Thursday, July 6, 2017

Craft Room Update Reveal

Hello friends! 
I am so excited to welcome you into my newly redone craft happy place! It is definitely making me happy these days. I have been wanting to repaint and refloor for a couple years now and am so excited that it is finally done. The walls are a very pale grey called Possibility by Valspar. It goes really nicely with the flooring and the existing white walls. I just love it!

Ready for a tour? 
Grab a drink and maybe a might be a long one!

Here is the view from the door. It makes me smile every time I look in at it.

Come on may want to sit in my new grey butterfly chair. I wanted a comfy new chair for this spot but really don't need to spend the money on one now. I found this one at Big Lots for $35. The color is perfect and it is so soft. I can move that vintage case under the window over for a foot rest when I sit there. I have a blanket over it to make it softer.

We'll start with the Kallax shelf that I have shared on Instagram. I purchased this amazing shelf from Ikea for $109! It is such a well built shelf and was super simple to assemble. The hubby and I were very impressed with the ease of the assembly. This unit holds so much goodness! The 3 blue bins hold fabric. I got rid of some to make it all fit in these 3 bins. They are stuffed but they held it all. The other shelves hold a variety of items.

This cube holds my Crayola collection and my antique teddy. 

This one holds paints and paintbrushes. The box beneath the tray is sand paper and other supplies I might need when working on a paint project.

This one holds a few vintage Pepsi bottles, a wooden box full of colorful fat quarters, and my various twines.

The other cubes hold things like scrapbook albums and papers, my sewing machine and sewing supplies. and a host of other things. Moving to the top, I added this tiered wire basket that used to be in my bedroom closet. I used it to hold my vintage pillow case collection which I love! I also placed a vintage canister beside it with my nesting doll from Prague. The New York apple is a Christmas ornament I picked up on my trip in June. It looks cute sitting here for now. 

Moving to the right is my stub jar and my vintage Polaroid which is sitting on top of my Chatbooks. Chatbooks is an app that places all my Instagram pictures in these little albums. They send them out every 50 pictures. I love them! If you are interested in signing up, let me know. I think I have a referral code that saves you a few dollars on your first book. They are around $8 I think.

Next up is my letter board I found at Wal Mart for just under $10! I was so excited about this since I have been wanting one for months now. I spray painted the frame gold. A little decor sits beside it. 

Last is my marquee "V" and a ceramic dish that houses thread and pins I use frequently. My little TV sits on top of my Dish Network receiver.

I think the top turned out really cute! I especially love the bunting hanging over it all. That was handmade by Kelly-Anne from The Diary of a Country Girl. She sent it to me a couple years ago and I just love it! If you don't know Kelly-Anne, go pay her a visit. She is a precious young lady. She and her family recently lost their home to a wildfire yet she remains so pleasant and full of faith. She is an inspiration. (If you are reading this Kelly-Anne, please know that you and your family are in my prayers,)

Moving around to the right you see this wall to the left of the window. Not much changed here...just a couple pieces of decor. I added that vintage chalkboard that I found at school in one of  the trash piles outside a teachers door.

To the right of the window I added my corner shelf that holds paint, paint, and more paint!  I placed my Harbor Freight caddy on top which used to sit on my large desk.

A little closer view. I hung a couple things above it. The pink flower painting with the blue background is a recent art project with my kinder teacher team. We all painted the same thing just using the colors we wanted to use.

Moving on around is my big wooden desk. Not much changed here either. I did rearrange a few things on top and on the desk top. This piece holds a lot as well. It holds lots of stationery products, rubber stamps, and many different embellishments. The wire basket on the desk top holds a few future sewing projects. 

Beneath the desk is different now. It used to house bins full of pictures and memorabilia which now reside in the closet. The cart to the right holds scrapbooks papers and embellishments. It sits in front of a cart you can;t see that is full of Christmas craft supplies. The cart on the right holds yarn and a few other things and houses my printer. It rolls out easily when I need to use it.

