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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finds, Flowers, and Fruit!

Once again I have a hodgepodge post to share today! It seems that's all I share these days, but hopefully I will have some remodel posts coming up soon since we will be remodeling our guest bathroom soon and then the master. We are planning to start soon!But, for today, I will share some happies from my week. 

You may remember I was out of town for a workshop Sunday night and Monday. It was awesome! Tuesday I only worked a half day due to my endocrinology appointment. I met with the doctor that day but she was unable to do the ultrasound and biopsy that day so she scheduled my for Thursday morning. So, Tuesday started out at work where all the teachers received a beautiful rose as a thank you from a local resident. Then, I picked up my Mama and we went to Gainesville to the doctor. After that, we stopped by TJ Maxx. I was excited to find the perfect suitcase for my trip! I will be posting some of my purchases for my trip soon!

Moving on, I went to work Wednesday and then took Thursday off to go back to the doctor. The hubby took off to go with me. I was a little nervous, but have been through this procedure before so I knew what to expect. The doctor was able to get a good sample of cells to send off. She looked at them herself under a microscope and she said they looked like normal, healthy cells. I'm praying she's right! Anywho, I only had to endure three needle sticks. The first two were not too bad. The third was a little uncomfortable because she aspirated the nodule and drained the fluid out. This took 3 or 4 minutes. She got a lot of fluid out and is hoping it might not fill back up. All this time, I was leaning back with my head down and I was getting nauseous and light headed. That was the worst part! Anywho, as long as the pathology report comes back clear, then I will not be having my right thyroid lobe removed right now. If this continues, then in a year or two, I will go through with the surgery. I will go back and see her in 6 months to reevaluate if the report shows no cancer. After we left, I did a little shopping at Tuesday Morning, Target, and JoAnne's. I was so excited to find these adorable plates at Tuesday Morning! I can't wait to set a table with them! They are just small dessert plates but will look cute stacked on some plain red, green, black, or white plates.

Not sure which one I like best! The hubby likes the truck the best. I just can't decide!
I found a few crafty things there as well. 
The gold and black Christmas stickers are actually from Target's Bullseye's Playground...formerly the Dollar Spot. I got a great deal on the Tim Holtz products! The small paper is travel themed and will be used to document my trip to Prague! 

Here are the Target and JoAnne's goodies. The little trees and rhinestones are from JoAnne's. The 3-pack of red jars was just $3 at Target. They also had bigger ones. I bought some trims from Target too. They had lots of great items for Christmas for $1-$3. 

These were $3 each at Target. I am planning to use them to hold fresh greenery for Christmas. I will probably hang one on the door. I love the copper colored one!

They are flat on the back for hanging. I couldn't pass them up!

After we shopped, we had a nice lunch and then went to see this movie.....

It was an awesome movie! I always like movies that are based on real life events. I'm sure you remember when the copper and gold mine collapsed in Chile back in 2010. Unbelievable that these men lived for 69 days underground. I highly recommend it, but take some tissues! 

On to Friday....I went to work and had fun making some Thanksgiving things with my kinders. I completed my lesson plans and a few other things after work for when I return on the 30th. I came home and got ready to go watch my nephew and our local football team in a district playoff game. We lost, but our boys sure played with heart! Saturday morning I went to see my hairdresser for a trim, came home and the hubby and I went to pick up a new bathtub for the guest bathroom, and then we went to my mother-in-law's to visit.

She has a tangelo tree growing in her backyard and it has lots of fruit this year. They are so sweet and juicy! 

We picked several to bring home.

I had to take a picture of this gorgeous and unusual flower. 

They look like raspberries before they open up. So cool!

The little lavender blooms remind me of bells.

My mother-in-law used to make crafts to sell. She still makes a few things but she has been trying to downsize her craft supplies over the past year. I went in her shop and rummaged around and she gave me what I wanted. Look at this beautiful biscuit tin she was storing things in! Isn't is gorgeous?

It is quite large too. That's my sewing chair it is sitting on and it is pretty wide.

The tin was made in Germany. I cannot read what it says but I was able to fin some similar ones on Etsy going for $30-$60 something dollars! I will be keeping mine and probably storing whatever I am currently working on in the living room.

