized with his asthma) so he told his mom he wanted to give me the turtle he made in her classroom. She told him he could make me another one but he told her he wanted to give me that one because I do so much for him and the other students, so he wanted to do something nice for me. It brought tears to my eyes and made my heart smile. This kid is precious and I pray if I am ever blessed with grandchildren, they are as sweet as him.

We celebrated Earth Day in kinder. We painted and wrote our promises to help take care of the Earth. This student did a great job on her painting and writing. If you aren't able to read invented spelling, it says.....
I promise to recycle every day and leave the water off when I brush my teeth. So cute!

We made an anchor chart of ways to love the Earth.

My higher level students practiced alphabetical order and did an amazing job!

They make me sweet pictures all the time and I bring the really special ones home to hang on my fridge for a few days.

They made monsters in art class! So fun!

And, speaking of art, I hit Tuesday Morning, Target, and Hobby Lobby last weekend and bought some fun stuff! This stack makes me happy!

I went shopping and out to lunch with my sister, Nancy and our friend, Jeana to celebrate Jeana's birthday. We had yummy burgers at Square 1. I had sweet potato fries with cinnamon sugar on them with my burger. So yummy! 

We shopped a while and went for dessert before heading home. We had yummy pizookies at BJ's. Mine was lemon blueberry...wish I had another one now. Jeana had the monkey bread and Nancy has salted caramel. Theirs were good too but I liked mine the best.

Yesterday, the hubby and I went grocery shopping and out to lunch. Nothing too exciting, but I did pick up the supplies to start my new teacher planner I am creating for next year. I will share details soon. I have had such fun creating the pages for it. It is going to be a disc bound system. I can't wait to get it finished and put together. I found a few fun things at Dollar Tree, including these adorable washi tapes.

After we got home and I put things away, I tackled my bedroom closet. Oh my...what a job! It had not had a good clean out in quite some time. I was exhausted when I finished, but I am happy to say I got rid of more stuff than I kept. Clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves, and more! It felt so good to purge so much stuff. I also cleared out our winter clothes until we need them again. I am excited to remodel the closet when we start on out room in June. It will be much easier now that I have cleaned it out. 

And, that brings me to now. I have just been piddling today and taking it easy. This week will be a busy one. My kinders will be taking the Stanford 10 test which will tell if they are ready to move on to first grade in the fall. I pray my kiddos do as well as I think they will. I have such a great group this year and will be so sad to see them leave me. I will enjoy the time I have left with them though and am so proud of the growth I have seen in them over the course of the year. Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Prayers for a beautiful week.

Until next time.....

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