I was thrilled to find a steal of a deal on this piece. It is an Iris cart. You can find the Iris containers at Michael's. They are $10 each but you can get them on sale 3 for $10 occasionally or 2 for $10 pretty often. I already had 5 of them but they wouldn't fit in the Kallax unit so I needed this cart. It usually costs between $50 and $65 for the cart and 6 containers. I found it on for much less and ended up paying $26 for it! Score!! I am taking the containers I already had to school to use for storage there.

The top has recesses to hold things which comes in handy when I am scrap booking my pictures every month. I just finished my June pix a few days ago.

There's the printer cart again.

Here's the left side of the unit...

the middle...

and the right side.

My file cabinet and file drawers sit to the right of the big desk next to the door, My basket of wrapping papers sits beside it. On top of the file drawers are vintage apothecary jars full of embellishments....buttons, beads, rhinestones, and so on.

My Raskog cart sits in the little corner across from the doorway. My trash can sits beside it. 

The cart hold lots of different things. And the trash can is full...sorry! Real life there...I have been using this room a lot lately.

Moving on around you see my desk chair. I placed an afghan on it for some cushion.

Behind the chair are these two little yard sale shelves. They hold things I reach for a bill pay box, a basket of lotions and tissues, markers and colored pencils and so on.

The glass desk top is held up by two inexpensive shelves. You see this one when you enter the room. I have a variety of books and planners on the bottom shelf as well as camera batteries. The pink box holds cell phone accessories. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 plus with loads of storage. I am loving it! A few other things fill the shelves.

Here's the view from the end.I am loving the light we installed. I picked it up on sale at Michael's a while back. I was happy to finally get to use it.

I love the gallery wall above the desk. I already had some of the pieces, but I did purchase the large gold mirror on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $16. The small white peg board to the right was a Target dollar spot find for $5. I would love to have a large per board but simply don;t have the space in my small room. This little one makes me happy though. I just changed it a bit and will try to remember to put a picture on soon.

On top of the two slim shelves are my two vintage mail holders which hold stickers, note pads and so on. I use things in here a lot and like them out where I can see them.

My washi tape drawers are within reach as well. The gold polka dotted container holds things I use in my planners. The acrylic container to the right holds file folders.

I purchased a real succulent at Ikea and have managed to keep it alive so far.

I have had this spinning book easel for a few years. I painted it and now house my current planners on it. The rose gold one is my new fitness planner and the other one is my weekly planner.

A pitcher with sold flowers, a wooden box with jars of pens and pencils and a small picture of me and the hubby taken last summer in Charleston round out the space.

Down the right side is my stapler, tape dispenser, post-it note holder, and coaster as well as my to do list pad.

This is the view of the desk from the window. I placed another chair on the other side. Someone can sit there with me or I can put my feet up on it. 

If you read all the way to the end...thank you! I told you it was long...sorry! I wanted to get it all done at once since I am having a hard time getting around to blogging lately. I have been getting so much done though so it's all good. Another recent project I crossed off the list was cleaning out and organizing the shed. Not and sticky in good old humid Florida, but it is done and I am happy about that! I hope you are doing well. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend. 
Until next time.....

Friday, June 30, 2017

My DC & NYC Trip

Hello friends! I thought I might have a bit more time to blog this summer while I'm off from work, but it seems I have been busier than ever.  Let's's a recap of what June has been for me.....

*1 day training at school
*I turned 48!
*6 day trip to Washington DC & NYC with my nephew Riley
*took Sadie and Rooster to the vet for their yearly check-ups
*celebrated Dakota's 22nd birthday (my son)
*painting party with my teacher friends
*1/2 day training in Google Classroom 
*got the great news that my mother-in-law's cancer is nearly gone!
*celebrated my mom's 68th birthday
*attended my 30 year class reunion
*celebrated Father's Day
*2 more days of professional development
*celebrated my birthday late with my friend Jeana
*celebrated Joey's 50th birthday
*drove to Tampa with my teacher friend Kaycee to go to IKEA!
*repainted and put new floors in my craft room which meant taking everything out (not fun)...but I am in love with the transformation and will blog about it soon
*began cleaning out the shed today until it started pouring rain (will finish soon)
* every Tuesday and Thursday workouts from 7 -8 AM and Every Friday from 9-10 AM
*working on things for my new 1st grade classroom

