Sunday, February 26, 2017

Catching Up & Porch Progress

Hello friends! 
Once again, it has been weeks since I put up a post. I keep trying to find time to fit in a weekly post but it just hasn't happened...yet! I plan to keep! In my defense, life has been even busier than normal around here. Let's catch up a bit shall we? 
When I last posted, we were in the process of building our new porch. While it is not finished, we are able to use it now. I'll share more later in this post. Here in Florida, we have been having absolutely gorgeous weather. Temperatures have been averaging in the seventies, which is my favorite. It definitely feels like spring and I have been enjoying being outdoors. The azaleas think it's already spring too. They have been so pretty.

I have been doing a little shopping. I purchased this quote picture at Hobby Lobby for my master bedroom redo which is next on the home improvement list. It will be a while still before we totally finish the porch and skirting around the porch and our home.

I have been looking for porch furniture and love this set from Wal Mart. I have found several sets I love, but I don't love the price tag, so I am making do with what I have for now and am hoping to find a good sale or clearance at the end of summer if not before. 

I've been spending some time in my happy place each week. I cleaned off the desk top and rearranged a little. I also completed my Project Life scrapbook pages for January and will be starting February soon. I plan to share what I am doing in a blog post sometime soon.

I've been eating healthier most of the time and continue to work out with my trainer 2-3 days a week. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I love working out and will not be giving it up. I have been going to a chiropractor every Friday for neck and back adjustments as well as some other issues. I am pleased with my progress so far. I have also been reading a LOT! I have a rekindled passion for reading. I always read a few books each year, but this year, I can't get enough. I especially enjoy sitting on the porch and reading. I feel that reading is good for my mental health...I enjoy it so much.

I helped celebrate my beautiful friend, Heather's birthday. Many of you have prayed for her along with me. She is over 3 years now in her battle against cancer and while it has never went away totally, they have been able to do surgeries and chemo to keep it from progressing too fast. My friend Jeana made her beautiful cake. She's baked all of the cakes you have seen on my blog over the years. 

I celebrated Valentine's Day with the kinders and they lavished me with sweet gifts. :) Speaking of kindergarten, I have been staying at work late on my workout days and prepping for the next week which has been working out so well. I love walking in Monday morning and having everything ready to go!

Now...let me share a few photos of the porch progress and fill you in on what we still plan to do. Here is a shot from the end. It is 10' X 32' and I LOVE it! We still have to build the steps and decide what kind of handrails we want. We will also be screening in the left side to keep bugs and other Florida creepie crawlies out as well as to keep the dogs from laying on the cushions of the furniture we plan to buy eventually. The screened in part will have  furniture similar the the set I shared above, as well as a table and chairs. 

We are building really wide steps so I can put flower pots on the sides. We are eventually going to do a stain/paint combination but that will be later on. We will be hiding the block foundation with skirting which will go all around the porch and house. I plan to landscape a little after the skirting is complete. We are also hoping to lay sod this spring. So much to do!

For now, I am using these two chairs that I used to have in the house but have been living in the shed for a while. I am also using a rug I already had as well as the little blue table which I have had for a few years. I want to decorate the ladder with flower pots and garden themed items soon. I hope to replace these chairs with rocking chairs eventually.

We purchased the two Adirondack style chairs from Lowe's a few weeks ago just to have something to sit on before we finished roofing it. Eventually they will be replaced with a glider swing/love seat. 

This is the end that will be screened in in the future. For now, I have my little ice cream parlor table and chairs I have had for a few years. Getting this our of my dining room opened it up quite a bit too. 

I just bought this beautiful birdhouse at Cracker Barrel yesterday. I plan to hang it as soon as I get a pretty hook.

I love the detail the hubby put at the top. It looks great and was a great use of the scrap pieces of 
4" X 4".

I'm not the only one who enjoys the new porch...Sadie and Rooster thinks it is all theirs. 

Sorry about the long post but I wanted to catch up with you all. I shared in my last post that my mother-in-law does indeed have cancer. She is currently going through radiation every weekday and chemo on Fridays. This is for 6 weeks. She is doing remarkably well so far but is beginning to tire more easily as well as having a sore (burned) throat from the radiation. She is in good spirits though. We spent the day with her and her boyfriend yesterday and had a beautiful day. Miranda is on her way for a visit with Bell as I type this and we are going to sit on the porch and have paninis and chips for lunch. Mama is coming to visit as well. So, I better get up and get busy! I so enjoyed catching up with you all and if you read to the end, thank you. 
Have a beautiful week my friends.

Until net time.....