She gave me a box full of different size Styrofoam balls. I just went to Michael's last weekend and paid around $3 or $4 for 6 and that was with a coupon! I'll be returning those now!

I have the tin crammed with several yards of fabric, fringe trim, a small tree for my kitchen shelves, a pink feather boa, pearl trim, chenille stems and so on. I need to find homes for all of it!

Not the best picture, but she also gave me this metal basket. It looks like it is designed to go on a bike, but I have other plans for it. It is really neat!

And, that my friend, is it. Sorry this was so long! If you stuck around to read it all, thank you! I hope to be able to post a couple times over the break. I am so happy to have this week off work. I have been needing a break. I want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my thyroid. Hopefully I will have results soon. I thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Heather too. I saw her last night and she is doing better. Her most recent x-ray on her lung showed improvement. You all are the best! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. 
Until next time.....


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Le Chateau de Lafayette

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all happy and well. I have  a quick post to share from my day. Today was a family reunion with my Granny Willie Mae's family. It was held in the town of Mayo, Florida which is just a half an hour away from me. My second cousin and his family own this gorgeous old Bed and Breakfast there. It's called the Le Chateau de Lafayette. Lafayette is the county Mayo is located in. This building has quite a history. It was built in 1883 as a courthouse.  In 1907, a new courthouse was built and this one was moved by mules across the street, where it stands today. It did not have porches at the time it was moved. It was used as an apartment building from 1907 until 1995. It was 1993 when my cousin and his wife purchased the place (for a steal) and turned it into a bed and breakfast. This 3 story home has a total of 32 rooms though not all of them are bedrooms. You can see more photos here if you are interested. Here are the ones I took and a couple my sister took.

Love the porches! Here is my mom, sister, Nancy, and two of my nephews, Nathan and Riley.

There are some pretty plants around the porches as well. Love this beauty! Look at the pink leaves!

I am assuming the Tiffany Suite is named after my cousins grand daughter.

Here's a side porch.

The porches were not added until the home was moved and turned into an apartment house. That was probably over 100 years ago though! You can see layers of paint on the columns.

Sorry I didn't get to take many photos inside due to some rooms having guests as well as the family members occupying the public rooms. I did take a few in one of the rooms though. Sorry I didn't notice the toilet seat was up when I took this. I think because it had recently been cleaned. They had to install 7 additional bathrooms when they bought the place. My cousin said he spent most of two years working on the place to get it ready to open in 1995. This room had a small bathroom with a toilet and shower. The sink was located in the bedroom.

There's my cousin in the mirror. I absolutely love the wallpaper!

I wish I could have taken more but like I said earlier, you can see a few more on the link I shared above if you're interested.  This one was taken looking up at the bottom of an arbor. It was so pretty with the sunlight peeking through the foliage.

Here's me, Mama, and Nancy.

And again for a selfie. :)

And that my friends is it for today. I am enjoying a quiet evening at home alone as the hubby is off helping a friend at the races. Tomorrow evening I leave for an overnight trip to Tampa for a training for work. Fun! 
 I have a couple prayer requests for my praying friends. My friend Heather had a procedure done this week to burn a cancer spot out of her liver. In the process, they punctured a lung. She is doing OK and finally got to come home, but if you will please pray for that to heal completely and not give her any trouble. And, if you would say a prayer for me too. I have a cyst on my thyroid that has been there for about 10 years. I had it biopsied around 7 years ago and it was nothing to worry about. I recently had an ultrasound and the report says that it could be a normal colloid cyst but it could also be a neoplasm, which is cancer. These cysts can turn into cancer over time. It also said it will most likely need to be removed. I go to the endocrinologist Tuesday and I am sure they will biopsy it again. I pray it is not cancer and that it can be removed soon as I have two other small ones that have shown up as well. I would love for this to be taken care of before my trip to Prague. So, if you don't mind saying a prayer for Heather and myself, I would be grateful. 

Until next time.....

Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Place Organizing!

