Thursday, January 31, 2013

Decisions, Dreaming, and an Upcoming Giveaway!

Hello all my blog friends! I am excited about my next home improvement project...the master bath! I probably have one of the tiniest master bathrooms ever, but it's mine and I want to make the most of it! I don't have the money to start yet, but that isn't keeping me from dreaming and planning! I am planning to go with mostly white with some light grey and a little aqua for a pop of color! I want this tile on the floor...with a light grey grout.

What do you think? I want a small tile since the square footage of the room is small and I live in a mobile home so I don't want to risk putting down a larger tile that may crack easily if we have any shifting over the years. 

We are planning to build an open walk-in shower so the floor will be the same throughout the bathroom. I am still debating on the tile for the shower walls. I know I want white, but I'm not sure whether to do square tiles or use square and use them as diamond shaped to mimic the small tiles on the floor. Suggestions are welcome...:) as for the other walls, I want bead board.....mostly white but possibly one grey wall. We are planning to build our own vanity....these are inspiration pictures.

Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage
Source: HomeTalk
Source: Beneath My Heart
I like the size of the vanity in the first picture, and I love the dark stained top of vanity in the third picture. The second picture is similar to how I want mine built except I want just one sink with shelves on either side of the mirror. What do you think? I can hardly wait to get started...:)

Go visit the Gina and Traci and check out their beautiful homes. They are amazing ladies and such an inspiration to me!

So....I've been thinking! I would like to do a giveaway when I reach 25 followers! I'm thinking some sweet treasures from  a couple of my favorite places may be in order. TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or maybe even Kirkland's (if I get to Tallahassee to visit my precious daughter, Miranda any time soon). I love buying for others...:) So, keep checking back and send some friends over my way if you don't mind! I'm trying to build my blog and would love some more followers and visitors...or bloggy friends! Thanks so much...:)

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  1. "Corn Dog" - that's me, your newest follower... just trying to get you to that 25 goal! :) (My other blog is all about my motorcycle adventures, and "Corn Dog" is my nickname.)

  2. Thanks Janet! I love the nickname...:)So....a biker chick? It looks fun but I'm afraid of them. My husband would love to have one though...:) He loves anything with a motor! We(he)used to race cars and my son used to race go-karts! Thanks for stopping by!



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