Friday, January 4, 2013

Thrifty Goodies Galore!

Let me begin by warning you....this is a long post and full of pictures! I just had to share all my treasures with you all! I had the best time today thrift shopping and spent too much money, but it's all good because I don't get to do this very often...:)
Let's get started shall we?

First up is my favorite and most expensive ($10) find of the day! I spotted this mirror and fell instantly in love! I know right now it doesn't look too appealing, but when I finish it, it is going to be gorgeous! I am planning to paint it turquoise and am hoping it looks similar to the mirrors pictured below! The mirror is large...approximately 3 feet by 18 inches or so!

Next up is a silver anniversary plate I couldn't pass up.....since my dear hubby and I are celebrating our silver anniversary in October! It was $2.16.

I just love apothecary jars....any size I can find! I got these 3 babies at the Goodwill. The two metal topped ones were $1.16 each and the all glass one was $2.16. I will use them to hold crafty items in my craft room. The metal lids are very heavy...I couldn't believe the price!

I found all four of the wooden candle sticks for $1 each. I will paint them and use them as pedestal bases for various items. They will most likely be used for items I will make and sell in my ETSY shop.

I was thrilled to see a sign for a book sale at one of the stores....a bag for $2! I got all of these! I love to rad and love the look of books on shelves so I am adding to my collection. I hope to get my library nook built this year! I have the books....:) The little book on top was a botanical textbook from the inscription in it below.....

So cool....:)

I was lucky enough to score some great deals on a few pairs of shoes too! I normally don't buy used shoes, but when they are clean and don't look like they have been worn but a time or two, I don't mind! These Skechers are super nice....that's not dirt you see, but shadows from the way they are sitting. They are super clean. This is how much they cost new! I love the wedges too....they are Madison brand and look as if they have never been worn! These were $5 each. The pink floral sandals are Merona and cost $2!

Next up are a couple items I had to have for my kitchen....they were $2.16 each. I love the clear glass measuring cup and the blue fire king bowl!

I couldn't pass this little guy up! I have one very similar already but it is bigger. I use it with my fall decor. I am going to put one of them in my ETSY store....just not sure which one yet!

OK....I know this is a tacky piece, but I only bought it for the mirror! I need a round mirror to make a clothespin sunburst mirror for my laundry room. See below!

These are just some random crafty items. I think they were around $3 total.

I collect Christmas novels and couldn't pass this one up! You can see here how much it is normal price....I got it for $2!

These drapery hold backs were only $1! They are around $25 for a similar set on Amazon! I'm not sure if I will use them for hold-backs or paint them white and use them in my craft room to hang things on!

Here's a piece of vintage fabric I bought for fifty cents! It's around 2 yards....not sure what I'm doing with it....yet!

These miniature wooden ornaments were only fifty cents as well and they will be used in some of my Christmas crafts!

How do you like the beginnings of my Valentine decor? The table runner will be used in my spare room at Christmas, but for now I think I will use it when I decorate my buffet for Valentine's Day! It was $3.16. The 2 books are so pretty and were $3.99 for the two! The little red heart tea light holders were $1.16 each and the little ceramic heart pocket was only $1! The beautiful red candle holder was a new purchase but 70% off at K-Mart....$3! It is pretty large and heavy weight.

Here are the items I got for 70% off at K-Mart. The table runner is adorable and will fit in perfectly with my gingerbread/sweet themed Christmas kitchen! There's the candle holder again....and the snow and snow blanket will be used for various crafts!

Here's a little lazy Susan I bought for $2.16. I will give it a cute little paint job and add it to my ETSY inventory!

Here's a sweet item I got for $2 that I intend to paint (probably white or yellow) and add to my laundry room. I don't know what it was that attracted me, but I just love it!

I got this new set of glasses at Good will for $4.99. They are pretty and heavy weight so I couldn't pass them up! I needed some new everyday glasses!

This wheat plate is my last item to was $1. I will add it to my ETSY inventory as well. It is trimmed in 22k gold and made in the USA! Homer Laughlin I believe!

Well, that was fun! I had the best day with my hubby, Joey and my parents! The movie was hilarious and lunch was great! I had such a blast thrift shopping and could have spent many more hours and dollars shopping! Until next time.....


  1. Wow, what some great finds! I love that mirror - I can't wait to see what you do with it! It will definitely be a statement piece - and for $10?!? You just can't go wrong!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I just love visiting your blog for inspiration! I too live in a mobile home that we are remodeling...:)I hope to have the mirror ready to link up with your Transformation Thursday next week...:)



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