Monday, February 16, 2015

My Happy Place

Hello friends! Today is day 3 of my 3-day weekend and I am so happy about all I accomplished!The weekend started out with a wonderful dinner at Longhorn with my sweet hubby. I ran into Michael's to pick up a few things and then we came home. Saturday we got up and went to haul some donations to the Hospice Attic and then we went to pick up an antique plow that used to belong to the hubby's Granny and Grandpa. It's really neat and I will share it soon. We are going to use it for decor in a flower bed at the end of our porch if when we get it built. After that, we had Mexican for lunch and then I ran to Beall's Outlet and Tractor Supply and came home. I got busy and cleaned out the guest room. It had become a catch-all room recently. I'll share pictures soon. We also got all our trim up!! We still have to fill nail holes and touch up and paint the doors, door trim, and window trim, but we are one step closer. Sunday, I piddled around the house and did some more cleaning and then went to a birthday dinner at my Aunt Loretta's house. She had a delicious country dinner cooked. I enjoyed a nice evening visiting with family....:) Today, I detailed my car! it is sparkling clean. After that I came inside and made homemade mashed potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and mushrooms & onions. The hubby grilled ribeyes. We cooked a yummy lunch because my son was home for a couple hours before he left to go back to work. He is working away from home right now. It was nice to see him. After he left, I got busy cleaning my craft room, which is what I am sharing today. I know most of you have seen my craft room before, but I have several new readers since I last shared an update, so here it is!

My craft room is my happy space, but lately it hasn't made me very happy. It has been a dumping ground and it was quite a mess. When I started cleaning up the mess, of course it led to tweaking, rearranging a few things, and making it shine. Here is my big desk. For those new readers, this is a vintage mail sorting case that I bought from the post office I used to work at for I think $20...might have been $50. It's been so long I can't remember!
It houses a large amount of my craft supplies. The 3 baskets on top hold Christmas crafting items and laces. 

I love my vintage Fire King cups...they are so bright and cheerful! As are all my supplies in my apothecary jars.

I used to have fabric under this piece of glass, but I wanted a change, so I placed some doilies and cupcake liners underneath. I love how it turned out!

The right side holds more supplies....from fat quarters to glitter, baker's twine to beads.

This revolving bin was one of my favorite buys for my craft room. It came from harbor Freight and cost under $20. It holds a ton of stuff! Vintage sheets fill the freezer basket on the shelf and the little grey shelf holds my washi tape.

I love this happy colorful!

This is just inside the door. The chalkboard was a medicine cabinet I bought for I think $2 and took apart and painted aqua. I sprayed the back of the mirror with chalkboard paint. My kiddos preschool hand/fingerprints and poems hang to the right. I love my vintage metal file drawers I got for a $2.99 each and painted aqua, That's a stack of vintage pillowcases on top, along with some vintage silverware, lace, and ribbon scraps. 

The blue Ikea cart is my project cart. It's where I am keeping projects I am currently working on or am planning to begin working on. The hooks above are actually for swag valances. I use them as hooks to hold embroidery hoops, frames, a wreath form and other random items. They come in handy!

The top holds embroidery supplies and some seed packets. The middle holds some fabric circles I cut for yo-yos and some fabric and a new pattern for some tops I want to sew. The bottom holds my recipe binder and some recipes that I have been categorizing and organizing.

Next up is my sewing table that used to be a vanity. My mother-in-law gave got if for nothing or next to nothing at a yard sale because they were trying to wrap it up and just wanted to get rid of it. The hubby added a couple of shelves to it for me. The sewing chair was a great find too!

Next to the sewing table is a three drawer shelf with a Scrabble board on top. I love this vintage lazy Susan Scrabble board. That's my burlap message board above it. I keep cards, postcards, and other items from my blog friends on it. The top of the shelf holds my stubs jar (I've saved every ticket from every movie, concert, play, and so on that I have attended since I started dating the hubby). 

Here's another shot of that wall. My desk is to the right of the little shelf. It's made from a glass top and two small bookcases.

Here it is, along with one of my all time favorite thrifty vintage desk chair. I had planned to paint it white, but I am thinking I am going to sand it down, then stain it dark and polyurethane it. That's the plan. I might start on it next weekend.....might!

I have plenty of space to work on the fact, I'm blogging from here right now.

Moving around the room. Here's the window wall. My $5 wood file cabinet is to the left of the window, and a thrifted table on casters under the window. 

I placed my new Decor Steals storage tray on the table, but nothing is in it yet.

The corner to the right of the window is a storage corner. One shelf holds fabric and paint and the other is filled with some of my Etsy items. I have them in an L shape so you can't really see in there too well. The back of one shelf creates a wall to the left of the large post office desk you saw at the beginning of this very long post!

Here's the back of the shelf, along with my ladder, wrapping papers, and tool box. 

And here we are back where we started. If you stuck around to read the entire post, thank you. 
It was a long one I know! 

