Friday, March 22, 2019

Long Time...No Blog!

Hello there! 
Remember me?

 If not...I totally understand.
 It's been quite some time since I shared anything here. I know I had been posting less and less over the past couple years and then last year I just stopped posting at all after June. In my defense, life was pretty busy. I went back to work at the very beginning of August and the first couple months of the school year are always extremely busy and challenging. Add a couple of students with some pretty bad behavior and this 49 year old (peri-menopausal...another story for another time) teacher was overwhelmed and exhausted. 

You might also remember that I was helping my daughter, Miranda plan her wedding. Throw in a bridal shower, all the holidays, my nephew's wedding, Miranda's wedding (February 2nd) and several other occasions between last June and today and my little old blog was totally forgotten about....until now.  Most of you are on Instagram and I love keeping in touch with you there but I miss those of you who aren't. And...I miss writing on this blog. I'm not promising anything, but I sure have missed showing up here. I really want to try to post here at least once per month. It will most likely be a recap of what I have been sharing on Instagram but I'm OK with that if you are. 

I was going to try to share some highlights from the past several months but I got overwhelmed when I started looking through all my photos. Trust me when I say life has been very good. I am still happily married...Joey and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary with an amazing trip to Walt Disney World. Miranda and Slade planned and paid for it all and went with us. It was a blast! Here's a picture from our trip of  Joey, Miranda, and I. 

You already know I am still teaching...this year I went with a dog theme in my classroom and love it so much that I am keeping it next year as well. Here are a couple pictures...of course I have rearranged a bit since these were taken but you get the idea. And as for the behavior students, it has improved significantly. I have worked really hard with them. I can hardly believe we're in our last quarter of the school year. I've been on spring break this week and have enjoyed it so much but now I am refreshed and renewed and ready to see my firsties. 

My son, Dakota has the sweetest and prettiest girlfriend now. Her name is Cheyanne. He is totally smitten and we really love her too. I'm happy that he is so happy. And of course, Miranda and Slade got married in February. The wedding was every bit as beautiful and wonderful and we had hoped it would be. It was such an amazing day. I will try to write a post about the day and share more pictures soon but for's a photo of my family on wedding day....these people hold my heart.

And of course, I still have my Sadie and Rooster. They also hold a big portion of my heart. Here's Sadie keeping me company in my craft room and Rooster snuggling with me. He's such a big baby!

I also still love decorating and piddling around my home. I had put this love by the wayside for a while but have recently begun to take more interest in it again. I dearly love my home on Willie Mae Lane. Here's one of my recent mug racks Joey helped me build. I plan to display my seasonal mugs on them.

And that's about all I am going to share for now. I sincerely hope to post here more often. I'm feeling more like myself again most days. I mentioned peri-menopause earlier and goodness did it wreak havoc on me. I'm sure it's not over but I really hope the worst of it is behind me. I am so happy to be back. I hope to visit you soon as well. 
Until next time.....



  1. Vicky, it is so good to see you!!
    I think of you so very often, and wonder what you are doing in your little corner with your teaching, crafting and making your home beautiful.
    I love the photo of you and your eye glasses look darling on you!

    You certainly have some awesome memories from this past year or so, and such a beautiful bride Miranda made. ♡

    I sure hope we see more of you! You have been missed!

    Have a beautiful weekend ♡

  2. Glad to hear that life is being good to you! I'm happy for Miranda and Dakota and I LOVE that mug rack!


  3. Vicky I follow you on IG but it's good to see you posting again...maybe? I keep trying to post but life is just too darn crazy right now. Hugs to you my friend!

  4. Great to see you Vicky, thanks for catching us up. I have sorely been neglecting my blog also, but manage to post here and there. I joined IG but honestly was just confused, lol. Maybe I should try again. Hope you do continue to blog! :)

  5. I have to tell you I was shocked to see a recent post from you. I knew you had been busy, but when you listed it all, it's no surprise that you haven't been posting.

    Enjoy this last quarter of the school year.

  6. Life gets busy, doesn't it . . . it is wonderful seeing your lovely blog back up and running. You have been missed. Oh, and great hair cut, I really like it :)
    Have a sweet last quarter of school. Hope to see you blogging often, but if life gets in the way . . . that can be a good thing.
    Connie :)

  7. Hi Vicky, how nice to see you. Congrats on your daughters wedding. It's so nice that you all got to have the trip to Disney. Thanks for the recap of things and glad you are doing well.
    Julie xo

  8. Oh, Vicky. What JOY to visit with you! How I have missed stopping in for a visit with you... But I can fully relate to just not being able to get to blogging. Life happens!
    My, but you've had a wonderfully full year! I'm thrilled to hear Miranda is married! What a gorgeous wedding gown... And congratulations on your thirtieth wedding anniversary...

    I'm sorry to hear that teaching has been tiring and challenging lately... I love how you decorated your class - I a admire your efforts to make your classroom an inspiring place!

    I've thought of you so much over the past couple months, Vicky! Sending love and blessings your way!

  9. Girl, I get it! You don't have to explain it to me! I just posted yesterday, figured I'd better get something on there that was from this year! Ha! That's why I love Instagram, I can post a picture and a one liner and poof...done! Plus I love to see what you post each day there! I'm still in the loop of your days... so much easier for me!
    I am so happy for Miranda and I loved seeing all the photos. My oldest got married in March, so I totally know all about that too! Life is busy! Slow down a little and enjoy your days.

    I hope you have a wonderful Summer. I'll be praying for you and all the peri-menopausal stuff. Don't you just love those hot flashes?!

    Hugs to you,

  10. I know you have been so busy.

    I didn't know you were so young - my son is only 4 years younger than you!


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