Monday, February 24, 2014

Craft Room Update...again!

I wanted to share what I worked on Sunday afternoon. I get this wild hair every few months to reorganize my craft room. This time it started with the mail sorter I recently thrifted and repainted. It prompted me to move something off my desk and one thing leads to another...and several hours later, I am finished. For a few months at! I do want to paint the green walls white some day....maybe spring break or this summer. I am not loving the green anymore.  

Here's one corner of the room. I moved my sewing table down and added this little half table that was just sitting around waiting for a paint job. I paid a whole dollar for it last year and still intend to paint it, but I decided it needed to make itself useful instead of standing around in the way!

Of course, I had to move some things around that were hanging on the wall and I removed a few things too.

I love the little glass teapot that is holding buttons. It needs a lid but it was too adorable to leave at the thrift store and was just $1. 

The little table holds several things. My vintage straw dispenser, a large apothecary jar filled with extra glitter, colored pencils, & a candle.

I placed a silver tray on the bottom and added a jar of silverware, a jar of napkin rings, and a few other items. The coins are from the Bahamas from my cruise last summer. 
Oh how I wish I was on another cruise!

My message board hangs above.

On the same wall , in the other corner, is my office space. See the mail sorter sitting on my desk and my fabulous new (to me) desk chair. I am still trying to decide on a color. I am leaning toward white, but still think black would be pretty too and aqua still keeps popping into my mind!

Another view of the same area.

I like this arrangement above the desk. 

And I love the fabric added to this hoop!


I finally repainted this wooden trash can I thrifted last summer. I used chalkboard paint in case you couldn't tell.

I love that the file cabinet and the metal file drawers were all thrifted and cost about $10 total!

OK...moving over to the other side of the very small room. I am not showing the corner to the left in this picture. It is two shelve full of junk. One is full of things I am eventually going to list on ETSY and the other is just craft stuff. That area is still a huge mess little cluttered!

My very vintage mail sorting desk. I love this piece! I want to change the blue fabric on the back for something lighter, but will wait until I repaint the green walls. 

I still love these milk glass cups I found in Amish country last summer!

I bought these little baskets at Target for $1 each. They are a great size to hold lots of goodies.  tied tags on the handles.

I love chalkboard paint for so many things. 

I also love my wrapping paper collection. Most of it isn't used for wrapping things though. If I love the print, I buy it and save it for future projects. They get such pretty prints!

One end of the room.

This is my ticket stub jar. It holds every stub from every movie, play, cruise, etc, that I have been on since the hubby and I started dating over 27 years ago!

I wanted to share another sweet little teapot I found for $1. It had the lid but no knob, so I glued a crystal bead on top. It holds beads. Isn't it pretty...:)

That's it for now folks. I hope to have time to share a crafty little project with you tomorrow night. 
Have a terrific Tuesday friends. 
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  1. You craft room is so sweet and charming, Vicky! I love everything about it. I think I said this before in another comment, but I LOVE all of your jars :) And your floor is too cute.

    So good to stop by and say "Hi!" Have a lovely week, friend!

  2. Love your reorganization ideas! All of your storage solutions are wonderful.

  3. My favorite thing in the whole room has to be the most sentimental thing - the stub jar! I have a collection of short notes Chucks and I leave on the kitchen counter to each other. I must say I am quite impressed with your organizational skills - I think it comes from being a teacher. I hate to tell you this, but organization skills disappear quickly after you retire :>))) This is a very creative space.

  4. I love your craft room. So much visually to see and so organized. I love the variety of containers you use and your jars are so pretty with the items in them. Love Love your stub jar, that is so sweet!
    hugs, Linda

  5. I love you craft room, too. I have wanted for one since we moved to this house but I can't seem to work it out. I love you organization. My crafting gets really stale; I can't seem to do much at it when anybody is at home since my kitchen converts into my craft station. I think the stub jar is super romantic.

    I hope your week is awesome!

  6. You have an adorable craft room. I'm in love with the clock fabric in your embroidery hoop.

  7. Hi Vicky I love your craft room and the green walls look so bright and cheerful! You are lucky to have your own room to craft in! I hope all is well with you and have a nice night and week!

  8. It looks great Vicky! I just love looking at people's craft spaces, I get so many good ideas... and it must be craft room rearranging season or something because I've been seeing a lot of them lately! Have you seen Dena's craft space? She has some really cute vinyl records that she repurposed into little organizers that I just love!


  9. You're so lucky to have your own room to craft in! I am currently using my kitchen table!.LOL! I tease my daughter all the time though that the minute she goes away to college her room will be converted!


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