Friday, December 11, 2015

3rd Annual Ornament Exchange Reveal

It's here! Time to link up and show us what you received in the ornament exchange. This post will be published about the time the hubby and I will be arriving at the Veteran's Memorial Arena in Jacksonville to see Trans Siberian Orchestra! The concert, along with dinner out and a night spent in Jacksonville is what we decided on for our Christmas to each other this year. I will share more about the concert later! Now...on to the fun!

Let me just say I was overwhelmed this year with several gifts from some of you ladies. Such kind gestures sent to me as thank you gifts for hosting the exchange. While I sincerely appreciate all the goodies that were sent to me, please know that it was not expected. I really enjoy hosting the exchange and hope to continue it for a long time! Thanks to each of the following ladies. 
Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated!  

Jeanna from Slammin' the Screen Door sent me some adorable Christmas note cards, some beautiful washi tapes and a lovely little quilted bag. I will definitely be taking this with me on my trip to Prague! Thank you so much Jeanna! Some day I hope we can meet since you are a Florida girl too!

Jeanna is quite talented isn't she? Hop over and check out some of her quilted projects!

Donna from Distressed Donna Down Home has sent me a thank you gift every year. Donna is one of the first bloggers I became friends with. She is also very talented! She has an Etsy shop and a antique store booth in South Carolina. She stays busy filling these two shops with vintage and handmade items! Look at the beautiful Madonna plaque she made me. She also sent me one of her tags along with a vintage postcard. 

It is hanging above my Christmas tree. Thanks so much Donna!  I love it!

Next up is this precious snowman in a mason jar made for me by AnnMarie. She blogs over at Musings of a Vintage Junkie. Isn't this the cutest thing? I would love to make some of these to give as gifts next year! So adorable! I love the big bells tied on the side and the gorgeous plaid fabric covering the top.

See it up there on my kitchen shelf? I love it there and think it fits in nicely! Thanks again AnnMarie! I love it snow so much!

I received the next two on the same day! It was like Christmas! First up is this adorable batch of vintage and handmade goodness from Pam. Pam blogs at Virginia Retro. She loves vintage linens...especially tablecloths. She has an amazing collection! She is also very crafty. 

Just look at these adorable things she made me! favorite color! Look at that little sweetie on my tree! Thank you so much Pam! You are too sweet!

And. last, but not least! Karen from The Feral Turtle sent me a box of goodies, including some of her amazing handmade soap and lotion as well as one of her hand crafted spider ornaments and some other things. Love those adorable glass hearts! Can't wait to find a use for them! 

I think my favorite is this heavenly smelling soap! I don't want to use it...just smell it! I think I will wait until the bathroom remodel is finished and then put it out in there on a soap dish for a while before I let anyone use! Thanks so much Karen! 

I had this post ready finished and ready to publish, and Guess what? I came home from work Wednesday to find yet another package waiting for me! This one was from my sweet friend Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose. Stephanie has her own Etsy shop, Rose Petal Blessings which she keeps stocked with all sorts of lovely, handmade items. Everything she makes is just beautiful! Look at the adorable packaging she sent my things in!

I am in love with the beautiful fabric flower magnet in Christmas colors! The little Christmas bits are so cute as well! I love the little wax bag she tucked them inside. Thank you so much Stephanie! 

Aren't these ladies generous and kind.....not to mention talented! That seems to be a common theme in blogland though doesn't it? I appreciate the kindness and sweet gestures from each of these dear friends. I appreciate each of yoy as well and am so happy to call each of you a friend. I value my blog friendships just as I value my real life friendships. You are all very special to me! Thanks so much for participating in the exchange this year. It has been such fun and a blessing!

Now, let me share the adorable ornament I received from Bronwyn who blogs at Queen B Creative Me. She is incredibly talented as well and is a kindergarten teacher like myself! She and her family love to travel and she shares their experiences with us. I love to look at her travel photos! I also enjoy her fashion posts where she shares the way she puts her cute new clothing pieces together into cute outfits! This was Bronwyn's first year joining the exchange. She sent me this precious, handmade gingerbread man whom her children named Molasses! Isn't that the sweetest? Pun! I was so tickled to receive a gingerbread man since I didn't get to unpack all mine this year. I miss their sweet little faces! Do you see him?

That's better! He is hanging in my kitchen as well. I can't wait to let him join my others on my gingerbread tree next year! Thank you Bronwyn and thank you so much for joining the exchange this year. I hope you enjoyed it. 

And, that my friends is a wrap! Thank you to everyone who joined this year! I had so much fun and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. You all keep me doing this every year. Thank you! 
Please take the time to link up below so we can all visit and see what everyone received. I can't wait!

I'll be back soon to share a Christmas tree I was in charge of decorating for a Christmas Tree Walk as well as some other things very soon!
Until then.....


