Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a Crafty, Thrifty Girl!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was going to share a little project I made. I love to create and design on the computer. I found an inspiration piece with this scripture on Pinterest and loved it. I was playing around on PicMonkey and designed one for myself. I liked it as it was, but I decided I wanted to make another one and glitter the anchor. So, that's what I am sharing with you today.
Here is the piece printed out and ready for some glue & glitter.

Here it is after I glittered the first part. I worked in small sections so the glue wouldn't dry before I could glitter it. I used plain old Elmer's school glue.

Here is a section covered in glue. I got a little glitter mixed in when I brushed near the section I had already glittered.

Here it is all glittered. I am loving gold lately so I chose it for my anchor.

So pretty...:)

You may have noticed this empty clipboard hanging above my desk in yesterday's craft room post. 

It needed a little something on it. I have seen people using these like frames on the Internet and thought I would give it a try. Easy to change! I am planning to make more scripture and quote posters and change them out every couple weeks. Good excuse to get to play on the computer and play with glitter!

I also wanted to share two thrifty finds from the weekend. First up is this gorgeous old mirror. I absolutely love the shape and detailing on this mirror. I have plans to sand it, repaint it, add a shelf to the bottom, and turn the mirror into a chalk board. Can't decide what color though....

It's pretty big...probably around 3 feet high and  2 feet wide. I have been slowly trying to replace things on my walls with things I have thrifted and redone as well as things I make. This is going to be perfect in my dining room.

I also bought this sweet little napkin holder. 

I am using it in my craft room on my desk to hold post it notes though.
It is really pretty.

Working on crafty things is such a release for me. I am able to just forget about things for a while and let my mind become totally focused on the task I am trying to accomplish. 
It is good for my soul...:)

 I am off to try to catch up on replying to my comments. I'm sorry if you don't always hear back from me. Sometimes it is because I get behind and just have no time to catch up and other times it is because some of you are no reply commenters and I don't always make it back to the blog to reply. I so enjoy reading each of your comments though. They are always a bright spot in my day...:) 
Have a happy Wednesday everyone.

Until next time.....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Craft Room Update...again!

I wanted to share what I worked on Sunday afternoon. I get this wild hair every few months to reorganize my craft room. This time it started with the mail sorter I recently thrifted and repainted. It prompted me to move something off my desk and one thing leads to another...and several hours later, I am finished. For a few months at! I do want to paint the green walls white some day....maybe spring break or this summer. I am not loving the green anymore.  

Here's one corner of the room. I moved my sewing table down and added this little half table that was just sitting around waiting for a paint job. I paid a whole dollar for it last year and still intend to paint it, but I decided it needed to make itself useful instead of standing around in the way!

Of course, I had to move some things around that were hanging on the wall and I removed a few things too.

I love the little glass teapot that is holding buttons. It needs a lid but it was too adorable to leave at the thrift store and was just $1. 

The little table holds several things. My vintage straw dispenser, a large apothecary jar filled with extra glitter, colored pencils, & a candle.

I placed a silver tray on the bottom and added a jar of silverware, a jar of napkin rings, and a few other items. The coins are from the Bahamas from my cruise last summer. 
Oh how I wish I was on another cruise!

My message board hangs above.

On the same wall , in the other corner, is my office space. See the mail sorter sitting on my desk and my fabulous new (to me) desk chair. I am still trying to decide on a color. I am leaning toward white, but still think black would be pretty too and aqua still keeps popping into my mind!

Another view of the same area.

I like this arrangement above the desk. 

And I love the fabric added to this hoop!


I finally repainted this wooden trash can I thrifted last summer. I used chalkboard paint in case you couldn't tell.

I love that the file cabinet and the metal file drawers were all thrifted and cost about $10 total!

OK...moving over to the other side of the very small room. I am not showing the corner to the left in this picture. It is two shelve full of junk. One is full of things I am eventually going to list on ETSY and the other is just craft stuff. That area is still a huge mess little cluttered!

