Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Place Organizing!

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I never got the chance to post over the weekend so I thought I would share a few craft room updates with you tonight. Over the weekend, the hubby and I had a date day and saw the Peanuts Movie. It was super cute! We had a nice lunch and did a little shopping too! I have begun making purchases for my upcoming trip to Prague. you know, I am a Florida girl and do not own a lot of winter clothes. It does get cold here but it tends to warm up during the day so we have to layer and most of my layers are fairly thin. I will be needing some warmer clothing to take to Prague since December and January are the cold months there and it even snows! Fingers crossed that it will snow while I am there! Anywho, I found a cute pair of short black boots at TJ Maxx. I also ordered a pair of riding boots from DSW and they arrived Friday. So excited to be a boot owner finally! I will share my Prague purchases in a few weeks after I have finished hunting and!

So, after we got home from our day out, I put groceries away and immediately started working on partnering everyone for the Christmas Ornament Exchange. So excited about that! It took me about 3 hours on the computer copying and pasting, assigning and reassigning partners, and so on to get it all sorted out and then I had to e-mail everyone. So, no time to blog Saturday. Thanks again to everyone who is participating! Sunday was a lazy day and I spent some time playing in my happy place tweaking and rearranging. Let me share.....

Over the past couple weeks I have cleaned out the closet and  rearranged a few smaller pieces of furniture in my room, which leads to reorganizing. I am always reorganizing things when I think of a more functional way to store things. This is what lead to cleaning out the closet....

You may be wondering how that led to me cleaning out the closet. Let me explain. At school, if we want to get rid of things in our classrooms, we just sit things out in the hall for other hoarders teachers to grab. One of the Pre-K teachers had this in the hall. It was still in the original packaging. I decided to bring it home and use it in my craft room. So, I put it together with the original thought that I would use it for stickers and scrapbook supplies, but after assembling it, I knew it would work perfectly for a gift wrap station. Well, most of my gift wrapping supplies have been housed in the closet, so I began digging it all out so I could sort through it all and get rid of some things and store the rest in this piece.  It works perfectly!

I assembled it inside out so the craft brown side would show. I love this look! It should have looked like this, but I did not want that bright color in my craft room. It would not have matched anything. It sits on top of these two little shelves next to my sewing station.

I put a tag on the front and wrote this on it....because that's what I believe. :)

The baskets below hold ribbons, bows, and basket filler/grass.

The little metal container holds some tags. 

The shelf on the right holds cards and stationery items. I have been trying to send snail mail out more often....especially to Miranda. She enjoys getting mail from home. 

Here's the most recent mail I sent her. She received it today and sent me pictures. I had fun water coloring the envelope! We used to call her Randa Pooh when she was little so Pooh Bear adorns the card as well. I used paint, stickers, washi tape, and drew all the little black and red hearts myself.

I need to get started on another one to send soon!

Moving on, I placed the tray I thrifted a few weeks ago on my big desk for now. It holds a few of my apothecary jars full of goodies, along with my twine holder and my glitters.

Back in July when I took Miranda to the airport in Tampa to leave for Prague, I went to the Container Store. I purchased this piece and am so glad I did. I left it empty until I came up with the best use for it. A few weeks ago, I decided what that use was. I am using it to hold all my die cuts, ephemera, enamel dots, flair, cork pieces, and so on for scrap booking. It works great!

I sorted my die cuts and ephemera by color and each color has a box. Here are my pinks and blues.

This one holds all my cork pieces.

This one holds flair and a variety of other decorative pieces.

Moving on to my desk....this is how I just left it. I was in there piddling a little while ago and have been trying to leave it clean when I finish.

I recently decided to use my Recollections carousel to corral all my tools. It is working out very nicely. I like having all of these often used items in one spot.

I use my vintage mail sorters to hold stickers. Here is the one that sits on my desk.

This little milk glass dish sits on top of my file cabinet to the right of my desk. The other mail sorter sits just behind it.

Do you remember the metal tissue box cover I received in my Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift It challenge back in August? Well, I finally put a box inside and I gold leafed the feet and wreath on the front. I love it now! The box inside is painted gold. Very elegant little trash can tidy tub isn't it? :)

And, that my friends brings me to the end for now. It is almost my bedtime! I am excited that we have Wednesday off from school for Veteran's Day! My sister and two best friends will be coming over that evening for our weekly planner night and I am excited to see them. I hope you have a wonderful week my friends. 

