Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Craft Room....:)

For years I dreamed of having my very own room to create and craft in! A room to house all of my junk....um, I mean treasures! Well, I finally got my room last year over spring break! When my daughter moved to Tallahassee to attend FSU, we were left with an extra room that was just waiting to be turned into my own little haven....:) Well, actually it was waiting to be turned into my son's room and his old room turned into mine! So....last year during spring break, my dear hubby and I finally had time to tackle the project, and this is the result! I hope you enjoy the photo tour of my eclectic little space. I absolutely love it! It is all things Vicky and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

This first one is an old record cabinet I bought for $15.00! I just love it....it holds old sheet music, dictionaries and other various crafty items. On top is my bill payment & paper filing system. The drawers are labeled To Pay, To Do, and To File. I found the idea at Pleasant Home. Go check it out! Salt and pepper shakers of glitter adorn the top of the file cabinet and on the wall are shoebox lids I covered in fabric!

Next up is my glass top desk. It sits atop two cheap bookcases from good old Wally World. They were $16.00 each! Everything else you see in this picture was thrifted or bought at a yard sale....well, everything but the candle! The lamp was a yard sale find that I redid and the V on the wall was a thrift store shadow box type frame that I created my initial in....cute, huh?

Here is one of the shelves under the desk. I covered the back in a pretty patterned gift wrap I found at TJ Maxx. This shelf is against the wall and really doesn't show. It holds my laminator, glue gun case, camera bags, and odds and ends. There is a small piece of real estate still available on this shelf....not for long though!

Here's the other shelf. It holds my stapler, tape dispensers, and 3-hole punches on the top shelf. The middle & bottom shelves holds a basket full of small pieces of wood for craft projects as well as some organizing containers. The containers came from the Dollar General a few years ago and I wish I had more of them! They are labeled and hold various items.....from tools to candles to batteries!

Here is a closer picture of the wall over the desk. The magazine holder was salvaged by my hubby....he just knew I could use it, and he was right! It holds some favorite magazines and jars of odds and ends on top. It also holds a pretty hook that I have hung rolls of wire from. All of the frames were bought at thrift stores and yard sales and redone. The items in the 4 small frames are pieces of fabric or paper. The two paintings were bought for fifty cent each at a thrift store....they were just too cute not to bring home! 

Next up on the grand tour is one of my shelves full of supplies....fabrics, papers, felt, beads, buttons, ribbons, Christmas items, etc. The tv stand was a Goodwill find. I think it was around $10....a fresh coat of black paint and it was as good as new! The bottom shelf holds a jar of ribbon scraps, my antique soda shop straw holder full of old silverware, and a candle holder. The blue basket holds gift wrap, and the silver ice bucket holds fabric scraps. There are three rolls of fabrics I just bought from my hubby's aunt who is selling out all her crafty stuff! She had enough to open her own store....no joke. She sold 7,000 yards of regular fabric to some folks who sew for mission work!  Anywho, I bought the 18 yard roll of burlap for $1 a yard!!! SCORE! The other bolts were $5 each....one is a netting laced with silver for Christmas projects and the other is a neutral sheer fabric for handmade flowers and such!

Across the room is my other shelf full of stuff! This one holds a lot of sentimental items as well as scrapbooking supplies, cards, and picture albums. The clock on the wall was a thrift store find for a couple of bucks.  I painted it and gave it a new life and I just love it! The red chair is the last survivor of my old dining room chairs. I painted it bright red and covered the seat. Right now it is piled high with school work! (I'm trying not to think about it) The little red table was a $2 thrift store find! Of course it was an ugly brown plastic when I bought it! It holds a sewing basket and two fat cats occasionally...:) The window sill holds my plants and a couple pretties! Oh....I love my  sheer toile Waverly valances. I bought these at a yard sale for $2. The other pair hangs in my kitchen window! 

Here is the messy desk! Just keeping it real...well, I did stack the junk into neat piles for the picture...lol! It holds lots of stuff and has no real rhyme or reason to it now. I plan to work on it soon. Actually I want to use it as kind of a storage place for my future ETSY store. I am going to paint it or redo it somehow...not sure yet! For now, it holds boxes of photos, cannisters waiting to be filled and labeled, and miscellaneous stuff!

Last is my closet.....or at least, the curtain that hides my closet. I am hoping to sew a new curtain for it this year. I do not like this fabric at all! I'm not sure exactly what I will replace it with, but I will know when I find it! Perhaps a vintage sheet...hmmm! Now I need want to run to the thrift store...I'm doing that later this week! I just love being a teacher and having two whole weeks off for Christmas break!!! The hooks to the left hold the curtains back when I need to get stuff out of the closet and they also hold other things if I need to hang something up. 

Well, that completes the photo tour....for now! I will update as changes are made. 
I do have a couple of things I want to accomplish in there this year. I want to make a skirt for my big wooden desk (formerly a mail sorting case from the USPS) as well as make a new door curtain for my closet which I mentioned earlier. I am currently reorganizing some things in there and making room for new supplies that I will be using to create and store items for the ETSY shop that I plan to open later this year. More on that later...:)

Be Blessed, 


  1. Enjoyed the tour of your room! Envious of the toll of burlap! Lol!
    And I was going yo suggest the burlap for the closet curtain possibly? Or a drop cloth ( poor man's linen) makes a good curtain and either can be stenciled (monogrammed in center) or add trim.
    Ok so not to sound bossy- but why is it do much easier to give advice to your projects and I have a hard time here on my own projects!!! As a decorator- that seems yo be a curse!!! Lol!

    Anyway- nice to meet you!

    Curtain Lady Design (FB and Pinterest)
    And web page!

  2. *sorry I published without proofing my reply!!!
    Not too good on this touchscreen!


    1. Thanks for the comment...:) I actually thought about using some of the burlap....still in debate though! I am off to check out your website!


  3. Great room, Vicky! Isn't it just wonderful having a space of your own? I think you've done an excellent job using thrifty finds for storage and for decorating. Your black & white checker-board floor is the perfect backdrop!

    1. Thanks! I have actually redecorated it since these pix. You can see the updated look in one of the more recent posts. The room used to be my son's bedroom and the floor was left over from his decor. I love it though and think it is perfect with my decor as well!


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