My very vintage mail sorting desk. I love this piece! I want to change the blue fabric on the back for something lighter, but will wait until I repaint the green walls. 

I still love these milk glass cups I found in Amish country last summer!

I bought these little baskets at Target for $1 each. They are a great size to hold lots of goodies.  tied tags on the handles.

I love chalkboard paint for so many things. 

I also love my wrapping paper collection. Most of it isn't used for wrapping things though. If I love the print, I buy it and save it for future projects. They get such pretty prints!

One end of the room.

This is my ticket stub jar. It holds every stub from every movie, play, cruise, etc, that I have been on since the hubby and I started dating over 27 years ago!

I wanted to share another sweet little teapot I found for $1. It had the lid but no knob, so I glued a crystal bead on top. It holds beads. Isn't it pretty...:)

That's it for now folks. I hope to have time to share a crafty little project with you tomorrow night. 
Have a terrific Tuesday friends. 
Until next time.....


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Painting Memories

Hello friends! I hope this Sunday finds you doing well. It's raining out and has been most of the day. I have been productive in spite of the rain though. I spent the morning making breakfast burritos for the week. I now have around 20 of the in the fridge. After that I cleaned the kitchen and then sat down to write lesson plans for the week. I also prepared my vocabulary cards and story questions, as well as my weekly report. I am happy to have all that done! Now, I am sitting here preparing this post to share with all my lovely readers. 
Yesterday, I spent the day at my dear friend Heather's house to celebrate her birthday. Heather is the friend many of you have been praying for. For those new readers or folks who don't know, Heather is battling colon cancer. She is an amazing lady, full of faith and positivity! She loves to paint, so we decided to have a painting party! My best friend Jeana came up with the idea and we all loved it. Here is the amazing cake Jeana made. She's the best cook I know! Not only does she make delicious food, but her presentation is beyond beautiful...:)

Of course,  you can't have a paint palette without some paintbrushes!
Tasty Rice Krispie treat brushes that is!

Here are a few of the yummies we had for lunch! 

OK....enough food! I'm sure some of you are drooling on your! 
Here's the set-up for our painting party!

Here we are a while after we got started. You can see the inspiration painting on the i-pad on the corner of the table.

There were six of us and we had an absolute blast!

Here's Heather....I think I caught her mid-laugh about something. Probably one of the girls making fun of their painting abilities. This was the first time attempting something like this for some of us...myself included. I think everyone did a fabulous job though...:)
It was such fun and we definitely plan to do it again. 

Here we are...from left to right: Jeana (my bestie), Nancy, (my sister), Moi, Heather, Shannon (Heather's sister), and Shea. A couple of our friends couldn't make it, but since we plan to do it again, they can join us next time!

Aren't they all beautiful and unique? 
I love the yellow moon Nancy and Shea chose to paint...reminds me of a Harvest Moon. We all wrote a word in our paintings. Some of them are hidden in the painting, but still pretty easy to spot. You can enlarge the picture to see. I chose love. The others are enough, friendship, hope, live laugh love. 
Heather chose healing strong.....that's exactly what she is doing.

This one's mine. My branches are too fat, but I love it anyway! I had so much fun painting that I can't wait to get to Michael's and buy some canvas, paints, and supplies! I am also planning to buy small canvases and have my students paint for our upcoming Art Night at school. I am so excited!!!

The day was absolutely perfect and one of the best I've ever had. As we were leaving, the sun was beginning to set and we noticed the beautiful Redbud tree in Heather's back yard was blooming. I love these trees. Not sure why they call them Redbuds since they have pinkish, lavender colored blooms, but they are so pretty. 

Do you agree? 
Such a beautiful reminder of life. 
Live it to the fullest....every day, even in the midst of a storm. 
Heather is a beautiful example of that. 
We can all learn from her and others like her traveling this cancer journey.

Have a beautiful week everyone and remember to live life to the fullest!
Until next time.....


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