Saturday, October 14, 2017

Living Room Refresh

Hello friends and welcome back or welcome if you are visiting for the first time. I thought it was a good time to write a blog post since I have a little extra time on my hands today. I have been trying to do some fall cleaning and a little sprucing up around the house and thought I would share my living room with you today. Not a lot has changed, but enough has to share so here we go. 

Back in April I shared that I moved my vintage record cabinet from the craft room to the living room. It is still here and I like it here for now. I did change the decor on top but that is all. We are hoping to build an entry off the front of our home eventually. I have always wanted an entry with a coat closet and a place to drop things off to keep the living room a little less cluttered. That is a project for down the road though as we have other more important things lined up first. We are still working on the master bathroom and then the master bedroom will be next. I am so ready to finish those rooms! 

I purchased new living room rugs. You can see the one at the door here. It matches the bigger one. I also took down the dark grey patterned curtains and put up some tan and white ones that let more light in.

You can see the big rug here. I love it...the colors are cream and tan with cerulean blue as an accent color. It is really pretty. I purchased them from Wayfair.

I also purchased some new pillows at JoAnne's Fabrics earlier in the week. I love the black and cream buffalo check and think it is perfect for fall and winter. 

 I love the saying on this pillow. 
Our home is very important to is our happy place!

A few weeks ago I purchased the wooden box at Michael's to house the dog toys. 
It says Play. :)

I found this pretty cream and green bouquet at JoAnne's also and love it. I am using more subdued colors for fall this year. I just placed the bouquet in a vase and sat it on top of a place mat along with a couple coffee table books and a coaster.

Isn't it pretty?

I printed a new piece for the gallery wall clipboard. I still love my gallery wall!

I purchased a snuggly, soft new blanket to coordinate with the new rug and curtains a little better. I really want to recover my ottoman but haven't gotten around to it yet.

I placed this pillow from Ikea on my chair as well since I bought the new ones for the couch.

The copper chicken wire basket on the bottom shelf of my side table holds magazines as well as tissues, lotion, and a couple different zipper bags that contain anything from earbuds to eyeglass cleaners. I like to keep often used things handy.

The top just holds a cute Hobby Lobby frame with a photo of the hubby and I, a candle from Target which smells heavenly, a coaster, and a small lamp.

No major changes, but just enough for it to feel fresh and new again. I am enjoying the simple changes. Hopefully I will have a new bathroom to share soon! 

I hope you are doing well and enjoying fall weather. We haven't had any real fall like weather yet...just a hint in the air occasionally. Enough to make us want it to hurry up and get here. Have a lovely week ahead and until next time.....

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