Sunday, January 15, 2017

An Apology and My Word for 2017

Hello friends.
Let me start by saying, I am so very sorry I haven't been able to answer all your lovely comments on my last post. Please don't think I didn't appreciate them. Quite the opposite...they brought joy to my heart each time I read one in the midst of what was a very emotional and chaotic week. Let me explain. You may remember I mentioned my mother-in-law being hospitalized week before last. Well, my dad was hospitalized on Monday with what they thought may be pneumonia but turned out to be a reaction to a medicine he had been prescribed the week before. He was released the following day and is doing well now. He is almost back to normal. On Tuesday, Rooster (my dog) had an appointment to be neutered. The procedure went well and I took off work Wednesday to stay home with him and make sure he didn't injure himself. He managed not to despite snatching the leash out of my hand and tearing through the woods after one of my cats with his cone on his neck. He came back out of the woods with it flopping to the side and busted to pieces. He was happy as a lark since he hated the cone anyway. He has been fine without it, so all is well that ends well. 

Wednesday evening, we got the call from my mother-in-law that she does indeed have cancer. We don't know how extensive yet...she goes this week for further testing. We are praying it hasn't spread. Thursday, I got a new student (she's a sweetie) and I found out one of my kinders may be going through sexual abuse. Praying it isn't so, breaks my heart and makes me ill. 

Friday was a full moon and believe it or not, it does make a difference with my kids. They are always super loud and more hyper than normal. Luckily, I left early that day since I was helping decorate for my niece's wedding. I didn't get home until around 11 that night only to have to get up at 5:30 and start baking several things for the dessert bar at the wedding which was at 2:00 PM. I managed to get everything done and arrive 2 hours before the wedding. It was such a fun day...albeit another long day and I was exhausted when I finally got home last night. 

And that brings us to today...Sunday. The day intended to be a day of rest. And, it certainly has been for me. I spent a good portion of the day sitting on my yoga mat with a blanket and my laptop on the deck of our porch in progress. It was a beautiful day! I started to reply to all the sweet comments you all left and decided to just write a post to explain to you all at once. Thank you for your loyalty and your understanding.

I also wanted to share my focus word for this year......

I really want to be mindful of everything in my life and devote my focus to whatever I am doing during each moment of my life. Here are some of the areas I am hoping to be more mindful of. This is a vision board I created on PicMonkey. I just found pictures I liked on the web and created a collage using them. I'm planning to print a few and place them where I will see them a lot. One in my planner, one on the fridge, in my craft room, and so on. A couple of the things on my vision board will be shared soon as I am trying to be more mindful of my blogging as well.

I do hope this post wasn't too much of a downer. I am not complaining about my circumstances in life, I just wanted you to understand what an emotion filled week I have had. Life is full of ups and downs but I don't let it keep me down. I am blessed and thankful. Thankful for friends like you all who always have such nice things to say. Hope your week is blessed. I am thankful to have tomorrow off for Martin Luther King Day and plan to be mindful of my time. 
Until next time.....

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Porch Progress & a Few Fun Finds

Hello friends! Happy 2017! 
I hope this finds you well and happy and enjoying the new year.
Oh my...there's been so much going on around here. I'll fill you in as we go.

 If you are a regular reader (friend), then you might remember that I have been waiting to begin my front porch project for quite some time. I mentioned in December that we were finally starting on it. It's not a fast project but that's ok. We just work on it as time permits and I am good with that. I'm a kindergqarten teacher so patience is one of my strongest virtues. LOL!
Here's a picture of the deck took two carts to load them all and talk about a workout trying to push one!

The deck portion of the porch is complete! It is so nice...and so big! It's 10' wide and 32' long. I am beyond thrilled with it! Next up will be the roof which we hope to begin soon. We would have started it this weekend but rain and freezing temps permitted us from doing so. Also, Joey's mom was admitted into the hospital for some tests. We are waiting for pathology reports to come back next week so we know exactly what we are dealing with. Thoughts and prayers are welcomed and appreciated. Some of you may remember we lost his dad to cancer just over 5 years ago. This is hitting him very hard and we are just praying it is not cancer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks off for winter break. I actually returned to work this past Thursday for two teacher workdays. I worked Thursday but ended up taking Friday off to stay with my mother-in-law in the hospital. She had just been told she most likely has cancer and I could not leave her alone. Joey or her boyfriend couldn't stay since she was in a semi-private room, so I stayed with her Thursday and Friday nights. She (we) got to come home yesterday and I am enjoying being home until I have to go to work in the morning. I am exctied to see my kinder babies. I missed them!

I did some shopping over the break...mostly clearance shopping. I found some great deals!
At Michael's I bought mostly scrapbooking supplies. I have been working on a December Daily album and am also doing Project Life this year. I have been enjoying it so much. I have been using an app called Collect and it makes it so easy to document a special memory from each day. I can share more about that in a future post if anyone is interested. Just leave me a comment and let me know.

