Friday, January 18, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday!

I can't think of a better way to start my 3-day weekend than to find some fabulous junk....I mean treasures after work! I'm so glad I decided to stop by my friend Kathy's consignment shop, because I found some really awesome stuff! 

First up is this pretty frame. It's missing the glass, but that doesn't matter because I won't be using it for a photo anyway. I have plans for it in my craft room so you'll be seeing it again...with a new paint job! It's pretty good sized too....about 8" x 10". It was $2!

Next up is this gorgeous little mirror! You know I love a mirror and this little cutie (if you overlook the lovely shade of mauve) was a steal at just $1! She'll be getting a new paint job really soon, so you will be seeing her again soon!

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to incorporate pink into my craft room. I LOVE pink and don't have it anywhere in my house right now. That is changing soon! I found these pretty Ralph Lauren king-size pillow cases for $2. I love the color..:) They will be showing up soon too...but they will be transformed into something new!

A long basket for $1 was a deal! Not sure where it will end up though. It may get a paint job too!

This pretty red picture frame will be used as is in my living room. I have several touches of red in there and this will fit right in. It has a leather feel to it.

I thought this frame would come in handy for various things. I was thinking it would be great painted with the word love in it for Valentine's day! Other words I thought about are pray, live, fall, Hunt (my last name), USA with a flag in one box, to name just a few! The leaves are actually hand-stenciled and very pretty. The back of the frame had a sweet note written to says Happy 75th, Stenciled with Love. I will keep them and use them in my fall decor! 
Oh...this was $3.

Next up is a cheese cloche. I LOVE this one! I have 3 already, but two are the regular old domes. This one has a really pretty shape! I love it...:) I am sure I will end up putting it on a pedestal and painting it!

These 3 cuties were $2 and will be used to hold some of my stuff in my craft room! I'm thinking about painting chalkboard labels on them!

These 3 bowls are nothing special, but I need more cereal/soup bowls and I have been trying to collect white dishes, so I couldn't pass them up at $2!

This sweet little dish is Homer Laughlin White Dover. It will probably hang on the wall of my craft room eventually. I want to create a plate wall in there! It was $.75!

This piece is my favorite find!!! I absolutely adore it and was over the moon excited when I spotted it! I will use it in my craft room as well to hold pins or beads or something small. It is around 8 inches in diameter. I love the beautiful turquoise color and the sweet raised floral design. I think it was $2...or maybe $3, but I would have paid more for is too cute!

I found this sweet little urn for $.75 earlier in the will definitely get a paint job though!

Last up is the doilies and cupcake liners I am planning to use in my Valentine's Day decorating! Hopefully I will be able to post about that tomorrow! So.....if you are still reading after all that, thank you and please stop by again!

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