Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Better....Banner Year!

Remember this post
I told you about my word for 2014....BETTER. 
I was in my craft room tweaking, cleaning, and organizing a little and decided I wanted to make something, and this is what I came up with. A little banner to hang in there to be a constant reminder to be better in all that I do this year, I used my new scallop punch (bought with a Michael's gift card I got for Christmas from my sister, Nancy), alphabet stamps, some chevron tape, buttons, jute, a Tim Holtz rub-on clock, and some distressing ink to create this part. 

I used some tags I had on hand, some more buttons and jute to hang it and this is the result. I like the way it turned out. It was fun to make too!

Here it is hanging on my craft desk. You can see a new addition here....the two white tension rods on either side of the banner. One is holding my washi & decorative tapes. I'm sure the other one will fill up soon since I discovered it at Wal Mart for $1 a roll the other day!

Not the ideal solution for storage, but it works for now. I like the way it looks with all the bright and cheery colors.

Another update was this piece of jute that I strung up on the closet curtain rod to hold stickers and other decorative items I have collected to make tags with. 

I like that I can see them without having to dig through a box or container to find what I need. 

I love these little clips I ordered from Amazon.

I recovered my pincushion in burlap and finally glued it in the dish.

I painted my new twine holder black and added it to the desk as well. 

I added this star shaped basket as well. I bought this when I went to church with Miranda a few weeks ago. They had missionaries visiting from Honduras and brought several items to sell. All the proceeds went to support the orphanage & counseling center they run for Honduran children. I was in tears listening to their story and what they are doing in Honduras to help these children. I bought both my nieces the cutest little purses, this basket, and a beaded rooster which I placed on my Christmas tree. 

It holds tags and other supplies.

It is made from pine needles. Isn't is just beautiful? 
So much work went into the making of just this one basket. 

I still have quite a bit of work to do in my craft room, but I got a lot accomplished. I still have a few projects that need to be completed. A few need to be painted and with all the rain we've had, that has been all but impossible! I need to file all of my 2013 paperwork, create some new files, print some things, and finish cleaning off my other desk. Such a chore...keeping up with so much paperwork!
Anywho, I intend to finish up in that room tomorrow. 

One last photo to share. This is of my 5 cats. She is an outdoor kitty and loves it although she used to live indoors and was scared to go out. She usually doesn't like to come inside any more, but she came in earlier and decided to jump up in the chair with me and lay on the laptop while I was typing this post. You can see it in the! She is such a sweet kitty. Something happened to her mother when she was just a couple weeks old and we rescued her and hand-fed her. She was so cute and tiny. She is such a sweet girl...just look at that little heart shaped nose....:) 

I'm off to get to work on something! I have so enjoyed having time to blog every day this week. I will miss it when I get back to work, but I will try to post as often as possible. As always, thanks for dropping by and for the sweet comments you leave. I appreciate them so very much!
Until next time.....


  1. Such a busy and creative lady! Your organization puts me to shame. I too have enjoyed catching up with blogland while having a break from work. Enjoy next week x

  2. Vicky, love the new banner! What a great way to keep your one little word front and center! Your craft room is full of such great ideas. Love those little clips you found, great idea. The basket is wonderful and what a great cause to support. Enjoy your last few days off. I'm hoping to FINALLY get my Christmas put away this weekend and do some rearranging in the house. Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Vicky! Wow, you have some really good storage ideas here! I like that supplies can actually be on display - like the "garland" of stickers! - so you can enjoy the color but also see what you have available! I'm afraid all my crafting supplies are tucked away in large tubs, hidden under my desk... so of course, I have to dig every time I want something or want to just see what I have. I am going to have to re-think this, or at least get some prettier containers! :) I love your pin-cushion idea too, and Miss Cruella is such a cutie!

  4. Vicky, I found you on Lynn's Southern Direction blog where you had left a comment...and now I adore both of you! ♥ I don't get a chance to go thrifting much anymore, but did I see Fire King cups in a couple of your photos? I love the pin cushion you made from burlap and a saucer....what a great idea to corral all those pins I scatter everywhere when I sew. I have enjoyed meeting you and Cruella! :)

    Love, Joy

  5. You made some really nice progress in your craft room Vicky. I love the banner hanging over your desk.

    I can see how Cruella got her name but I am sure she is so much nicer than her namesake. She looks like a sweetheart.

  6. You made some really nice progress in your craft room Vicky. I love the banner hanging over your desk.

    I can see how Cruella got her name but I am sure she is so much nicer than her namesake. She looks like a sweetheart.

  7. Hi Vicky, I love the banner you made so pretty and you are soooo creative. Good luck with going back to school. I do wish the vacation was longer and I will miss my daughter when she goes back to school too. Have a nice day tomorrow and next week. Julie

  8. Azalee sometimes likes to sit and watch my fingers as I type. The other kitty Miss Molly actually bought something on eBay by walking across the keys while I was shopping. Luckily it was something I planned to buy anyway :>))) I love your word banner. I need to think of how to display my word in the craft room. May have to steal the idea of the jute for stickers.

  9. Great ideas! I don't know how you come up with it the rods holding the tape idea.

  10. I love your Banner Vicky, I also like the word you chose for the new year and that you've posted it where you'll see it all the time! My word is Determination, I should make something and post it where I can see it too.

    Your craft room looks great, I always like to see pictures of it!


  11. Cruella is a sweetie. She looks a lot like my Pixie. We have 5 cats too and all but 1 were strays that we took in. I really love your banner, and better is a good word for the year. I'm still thinking about mine. That basket is just beautiful!


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