Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Little of This & a Little of That

Is it really Sunday night already? The weekends sure do pass quickly! I had a really nice weekend packed with lots of good things! It started Friday after work when a few work friends and I met at Dairy Queen to indulge in a celebratory ice cream treat. We finished out testing and decided a Blizzard was in order. I had salted caramel...heavenly! I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the consignment store and found a few things. Let me share, First up is thispretty basket tray. I love the color! I had a plan for it when I bought it. You will see it in place in a photo later in this post.

I also bought this pretty tray. It is silver with gold handles. I originally planned to paint it, but I didn't. You'll see it in place later in the post as well.

I was thrilled to find this beautiful Waverly shower curtain. The top part is white and the rest of the curtain is covered with this beautiful print in grey and yellow. It matches my room colors, but I am not sure if we will need a shower curtain yet. I am hoping for an open tile shower when we remodel. I am planning to redo the guest bath as well though, so it can be used in there if I end up not using it in my bathroom. It is so pretty.

After I left the consignment, I came home and the hubby and I went out to dinner, bought groceries, and stopped by Lowes to pick up a few things we needed. The next morning, my sister called to see if I wanted to go to a yard sale and thrift store with her. Of course, I said yes. So, I got up and got ready and we set out. There was mothing good at the yard sale, so we went to breakfast and then to the thrift store. I found a couple things to bring home.

I couldn't pass up this sweet handmade table runner. It's folded in half here. 

Here's a close-up. I loved the strawberries mixed with the blue flowers. I have a plan for a tablescape using it soon! 

I also bought this little wire basket. Not sure what I will use it for yet, but for $0.79, I will find a use for it. 

The only other thing I bought was something for school. I didn't even photograph it. Anywho I came home and piddled around the house a little. The hubby went to the races, and I ended us going with my friend Jeana to dinner and  Michael's. Like my adorable new $2.50 phone case I got while at Michael's? I love the bright yellow and pinks.

We ate a very tasty supper at Longhorn and then we split a yummy desert.....lemon blueberry cake topped with a delicious lemon custard. It was so good!

OK...let me show you what I did with the basket and tray. See the basket peeking out on the right hand side of the photo below?  I also hung my EAT letters. I like them up there above the cabinets.
Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.

Here's what I did with the tray. Notice my new range hood? Yep, that got checked off the list this week. The hubby also got my new dishwasher hooked up and I have now used it three times and love it! I am so happy to finally have one. I love being able to stick the dishes in as we dirty them and not have them sitting on the counter or in the sink until they get washed.

I wanted to share one small addition to my open shelving. I added the beautiful crocheted pot holder that I won in Pam's giveaway. I love pretty!

Today we got the bar top ready to install and got some more trim work completed. The hubby worked on his race car today too though so we didn't have a lot of time to work on the kitchen. He needs a break from it every now and then! I spent a couple hours working on cleaning my craft room. It was quite the mess. I do love my happy space and am glad it is clean once again. 

Well, I suppose I should get to bed. I wanted to get a post up though since this week promises to be another busy one. I have the dreaded lunch duty this week...ugh! I also have sub plans to prepare before I leave work tomorrow since I will have a sub on Tuesday. My daddy is having surgery Tuesday and I want to be there with him and mama. I would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for him. Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely week. I plan to! 

Until next time.....


  1. Vicky~ I always enjoy coming here just to see what you are up to. And I know I say this every time, but WOW you find some great things! I'm always inspired by your thrifty finds and so I head to our thrifty only to leave disappointed.

    I love your little wire basket and just know you will do something wonderful with it.

    I will remember your dad in prayer. Happy to hear that you will be with both of your parents on that day.:-)

    Love and blessings, Debbie

  2. I hope that all goes well for your father on Tuesday, you will all be in my thoughts. xx

  3. Great bargains and I love your new range hood! Gorgeous...

  4. Vicky, this is such a busy time of year but I'm glad you found a time for a post! Things are looking so great in your kitchen! Love it all. I need to take a few minutes and do a post on my latest thrifty finds.
    Prayers for you Dad's surgery.

  5. I love what you have done with your new thrift finds. The kitchen looks fantastic!

    Praying all goes well with your Dad's surgery.

  6. Hi Vicky, Prayers and positive thoughts are headed out for your Dad. Glad to see you post. I think spring is a busy time for many bloggers, there seem to be less posts.

    Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend. Love your finds. Your "eat" display over your new kitchen cabinets is great, and the tray is perfect there. Enjoy your dishwasher! Love your new kitchen. Aw, that little crochet looks sweet on the shelf too. :)

  7. Hi Vicky :)

    Your kitchen is really coming together! I can't wait for the final reveal.

    I'll pray for your dad.


  8. Hey Vicky! Every time you share your thrifty finds I'm reminded of how much we have in common. Your kitchen is looking so good. I'll say a prayer for you Daddy. Have a good week!

  9. Your weekend sounds like mine do usually! Afterwards I am exhausted but feel accomplished! Praying a special blessing and favor on your father's surgery tomorrow!

  10. Sounds like a really fun weekend Vicky! You got some great thrifting finds and I love what you did with the trays!


  11. What a fun weekend - you always find great deals.

    I hope your father's surgery goes well.

  12. Prayers and good thoughts are with your dad and hoping for a speedy recovery! I am loving your kitchen and I love that you have made it yours. It looks amazing. Mmmmmm a salted caramel Blizzard?? I wonder if we have them in Canada?

  13. Sweet friend, it's so nice to visit you! I have missed you so much! Your weekend sounded absolutely delightful :)

    Your father is in my prayers, dear friend. Love and hugs!

  14. Well, not only have you been busy, you have also found some great buys! I especially like what you did with the silver looks awesome there! I hope all is going well with your father too. Have a good evening :)

  15. I love the new to you tray and you found the perfect spot for it. Your kitchen is gorgeous.

  16. Such great finds.. you always find the neatest items! :0) Your kitchen is looking great! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


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