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I never got the chance to post over the weekend so I thought I would share a few craft room updates with you tonight. Over the weekend, the hubby and I had a date day and saw the Peanuts Movie. It was super cute! We had a nice lunch and did a little shopping too! I have begun making purchases for my upcoming trip to Prague. you know, I am a Florida girl and do not own a lot of winter clothes. It does get cold here but it tends to warm up during the day so we have to layer and most of my layers are fairly thin. I will be needing some warmer clothing to take to Prague since December and January are the cold months there and it even snows! Fingers crossed that it will snow while I am there! Anywho, I found a cute pair of short black boots at TJ Maxx. I also ordered a pair of riding boots from DSW and they arrived Friday. So excited to be a boot owner finally! I will share my Prague purchases in a few weeks after I have finished hunting and!

So, after we got home from our day out, I put groceries away and immediately started working on partnering everyone for the Christmas Ornament Exchange. So excited about that! It took me about 3 hours on the computer copying and pasting, assigning and reassigning partners, and so on to get it all sorted out and then I had to e-mail everyone. So, no time to blog Saturday. Thanks again to everyone who is participating! Sunday was a lazy day and I spent some time playing in my happy place tweaking and rearranging. Let me share.....

Over the past couple weeks I have cleaned out the closet and  rearranged a few smaller pieces of furniture in my room, which leads to reorganizing. I am always reorganizing things when I think of a more functional way to store things. This is what lead to cleaning out the closet....

You may be wondering how that led to me cleaning out the closet. Let me explain. At school, if we want to get rid of things in our classrooms, we just sit things out in the hall for other hoarders teachers to grab. One of the Pre-K teachers had this in the hall. It was still in the original packaging. I decided to bring it home and use it in my craft room. So, I put it together with the original thought that I would use it for stickers and scrapbook supplies, but after assembling it, I knew it would work perfectly for a gift wrap station. Well, most of my gift wrapping supplies have been housed in the closet, so I began digging it all out so I could sort through it all and get rid of some things and store the rest in this piece.  It works perfectly!

I assembled it inside out so the craft brown side would show. I love this look! It should have looked like this, but I did not want that bright color in my craft room. It would not have matched anything. It sits on top of these two little shelves next to my sewing station.

I put a tag on the front and wrote this on it....because that's what I believe. :)

The baskets below hold ribbons, bows, and basket filler/grass.

The little metal container holds some tags. 

The shelf on the right holds cards and stationery items. I have been trying to send snail mail out more often....especially to Miranda. She enjoys getting mail from home. 

Here's the most recent mail I sent her. She received it today and sent me pictures. I had fun water coloring the envelope! We used to call her Randa Pooh when she was little so Pooh Bear adorns the card as well. I used paint, stickers, washi tape, and drew all the little black and red hearts myself.

I need to get started on another one to send soon!

Moving on, I placed the tray I thrifted a few weeks ago on my big desk for now. It holds a few of my apothecary jars full of goodies, along with my twine holder and my glitters.

Back in July when I took Miranda to the airport in Tampa to leave for Prague, I went to the Container Store. I purchased this piece and am so glad I did. I left it empty until I came up with the best use for it. A few weeks ago, I decided what that use was. I am using it to hold all my die cuts, ephemera, enamel dots, flair, cork pieces, and so on for scrap booking. It works great!

I sorted my die cuts and ephemera by color and each color has a box. Here are my pinks and blues.

This one holds all my cork pieces.

This one holds flair and a variety of other decorative pieces.

Moving on to my desk....this is how I just left it. I was in there piddling a little while ago and have been trying to leave it clean when I finish.

I recently decided to use my Recollections carousel to corral all my tools. It is working out very nicely. I like having all of these often used items in one spot.

I use my vintage mail sorters to hold stickers. Here is the one that sits on my desk.

This little milk glass dish sits on top of my file cabinet to the right of my desk. The other mail sorter sits just behind it.

Do you remember the metal tissue box cover I received in my Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift It challenge back in August? Well, I finally put a box inside and I gold leafed the feet and wreath on the front. I love it now! The box inside is painted gold. Very elegant little trash can tidy tub isn't it? :)

And, that my friends brings me to the end for now. It is almost my bedtime! I am excited that we have Wednesday off from school for Veteran's Day! My sister and two best friends will be coming over that evening for our weekly planner night and I am excited to see them. I hope you have a wonderful week my friends. 

Until next time.....