Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful January?

 I know some of you live in places where snow is piled up on the ground and freezing weather is the norm right now, but not me! I'm in good old sunny Florida where everywhere you look, the trees and flowers think it's spring. Everything is budding out and even the azaleas are blooming....crazy! We have had a mild winter so far, but we will get a freeze that will kill all the pretty blooms again. For now, I'm enjoying some fresh cut branches off the Redbud tree from my aunt's front yard. Isn't it pretty? I don't know why they call them redbuds because the blooms are a pretty shade of lavender...:) Anywho, I placed them on my desk so I decided to share my desktop today. I have been in the process of redoing my craft can see that post here.

Here is the desktop. I still want to make a slipcover to go over my little tv there in the corner. I can honestly say that everything on the desk and wall behind except for the candle and address book were thrifted! 

On the right side is a silver tray that houses three milk glass dishes. Crayons (I love crayons!) are in the pedestal bowl, the vase holds tape, a pencil sharpener, and matches, and the other bowl holds my battery charger and other accessories for my camera, ear buds for my i-pod shuffle, and a pedometer.

Next up is my little roll top organizer I bought for $2 and spray painted white. It holds notepads, post-its, and other office supplies. The little white owl on top holds colored pencils, and the Grandmother's Rose china dish by Hammersley holds chap-stick and lotion.

To the left is a mirrored tray that holds more milk glass containers. The largest, footed bowl holds Sharpies, the other one holds pens and pencils, and the short vase holds scissors, my rotary cutter, stapler, pinking shears, and x-acto knife. The little clear glass dish in front holds paperclips.

My lamp is spray-painted and the I recovered the shade a while back with a fabric scrap from my stash. I tied on a pretty blue bow and glued sequin trim around the top and bottom of the shade and glued a small crystal ball on the top for just a little sparkle...:)

Also to the left is a square milk glass dish that holds a pair of reading glasses, an eyeglass repair kit and a cleaning cloth. I like to keep things that I use often within reach and easily accessible...:)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my desktop! I'm linking up with Marty at A Stroll Through Life for Tabletop Tuesday and Kathe from Kathe With an E for You're Gonna Love It Tuesday. Go check them out...:)

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  1. Sweet craft area; I love the milk glass. It makes everything so feminine and pretty :)

    I know what you mean about Florida! I'm in N Florida and we have daffodils blooming. The poor things won't know what hit them when a cold snap runs through.
    Dropping by from You're Gonna Love It Tuesday!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and for the kind words...:) Stop by anytime!



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