Saturday, January 26, 2013

Treasures Abound!!!

This morning I got up and cleaned the house really early so I could go to a couple yard sales with my sister. Boy am I glad I did....look at all the treasures I found!

Be warned....tons of pictures ahead...or should I say below???

First up are a couple pretty aqua blue Corning cups. Nothing special but I loved the color and for ten cent each, I had to have them!

Next up is a sweet little ceramic pitcher with a bamboo look handle. It is so sweet and was only $1!

This ceramic tart dish was only $1 as well and it will probably hang on the wall in my craft room. It has pretty pink roses and I am incorporating lots of pink in there and going for a shabby, cottage feel...:)

How about this beautiful jar I got for $1? Don't you just love the beautiful design on the sides? It is
pretty big too...about 8 or 10 inches high. I'm sure it will find a home in my craft room as well. 

Here are a few more items....all $1 each. The large square wooden plate will most likely be used in my kitchen at some point. The picture frame will go in my craft room, and the little brass tray....well, I'm not sure yet! It will eventually find a home....maybe on one of the shelves of my future library!

This beautiful decanter was one of the more expensive items of the day. It was $5, but I loved the shape and thought it would be pretty sitting on one of my future library shelves as well...:)

This sweet little bell shaped cloche was only fifty cent! Not sure where it will live....yet!

A cute little milk glass pedestal bowl was just $1 and will also be residing in my craft room!

Aren't these little dessert dishes the sweetest? They were only ten cent each...:)

I love this picture...I'm practicing taking pictures in different settings with different lighting!

I was tickled when I spotted this neat little galvanized box and even more so when I opened it and found three more nested inside! They were $5, but so worth it to me...:)

This little tray was too sweet to pass up....sorry I didn't get a before picture! I was too excited to get outside with my pink spray paint and totally forgot! It was gold...and it says made in Italy on the back. Oh....and you probably already guessed it....yep, it's a craft room piece too!

Last up is a large jar to store yet more junk in my craft room. The lid was silver but I painted it pink...big surprise! It was also a little more at $5. I got this one and the decanter both for $10....they originally were marked at $15.50 for the two. 

So....for a mere $25 I got lots of treasures! I am tickled pink! Oh yeah....I almost forgot to share a sweet little tidbit! I am hopefully going to be the proud owner of a bistro set as of Friday! The table and 4 chairs for an awesome deal....have you ever priced them? I will share more on that when I pick up my new babies...:) Until next time.....

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