I order from Peachy Cheap occasionally and love this kit! Isn't is fun? The colors make me happy!

Of course we have made several trips to Lowe's to purchase porch suipplies and I had to check out their Christmas clearance as well. I got the Allen & Roth copper colored mercury glass balls there and the hooks. The galvanized and copper wire snowflakes came from Michael's, I am LOVING copper these days and I especially love galvanized and copper mixed. They will be used to decorate in my kitchen next Christmas.

I ran into Pier 1 to look at this tray last week. I want it for my coffee cart (which we have yet to build) but I didn't buy it because it is too big. I might go back and buy it anyway though because I love it! Copper trimmed galvanized metal....gorgeous!


 Anywho, while I was there, I of course spotted the Christmas clearance and found these things. 

Copper colored jingle bells!!!

And this ornament is trimmed in copper paint too.

That same day, I ran into Target to use a gift card and purchased a few Valentine's Day items in the dollar spot as well as some planner stickers and some kraft cards.

Yesterday after we left the hospital, I needed to stop by JoAnne's to look for something and of course hit up their Christmas clearance. They had a lot left but I only purchased some sticker books for my class as well as a couple large bottle brush trees and some thick baker's twine.

This is what I went in for though. It was on sale and I got an additional 20% off for being a teacher. It ended up costing less than $9. It was originally $30! I was so happy about that. I have been wanting one for a while now. It is a fuse tool and will be used for scrapbooking.

I also received an order from Amazon containing my album for my December Daily and several packs of pages, as well as some tabs and Gelly Roll pens to write directly on top of photos. 

And here's a little snapshot of my desk where I have been working on it. I have a few pages done and will share when I finish it. It has been a fun project!

So, what have you been up to? 
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Happenings

Hello friends and welcome back. Can you believe it? I am actually posting again after just a week!
I'm trying to get back to it, even when there isn't much to blog about. For instance...this post. It's just a few random pictures from life over the past week or so. 

I took this photo for Instagram and thought it turned out really pretty. I am a new coffee drinker and am enjoying trying all kinds of creamers. I love this thrifted Pier One mug I've had for a few years now.

This is the view of my tree from the kitchen. I love how it can easily be seen from the living room, kitchen, and dining room. 

I also love the reflection of the tree in this mirror by my front door.

Over the weekend, my friend, Jeana, my sister, Nancy, and I went to a delightful show at a church in Gainesville. It was much goes into this production. This was the display in the lobby. 

Here we on the far left, Jeana in the middle, and Nancy on the right.

I only took a couple pictures because I was too busy enjoying the show to take pictures. This one shows snow falling from the ceiling.

And this one shows one of the live animals used in the production. During the third part of the show, the story of the birth and life of Jesus, when the three kings came in, one came on horse, one on a camel, and one with alpacas. It was awesome...I wish I had pictures to share!

I wanted to introduce you to my new grand dog....Babybel aka Bell. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen her already. Miranda and her boyfriend, Slade adopted her. She is absolutely precious!

I mean...look at that face! Isn't she precious in her new Christmas collar?

I wanted to share a picture that is very exciting to me! This load of lumber is the beginning of my soon to be new porch. It's going to be 10' x 32' and I can hardly wait to get started! Sadie was making a silly face in this!

Joey and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast over the weekend and I had the stuffed French toast...oh my was it divine!

And while I'm on the subject of yummy stuff, I was thrilled to find a new peppermint ice cream this year. I love peppermint and look forward to the ice cream every Christmas. This one is the best I have had! I am about to have a bowl of it when I finish typing this post. I would share if I could!

Since my last post, a few things have happened around here. My mama had surgery on her rotator cuff and is doing very well. It is a slow recovery surgery as the shoulder only heals about 10% each month and the success rate is low, meaning it doesn't always help. We are praying that it will heal completely and she will not be in pain with it anymore.  My Aunt Loretta's (mama's sister) house caught on fire, but my uncle was able to get the fire out. Unfortunately, in the process, he slipped and fell and broke his hip. He had to have surgery and has two huge pins in place and is in a lot of pain. On a brighter note, I attended a fun Christmas party at my sister's house over the weekend. This week at school will be filled with lots of fun. Our Christmas program is Thursday night. The kiddos are always so cute singing  the songs we have been practicing. Sunday, the hubby, Miranda, Slade, and I are going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in Tampa. I loved it so much last year and can hardly wait! I know Miranda is going to love it too!

I hope all is well with you. Hopefully I will be back soon!
Until next time.....

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