I hope you enjoyed the tour. This is my happy space, it's a small space and probably too cluttered for some, but I love it. I love all my personal items and thrifty finds, handmade things, and upcycled things. This room holds more projects than all the other rooms combined I think. 
I hope you have a blessed and beautiful week ahead!

I'm partying here...

Until next time.....


  1. I think I could live and create in there forever! I wish I could be that organize.

  2. So colorful and such neat items no matter where you look!
    I agree that is definitely a happy place. :0)

    Have a great week!

  3. You are soooo organized Vicky!!! I need to reorganize my craft area so I'm not spending half the time looking for stuff lol. I love all the different ideas you came up with to organize your crafts. Love the chalkboard and every thing is so colorful, you have created the perfect room to be creative in.

  4. I can see why you call that room you happy place, the colors do make it look sooooooo happy!!! I'm glad you had a good 3 day weekend!!!

  5. I love your craft room Vicky. It's so colourful and fun, and now that it's all organized it must be such an inspiring place to work.

  6. Your happy place has made me VERY happy, my friend! Oh, how I love your sweet creative space! It's so pretty, bright, and cheerful - the perfect place for inspiration :) Hugs to you!

  7. I love your craft room. I wish I had a whole room for crafts, but I'm lucky to have my spare room and make it work for guests and crafts. I have been collecting jars to hold items when I reorganize my shelves (soon I hope).

  8. Oh Vicky! Your crafty space is simply gorgeous and how I love all the color! It also looks very cosy which I'm sure is quite welcome in the chilly months:). Sometimes my poor craft room also becomes a place to just leave a few things and sadly gets messy far too quickly!
    Thank you for this lovely tour and I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend!
    And also thank you for your sweet comment on my crafty blog - I so appreciate you stopping by!
    Hugs to you!
    Oh, and I still have yet to get round to fixing my no-reply issue, but hopefully soon!

  9. Thanks for a great all the bright and cheerful colors. I can see why you can accomplish so much in this pleasant space!

  10. It makes my day to have my own craft space to set up anyway I want. So glad to read this post and see you do the same! It is a special thing, as is having all the goodies you want in there with you. You put your finds to great use! Thanks for sharing.

    Now, can you send me some of your energy? You really took advantage of the 3 day weekend. :)

  11. I am in awe of your craft room Vicky. So organized and colorful. I could be a very happy camper in there! Glad you had a great long weekend too! Cheers.

  12. One word to describe your room......DARLING!!!! I loved the tour and all the vintage finds!! super duper nice!!!!

  13. Vicky this is so lovely! I would love to have a happy space in my house but as soon as I start organising, someone else takes it over as theirs!! What I need is a summer house in the garden (with heating) and claim that instead :-) xx

  14. I enjoyed the tour of your happy space and wish I also have the luxury of space. Until I have a whole room to dedicated to crafting, I can indulge in some 'eye-candy' to occupy myself.
    Your room is also so very neat and organized. Lovely and weldone to you.

    Visiting from Roses of Inspiration Linky.

    Do enjoy the rest of your week.

  15. Oh how lovely.. So wish my spot looked half as well.. Came across your blog through Stephanie and so glad I did.. I am your newest follower.. xo

  16. Hi Vicky! It sounds like you had a nice, but productive weekend! Your craft space looks great. I just did a lot of purging and cleaning, so it my space is getting there. I just hate when I find a new place for something and when I need it, I completely forget where I put it. That's the downside of cleaning and rearranging our crafting spaces.

  17. I loved seeing your happy space. I have a sewing room that also needs purging. I need to remember to make it colorful.

  18. Such a pretty craft room. The perfect place for creativity.

  19. You have such a bright and cheerful place to work in! It makes me happy just looking at the pictures :)

  20. Yay! I'm so glad you shared this post at Roses of Inspiration - I was really hoping you woud :) Thank you, sweet friend.

    Also, your new header with the butterflies is so pretty and fresh for Spring. Hugs to you!

  21. such a lovely room to create in, love the colors, pretty organization!

  22. What a blessing to have your own craft space! I think it's the happiest place I've seen lately. I would definitely be inspired Vicky. So organized. So pretty! Hope you have a great weekend friend!

  23. Hey there sweet friend! Just wanted to let you know this was featured at ROI - thanks again for sharing! Also, Gracie's package arrived in the mail yesterday and I have put it with all of her other goodies. My dear Vicky, you have such a kind and generous heart and I know Gracie will be extra blessed! Love to you!

  24. Hi Vicky, congrats on the feature to Stephanie's blog party. I love how pretty bright and cheerful your crafty room is. Have fun crafting in there!
    Julie xo

  25. Vicky, on sitting her just ooing and awing over your charming and very organized craft room. I can see why that is your happy place,I too would spend a great deal of my time there.
    I day this every time, but it's true, you are amazing!!! I would love to come for a visit and shop with you as your finds are something else.
    It was good to visit with you.I've missed my dear friends here in our blogging community.

    Take care and bless you, friend.
    Joy to you!

  26. I love this happy space of yours! I found you via Roses of Inspiration and look forward to following along! :) Have a wonderful weekend Vicky!


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