Monday, November 6, 2017

Twin Topiaries

I don't know about you, but I have become a fan of faux greenery over the past few years. I love having pops of green scattered throughout my home. 

While I would love to have real plants in my home, it is just not possible. As many of you know, I live in the woods and due to that fact, my home does not get much natural light. I have tried  a couple different houseplants over the years but  haven't had much success with them.  

So, I was excited when I was contacted by a company called HedgeScapes asking if I would like to give an honest review of one of their products. I decided to go have a look around to see if they had anything I wanted. I only wanted to choose a product that I knew I would use and enjoy. I was thrilled to see they had topiaries

I have always loved topiaries! These came in a set of two which was even better. I put my request in and received my package promptly. I was excited to open it and see if they looked as realistic as they had online. 

I was not disappointed. They look very realistic, from the foliage, to the stem and even the pot looks like it has dirt in it. The clay pots are really nice as well. 

When I ordered them, I had intentions of using them in my bedroom after we remodel, but since we aren't finished with that project, I decided to use them in the dining room for the holidays. I couldn't bear to leave them sitting in the box for months.

I really do love them! I have been asked to review a few products over the years and have only done so a couple of times. I won't review anything I wouldn't consider purchasing myself. 

I recently updated this space with my new cow pictures above the buffet, so here's a couple shots of it now. I am in love with the whole look!

I hope you enjoyed as well. 

If you are like me and like using faux greenery around your house, you may want to check out HedgeScapes for yourself. 

Again, I received these topiaries in exchange for my honest review of these products. 

If you are a blogger and are interested in reviewing a HedgeScapes product yourself, leave me a message and I will direct you to the representative.

I have lots of life updates I hope to share soon. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful week!
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