So...I'm sorry I haven't had much chance to blog but hopefully July will be a little slower paced!
I do have a few pictures of my trip to share today. I picked out the highlights. 
This was my fourth trip to Washington DC and my second trip to New York City and I enjoyed them both again....especially NYC!

Day 1 in DC....
Korean War Memorial


Vietnam Wall

World War II

Martin Luther King 
(this was my first time seeing this one)


Arlington National Cemetery

We also went to the Smithsonian Air & Space and Natural History museums and we saw the White House. We walked over 8 miles on this day! My year of working out helped significantly with all the step climbing and up and downhill walking. I never got tired!

Day 2 was just pictures in front of the capital before we headed to NYC.

We arrived at our hotel in New Jersey around 4 o'clock and got ready to head to the city for dinner and to see Aladdin on Broadway. It was absolutely awesome and I was happy to get to add another Broadway show to my growing list.

We saw it in the New Amsterdam theater and it was just beautiful inside. I believe this is the same theater I saw Lion King in years ago.

Day 2 in NYC...we saw some things while riding in the bus on the way to the harbor cruise. I had done this before as well but it was nice to go again. The boat we were on was the first one to respond to the plane going down in the Hudson River. Have you seen the movie about it...Sully? I loved it! So...that tall building you see in the photo below is the Freedom Tower built where one of the twin towers used to stand. It is a beautiful building. 

Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty

Another skyline shot

After the cruise, we went to lunch and then toured the grounds of where the twin towers stood. This was new for me...the last time I went there were just 2 massive holes where they stood. Now one is occupied by Freedom Tower and the other by this amazing wall and waterfall. There is no way to get a perfect shot of this. The names of everyone who dies are etched in the wall all the way around. It is breathtaking!

This is the Survivor Tree. It barely survived the fall of the towers but it did and was uprooted and planted in the Bronx. When they finished the grounds, they returned it here. 

China Town (didn't care for it before and didn't this time either) 

Same opinion of Little Italy

We rode by the Bull on Wall Street

Then we headed to the Rockefeller Center to do the Top of the Rock. This giant ballerina balloon was nearby. Isn't it pretty?

The view from the top was amazing! Before when I went , I went to the top of the Empire State Building which you can see in the photo below. It's the tallest building you see in the center. That tall building on the right in the distance is Freedom Tower and beyond that is the Statue of Liberty although she looks like a speck in this photo. 

After we were all safely back on the ground, we walked over to Times Square for dinner and shopping. It is a busy place! That's my nephew in the green shirt and hat. He bought it in Chinatown. :)

This view of Radio City Music Hall was too pretty not to photograph.

Our last day was spent in Central Park. I love the truly forget you're in one of the busiest cities in the world. The real estate around Central Park is the most expensive in the city. If I was a billionaire, of course I would choose this view as well. Our guide said Jerry Seinfeld lives or did live in the building you see on the left. It has a castle like appearance.

The Angel of the Waters Fountain

Hans Christian Andersen

There were so many beautiful things in Central Park but this post is already long!
Next we were off to Grand Central Terminal for lunch before we headed home.
This is a beautiful building!

We had a yummy lunch and then went to Magnolia Bakery where we got something sweet for the long ride home. 

Oh many delicious choices!

Unfortunately on the ride home, the bus had some issues and we were delayed by 6 or 7 hours. It was a long and miserable experience but we made it home and that's what matters. 

So...have you been to either or both of these beautiful cities? Please tell me your favorite thing about them if you have. I'll be back to share my craft room redo soon as well as my Ikea haul and a couple other things. Thanks so much for visiting and until next time.....

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