Until next time.....



  1. Hey, It all looks in perfect order and I may need you to come do my room LOL
    I also love snail mail, but as we all know it is not done as often anymore. I do hope you have a great day off, I know the mailman will be glad...
    Hugs, Roxy

  2. I LOVE your craft room - so bright and sunny and filled with all kinds of cool things.

    Cute envelope for Miranda too. Who wouldn't love to get that in the mail?

  3. I think I have 'craft room' envy! A place for everything, and everything in its place. All your work laid off for sure.

    I love getting snail mail, and Miranda will love getting some too!

    A friend asked me today if Veterans Day was today or Wednesday and I said that I thought it's always on a Tuesday. Guess I was wrong! Enjoy your 'hump day' day off.


  4. Wow, want to come organize my junky craft room? ;) That was a good find from your teacher friend. Maybe that will be my January project! I have stuff all over the place as I am in a mad frenzy of crafting right now! Lol. I hope your week is going well. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Love the gift wrap station! I am slowly working on finding items to organize my crafts. I love that container with the smaller boxes inside, perfect for all the die cuts and little things. I really need one!! I know you are excited about Prague! Can't wait until we see pics of you there! Have a great week.

  6. Gifts have ribbons not strings . . . I love that. Our pastor could have used that line in his sermon last Sunday, it fits right in. You are the most organized person I know . . . my wish is, that by visiting you often . . . some of this special talent will rub off in my direction :)
    Have a wonderful day!
    Connie :)

  7. Your changes look great, and isn't it funny how cleaning out and rearranging our craft spaces doesn't seem like work at all? You figured out some clever uses for some unusual pieces and that's what crafting is all about, I think!

  8. Hey there Vicki, I am so glad I discovered your blog today. I am also a Florida girl (born & raised) I see you live very close to the Suwannee River. My Granny & Grandaddy lived in a town called High Springs Florida.I have such fond memories of visiting with them on the weekends when I was growing up. Your blog is great and I will be back to visit again soon. Take care and have a wonderful day.
    Peace & Blessings

  9. Vicky you are so organized! Can I hire you? :) Actually I just straightened my craft desk to start working on Christmas ideas, but it sure doesn't look like yours. I love boots and remember being excited to buy a pair when we moved here from FL, lol. Sweet post today. :)

    1. Forgot! Love your painted envelopes, what fun!

  10. I thought I was an organized person, but after seeing this post, not so much! It's all good. I kinda know where everything is! Love all your great places to store things.

  11. I hope that you have a wonderful time on your travels and that you enjoy your ornament swap too! I have over 50 to match up for my card swap, so I know what a lot of work it is! Your craft room really is beautiful isn't it, such a lovely place for you to work. It must be very inspiring indeed! xx

  12. Doesn't it feel good to get organized!

    Only 6 weeks til you are in Prague!

  13. I love it when I get everything organized, but I probably enjoy it, because I rarely am LOL Everything looks great :)

    I think you'll love Prague. I've heard it's beautiful there. I don't fly, so I'll have to visit it via you ;)


  14. Everything looks great Vicky! You are very organized and so colorful too! I keep wanting to organize my scrapbook in stuff, but I just can never find the time. Ha!
    Your very first pair of boots?! How exciting! I hope you get snow while visiting Miranda...then you can put those boots to good use!
    I hope you enjoyed your day off!
    Hugs, Amy

  15. Wow! You've been busy! I'd say you are all set up for some Christmas wrapping and crafting. My craft space really needs an overhaul, too. I try to put things away as I use them, but I sometimes don't and regret days later. I'm in that messy place now. Maybe I'll make some time this weekend...Thanks for teh inspiration!

  16. I love that 'gifts have ribbons, not strings'...great saying!
    Love the new sorter for your wrap. And I love that stuff gets left out for others to take if they want it, what a great idea.
    Your crafting space is looking amazingly organized and pretty.
    Can't wait to see your Prague purchases, it's coming up quick! I bet you are getting very excited already! ;)
    The Snoopy movie is on my list!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Big Hugs!!

  17. It looks like such a fun room to spend time in.. and the gift wrapping station, just clever!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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