Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Place Organizing

Hello friends! 
Hope this finds you doing well. I am really enjoying my spring break. Today I spent the day with some work friends at a small beach not too far from home. I may share some pictures soon. 
I've been working in my happy place again (actually most of this has been done for a few weeks) and have moved some things around and reorganized some things. Want to see what I've been up to? Come on in!

We'll begin to the left as you walk in the door. 

I really didn't do much of anything here except  change out some of the things on top of the white cabinet. Lots of random junk stuff!

The big change I made was moving my two white shelves. These used to be in a corner in an "L" shaped configuration. I had to move them out of the corner for the hubby to access the panel for the guest bathroom shower during the redo, so I decided to move them across the room. My sewing machine cabinet and file cabinet used to be on this wall. 

Here are the two shelves side by side. I eventually want to replace these with an Ikea Expedit shelf system. These shelves are over 20 years old and were super inexpensive. They are still in decent shape but they definitely need to be replaced.

These shelves got reorganized in the move. I used several baskets and bins that I moved from various places in the house to store stuff in. It looks a bit less cluttered this way. I labeled the bins to make it easier to find what I am looking for as well. The striped bins used to house my DVD collection but I am about to redo my system for organizing them so I no longer needed these bins.

I am still liking my gift wrap organization station I put together a few months ago.

I have too much stuff!
Moving on, this is one of the shelves that hold the glass top that is my desk. 

And here is the desk. I took the two small while vertical shelves and turned them on their sides and placed them on my desk. I really like this system. 

I was watching HGTV on this day....House Hunters I believe. 

I am loving my new washi tape holder I ordered from Amazon. It is designed to hold eyeglasses. but it is perfect for washi because of the dividers inside each tray that prevent the rolls from moving back and forth. It is perfection!'s so pretty! I am loving clear storage lately.

Each drawer holds approximately 27 rolls. I couldn't fit all my washi in this unit but it held the majority of it.

I love the spines of my planners and notebooks in this picture. So pretty!

This is another favorite on my desk. I wanted to redo my filing system and keep files to a minimum and in sight instead of in my file cabinet. I find if I keep things out where I can see them and easily get to them I am more likely to use them. I was terrible about letting things pile up before I would file them, but since I started this system I haven't done that. Remember I said I am loving clear storage lately. Well, I wanted an acrylic file box so I could see my pretty file folders that I have picked up over the past year or so at TJ Maxx. I really didn't want to pay the price for one on Amazon and I remembered I had purchased this acrylic beverage dispenser for a couple bucks a few months ago. It was still under my kitchen sink, so I got it out and would you believe it is the perfect size for my file folders!

I am loving it!

It has handles on the sides.

And here is where the spout used to be. I kept it in case I ever change my mind and want to use this for a drink dispenser again, although I'm really doubting I will.

I love how pretty it is and functional too! I can switch out the folder in the front and have a new piece of "art" to look at when I feel like it.

OK...moving on around to the window end of the room. I My 2016 Katie Daisy calendar is a favorite right now as well. I just love her style!

I put a different curtain up. This is the one I made when I first took over this room as a craft room.

My small blue ladder sits beneath and holds a few pretties as well as some jars for storage. Two of them are empty! My paper shredder sits to the right of the ladder.

I am not loving this setup but it will do for now. I would like to put the drawer cube in the middle and the two metal card catalogs on top of it but they are too heavy and were causing the top of the cube to sag, so I switched them out. I need to repaint the card catalogs. I painted one silver for my niece's wedding. We used it for seating place cards. I'm not sure what color I want to paint them now.

Moving on around is my vintage mail sorting desk. This thing is a beast! 

I still want to make a skirt for it...someday! I have bins of old photos under the desk that need to be sorted and categorized. I started this a few summers ago and never finished. Maybe this summer.

The shelves and top hold a variety of craft supplies. My two Raskog carts sit in front for now. 

You may remember the two Antonius organizers I picked up at Ikea when I took Miranda and Shahid to Orlando to the airport last Friday. They hold a lot of my Project Life and planner stuff and I have room to grow.

These two Target Dollar Spot baskets fit nicely in the top of one of the carts and hold more Project Life stuff and notebooks.

And finally, my sewing desk is now situated just inside the door to the right. Not ideal, but I don't sew too much and I can always move it to my dining room table if I need more room. I hemmed a few curtains recently and I was able to do it with no problem, so it will stay here for now.

If you noticed the box underneath, this is what it is for. I wanted a designated spot to put items that I decide to get rid of. Over the past few weeks, I have purged several boxes and bags of stuff. Some went to donation and some to consignment. I plan to put it all in one box for now and when it gets full, I can sort it and get rid of it. I may try to find a couple of those stacking baskets later on, but for now this box will do.

I have been organizing like crazy lately due to my new obsession of watching organization videos on Youtube. It started with just watching craft room organization but I have branched out and am watching organization videos for kitchens, bathrooms, cars and more. I have always loved to organize  but watching these videos has made me love it even more. Anywho, while my craft room may look like a mess, it is actually very organized. I just have a lot of stuff in a very small space. I will be sharing a few of the things I have been organizing soon, along with one of my favorite thrifty finds ever, so stay tuned. 

