Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little More Thrifty Shopping!

So, I am excited that I had a chance to squeeze in a little more fun and thrifty shopping before I go back to work tomorrow! My sister asked if I wanted to ride to Gainesville with her to take my nephews shopping. I really didn't need to go, but I decided last minute that I would go. So, before we went to Gainesville, we took a couple of her kiddos to soccer practice. While they were practicing, we went to our favorite local consignment shop...New to You! I always find great things in there. Here are my thrifty finds!

First up is a really pretty still had the Beall's Outlet sticker on the back at $14.99. I gave $3 for it. The back comes off so I am thinking about painting it and adding it to my gallery wall. I'm not sure yet....I like the color it is already. Kind of like oil-rubbed bronze. Decisions....decisions!

Next up are a pair of Mikasa crystal candle holders. I'm always on the lookout for pretty candle holders in different shapes, sizes, and finishes to use as pedestals for various objects. These are small and different from any I have found before....they were $3.

I also got this great Anchor Hocking beehive glass carafe for $2! I love it...:)

I love, love, love my new (to me) boots....they are boc's by Born! They are really soft black leather slouch boots. They are like new and were a steal at $8! And the great thing is they were previously owned by a teacher friend of mine so I know they were well taken care of! I have never worn boots and was afraid to pay too much for a pair and end up not liking them, so these are a great way to find out!

I also got this pretty ivory gauzy was brand new with tags, but I got it for $3!

And a black jacket for $3! new!

Last is a pretty red with black flecks sweater with a deep V neckline....perfect for turtlenecks. It was $3 also. The second picture is a more accurate color representation. Such great deals!

So....after the kiddos finished practice, we headed over to the big city of Gainesville...:) We went to BJ's for lunch where I had chicken marsala. Next was the Oaks Mall....I needed to get my son, Dakota some new jeans, so first stop was American Eagle.....$75 and two pairs of jeans later, I headed to the destination that lured me over there in the first place! I received a gift certificate for a pedicure from my Secret Santa at work and wanted to get it done before I go back Monday, so while the boys shopped, I got a pedicure....pure bliss! I went with a French pedi...see below! I can't believe I took a picture of my lovely feet...hammer-toes and all! Oh well, at least they feel lovely!

After we left the mall, we made a quick stop at Lowes so I could pick up some spray paint for my mirror projects....see more here.

Then we made a couple quick stops....Arby's for a milkshake....mine was the Peppermint one! MMmmm! 
This is actually a picture from the one I had before Christmas...I forgot to take a picture today! This was my treat for the end of my Christmas break....sniff, sniff, sigh.....

Then we stopped by Deep South Lacrosse for my nephew Jacob to pick up some new gear (he's a lacrosse junkie)!
Finally we headed home. It was a really good day...:) I love spending time with my about you?


  1. Wow! That's my kind of consignment store. Treasures, you did great treasure hunting. Don't you just love BJ's. We live in Oregon and two of our daughters live 8 hours away in CA. Every time we go visit we go to BJs for pizza and pizzukis. It's become a family tradition.

    Great pedicure. I'm a tad bit jealous. Since chemo, my nails have suffered the consequences and for now, look like death. Hopefully by summer my polish we look diviiine :)

    I will add your new blog to my sidebar for a little extra exposure:)

    1. Oh thank you for visiting! I do love BJ's....and have concocted my own version of the pizookie here at home! I love sweet traditions like yours though! I have been following your story and your battle with cancer. You are very inspirational and I am so happy that you are winning the battle. I just know you will look divine by area a beautiful lady! You will be in my prayers...:) Thanks so much for adding me to your sidebar....I'm thrilled about that! Have a blessed Sunday....:)


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  3. Wow Vicky! You scored! Your toes looked so pretty, all dressed up :-) Thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment about my wreath! You really made my day :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! You have made my day as well...:)



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