Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Love Surprises!

I love surprises! How about you? 
I think one reason I delight in surprises is because I hardly ever have one. I have always been one of those people who could look at a gift box and know what was inside. Mama used to get aggravated with me because I would guess all my gifts before I opened them. I still do sometimes! These days, I usually know what I'm getting from someone because they asked what I wanted or needed, so I know that's what I'm getting. It's hard to surprise me...:) So, when Decor Steals listed a surprise box as their deal of the day around the New Year, I just had to have it! I have been looking at their beautiful deals every day for a few months and had not ordered anything, but as soon as the surprise box was listed, I knew it was time to place my first order.

 Some folks might think this to be crazy.....not knowing what I was going to get, but as gorgeous as all their items are, I knew I would love what they sent. The hardest part was waiting a month to receive the box! I knew ahead of time it would be a few weeks, but it was still hard waiting! 
Well, today was the day.....finally!

Let me share my surprises with you!
First up is this amazing metal tray full of removable buckets. It has a rusty look to it...so cool! It is quite large, around 14" X 18" or so. It has NO-12 stenciled on the side. 

I'm trying to decide where to use it....for now. I move things around a lot, so I'm sure it will be used in numerous settings over the years. It will most likely find itself in the craft room for now though. 

The great thing is it can be used with or without the buckets, so it's really does double duty. I could use the cubbies in the tray to store things in and use the buckets separately to have twice the storage. Pretty cool!

Next up is this  gorgeous fabric. It is very heavy weight. If I knew how to upholster, I would use it to cover a wing back chair. They are so easy to find used and cheap! It would look fabulous!

I haven't unrolled it all the way, but there appears to be at least 2-3 yards...possibly 4-5. 

It has stripes down the middle and both sides of the fabric. I don't know what I will do with it yet, but I do know I will be using it for something. Maybe a table runner and dining chair seat covers (if I ever find any more chairs!). Ideas for possible uses are welcome!

The last piece is probably my favorite. I am loving this large lantern. It has many textures....wood, galvanized metal, and glass. It is nicely distressed too. 

View from the top with the lid open.

Love the pretty latch.

It is large...this is a full size hard cover book standing next to it. I look forward to using this all over the house in many vignettes. Right now I am picturing it at Easter on the buffet with a few things I have collected over the past few months. Think natural elements, green and white! I love this piece!!

So, those are my three pieces. The surprise box was listed for $34.95 I believe. These three items would have cost farm more than that at regular prices. Shipping is always $5...which is very cheap. This is in the 48 contiguous states only. This box weighed over 12 pounds, so shipping would have been costly with any other company. I joined Decor Steals several months ago through Theresa from Magazine Your Home. She has some beautiful decor items throughout her home that she has ordered from them. You can join too if you're interested. Just mention it in your comment and I can e-mail you a link. If you join through my invitation, we both get a $5 credit. I used my credit that I got when I joined through Theresa, on my surprise box. I look forward to ordering from them again. They have some gorgeous decor and feature a different item every day. Sometimes they have a flash steal later in the day as well. Some items sell out really quickly! I am hoping to order a boxwood wreath from them when they offer them again. I had plans to buy one at Target over the weekend but they were sold out of both the small and large ones...:( Oh well! 

I hope you are having a lovely week so far. Mine is going great! I am so ready for spring weather and more daylight hours in the evenings. The hubby and I have so many projects to complete and even more to get started on! I need to be patient....but it's so hard! Have a blessed rest of the week.

Until next time.....



  1. Vicky, what a fun surprise box! Love all the items and I agree the lantern is awesome. Can't wait to see how you use all these items.

  2. I love the fabric! That was a great surprise.

  3. I am a Decor Steals addict. I always buy a surprise box when they are offered and I can get the deal before it is sold out. I bought TWO boxes this time and guess what? Both contained different things. I did receive the yardage of linen grain sacking like you did. I have been buying some when it is offered along and along. I want lots of different colors and stripes to have a slip cover made for the sofa and chairs in the living room.

  4. I love surprises too. And this looks like great stuff to be surprised with. :)

  5. Oh, I am so loving the lantern and tray of metal boxes! I have never heard of Decor Steals.... I feel like I've really missed out on something :)

    Thanks for sharing, lovely lady. Hugs to you!

  6. Wonderful surprise box...love everything in it! Truly a steal.

  7. Wow, what a neat lantern.. love those!
    Great surprises indeed!
    Have a great day.

  8. I think that was a really great deal Vicky! I love the box with the buckets. I can think of many uses in a craft room. Sadly, I can't join because I'm in Canada, but I love seeing the goodies. That lantern is awesome!

  9. Nice goodies Vicky! Love the lantern. My house is overflowing with stuff, so there is no way I would join, but I do enjoy seeing sweet décor items.

  10. Do you know Vicky, I would actually fill those buckets with spices and have them ready by my cooker to create some spicy recipes :-) The lantern is just gorgeous. What a great box! xx

  11. Wow, those are all so nice! I already joined decor steals and I have ordered at least twice, I always love their items. I think I would have been too chicken to order a surprise box though!


  12. Wow Vicky, I don't know how I missed this post! Your items are fabulous, how fun that it was a total surprise! You got a great deal for that price. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric and thanks for the mention!

  13. Wow Vicky, I don't know how I missed this post! Your items are fabulous, how fun that it was a total surprise! You got a great deal for that price. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric and thanks for the mention!

  14. I ordered the surprise box too and got pretty much the same thing. Same tray, fabric with a blue stripe and my lantern is 4 sided with wire mesh sides. I think i am going to make a fairy garden in it because its so big. What an awesome surprise. I am going to order at least 1 next year again since this is something they seem to do every year


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