If you made it to the end...bless you! I know I can be long winded! So, do you like to organize? If so, and you have any tips or tricks, leave a comment for me! 

Until next time.....


  1. Oh my goodness, Vicky! I NEED YOU!

    My house has fallen into a simple mess! With the passing of my in-laws (God, Please rest their sweet souls!)...I know I can say that garage is FULL of stuff. My old sewing room is supposed to become a STORE room and my son's room is suppose to become my OFFICE slash sewing room. The whole house needs to be dumped and started over.

    Your organization and remodeling posts make it look so "do-able"? And I feel overwhelmed.

    In the meantime...hubby and are running away from this mess tomorrow :)

    Hope you continue to enjoy this week off.

  2. {{swoon}} Can I come live in your craft room, sweet friend? Everything looks amazing and I know having everything organized will help with your crafting time :)

    Have fun, dear Vicky! I wish I could spend a day crafting with you. What fun that would be! Love and hugs!

  3. Everything looks so organized. I am most impressed with the clear containers you found for washi tape.

  4. Okay, I am jealous. I do wish Horror Monster could look this organized. Often the trouble is I can't find anything after straightening - maybe the answer is clear containers. What a delightful, creative space!

  5. You have a wonderful craft room. It looks so inviting and bright. Way to get organized Vicky. I have been slowly working on mine when I get a chance and it feels so good to put things in their place. I bet you feel the same way! I love your desk. You have created so much storage in that area.

  6. I just read "the life-changing magic of tidying up". Interesting ideas. Might give it a try to reduce my clutter. Lol. I like to organize but finding the time can be many things calling my name. Ha. Your craft room looks great. Like a good place to happily create!

  7. No wonder you call this your happy place! Soooooo many great ideas here, and I especially love the ribbon storage.

    Enjoy your time off!

  8. No wonder you call this your happy place! Soooooo many great ideas here, and I especially love the ribbon storage.

    Enjoy your time off!

  9. I'm in awe dear Vicky...organization has never been a problem for me,I believe I got it from my dad. I can remember as a little girl watching him fold his dirty clothes to put in the hamper and I would say to myself 'I want to be just like that when I grow up!' Well I grew up loving to organize, but I have to say WOW to that craft room of yours. The beauty of all that stuff if I might say :-) is so wonderfully organized. I can see why that is your "happy place" I would be quite happy in that room too.
    You must have need for nothing when it comes to creating something. WOW!!
    I enjoyed this post a lot, Vicky, all so beautiful. May I come over and play with you some day in that craft room?

    Have a beautiful day in all its glory.
    Much love~~ Debbie

  10. I LOVE the washi container and all the pretty rolls of tape! Your room is lovely, I just adore all the mixes of patterns and colors, they all blend together so well and are so gorgeous. If you could only see the hot mess that my work area is! I wish it looked this pretty!

    1. Thank you so much! I tried to reply by e-mail but you are a no reply...sorry! I appreciate you visiting and your sweet comment. And, believe me, my area can look like a hot mess too! :) Have a blessed day.

  11. Goodness you are looking organized in your pretty craft space. It feels so good to purge and organize. But I have to say my friend, you seem to have a washi tape problem, lol. How many rolls? :)

    Enjoy the rest of your break week Vicky!

  12. VICKY!!!! You are the most organized person I know! I need to find a way to bribe you to come to my house, I need help badly lol. I got so many great ideas from your pictures, thanks for sharing!

  13. Vicky You Absolutely Amaze Me!!! I read through your post and then I went back and blew-up the photos and took another closer look. I would love to turn you loose in my Art Barn. Incredible, that's what you are. Organized and cute as a button. I love all the little charming touches; the curtain with the banners, the cover on your chair . . . everything is perfect.
    Have a happy weekend and thanks for sharing your space with us.
    Connie :)

  14. You are doing such a great job! I love how you have used so many clear storage items, I agree they really help. I need to tackle my craft area, I left it at Christmas to fly to Texas and haven't touched it since. My living room is pretty good right now but my next areas to organize are my kitchen and craft room. You inspire me!

  15. Well...I would be happy there too!! Your craft room is full of colorful and fun elements. Happy Spring Break Vicky :)

  16. Wanna come over and help me get organized? My CR is a total mess! Seriously - if you were closer, it would be fun to have you over. I think we have a lot in common!

  17. I think your room is great, Vicky! It is very much the way my craft room is.....controlled clutter is what I call it. I've had friends come in here and you can almost see their eyes starting to spin out of control, but I love seeing my things and can get inspired just sitting in here and looking around. You won't be a bit sorry if you eventually get an IKEA great!

    So glad you've enjoyed your Spring Break!

  18. Your craft room is such a stunner.. (mine is kind of a mess right now to say the least) I need to get with it in there!
    Hope you have a great week.


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