Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Bloomers & Dew Drops....

I just love my winter bloomers! They are such a pretty pop of color! I have pink ones, peppermint striped ones, white ones, and even a pretty dark pink with blue on the edges.  In case you were wondering, these winter bloomers that I love are not the kind you! They are my camelias!

  Camelias are my favorite flower. If I could grow peonies in Florida, those would be my favorite, but unfortunately, I can't!  I love that they bloom even during a freeze....they are such hearty plants. They are large bush type plants....several of mine are taller than me. Here are a few pictures of my gorgeous camelias.

 I wish my deep pink with blue edges camelia was is gorgeous! I will post a picture when they open.....but for now, here is an old picture I found of one from Christmas a couple of years ago...:) See the hint of blue on the edges? Isn't is beautiful?

While I was outside snapping pics of my camelias, I found a few other photo-worthy things to capture. I love this fern-covered piece of a limb that fell out of one of my big oak is just pretty!

My old girl Sugar....she's a 17 1/2 year old Hemingway calico. Don't let her name fool you...she's not a sweet cat....she's old and grumpy, but we love her anyway!

Last are a few pics of another one of my plants. Look at the dew drops on the leaves....gorgeous! They look like diamonds...:)  I can't wait for it to bloom has the sweetest little lavender blooms!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my camelias...:) Have a wonderful day!

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