  1. Hello dear Vicky~~ Thank you for putting this exchange together, it really is a fun way of receiving some lovely Christmas joy.
    You have certainly been blessed with many wonderful gifts of love, how very thoughtful if those dear and precious ladies.
    Your ginger bread man is just adorable!!I love the name her children gave him, molasses. Too cute, and perfect.
    It was a joy receiving from Donna, she has quite the talent. You ladies amaze me with all your ideas.
    I had never met Donna before, so that was a real treat.
    I enjoyed shopping for Julie, she is a sweetie.

    Thank you again for all you did in making this happen, Bless you!

    Joy! Debbie

  2. Looks like it was a fun exchange and you rec'd lots of nice thank you gifts, lucky gal. I am sure you deserved it. the ginger bread ornament is so cute.

  3. Haha I love Molasses! He is just the sweetest gingerbread man!! You deserve to be recognized for all of your hard work Vicky. What lovely gifts you received. Hope you and your hubby have a great time at the concert and a special night out! Cheers!!

  4. Bravo, my friend, for making another ornament exchange such a beautiful success! Oh, how I love this swap and I just love YOU for putting all of it together. You are bringing us ladies together in such a wonderful way, sweet Vicky, and it's truly a joy to make new friends and get to know old friends better. Thank you so much for ALL of the hard work and effort - you are such a blessing to so many.

    I loved seeing the lovely items you received my friend. And oh my, the jar with the snowman from AnnMarie is DARLING! She sent me one with a cute little reindeer in it and it sits on my grand piano {{smiles}}

    Have a beautiful weekend, dear one. Sweet hugs to you!

  5. The kindness of bloggers knows no bounds does it! There really are some wonderful and amazing and kind and generous people in the world and it is wonderful to see that to remind us of all that is good in the world and especially at this special time of year which is all about goodness! Sorry, very long sentence! I say it often, bloggers really are the nicest people!!! You received some very beautiful things for a beautiful lady and I know that they will be treasured by you. Molasses is a real cutie too isn't he! I hope that you are having or have had a wonderful time on your Christmas treat with your husband and that your other travels will be wonderful too! Happy Christmas! xx

  6. All beautiful items and such thoughtfulness. Blogger friends are the best. The ornament exchange looked like fun. I have to try to make time to participate next year.

  7. Hello Vicky,
    You received such beautiful gifts from some of the participants of your exchange. I loved it this year and thanks so much for organizing this. I have enjoy and look forward to this each year and thanks for that. I'm looking forward to looking at what everyone received!!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Oh what sweet gifts! Thank you for hosting each year. I have so much fun!
    I am sorry to admit yours is still sitting here waiting on me to paint it. It's on my next to do list. I just finished my stockings and Christmas pillows. Working on the wood ornaments now. One for my MIL who gets one every year, one for our Ladies Ornament exchange, yours ;-), and one for my tree. I've actually gotten a lot done on my Christmas to do list this year. Just kind of slow, lol.
    Oh, just so you know, you are showing up as a no reply blogger. Good old Google +.

  9. Good Morning, Well I am glad it all went well. It really is fun to get a package in the mail filled with treasures. I wanted to send a Christmas hello and a smile ;o)
    I have had a rough go in my health, but I believe I am feeling some better!
    Merry Christmas... Love, Roxy

  10. Vicky, thank you again for doing this ornament exchange. I've enjoyed it each and every year. You deserve all those great gifts because you are such a kind and generous person yourself. I'll get my post up today. Wishing you a joyous time before you head to Prague!

  11. Wow, you sure received some beautiful things! I'll be linking up my gifts from you soon!


  12. Hi Vicky,
    This was my first year participating and I love the thought you put behind it! You are so sweet putting this all together at this busy time of year!
    What amazing gifts you received, I loved them all!
    I am hoping to get my post up tomorrow...if I can ever get myself out of my craft room! ;)
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Big Hugs!! Kimberley

  13. Thank you so much Vicky for hosting this exchange. My only regret is that I missed last year and honestly, I can't remember why!

    I already follow Cecilia at The B Farm and was so excited to learn that you selected her to be the recipient of my ornament.

    I have enjoyed meeting and following Linda at A La Carte too! Her gifts to me couldn't have been more perfect!!!

    Merry Christmas, my dear. Hope you and hubby are enjoying Jacksonville. And...I too would love to meet you one day :)

  14. Vicky, I was so tickled to see that you're still hosting the ornament exchange. I'll never forget the first one and the sweet ladies I got acquainted with. You've started a Christmas Tradition...what a blessing!

  15. Thanks so much Vicky! Such a fun exchange and hope you continue your tradition. Love seeing all the generous and thoughtful packages sent and received. Hugs, Pam

  16. Hi Vicky, looks like a fun time had by all the participants. What wonderful ornaments all around. Blessings to you for a very Merry Christmas. Hope your daughter is doing well. I know you must really miss her. xo

  17. Dearest Vicky! How sweet you were to host such a delightful event in blogworld...bless you! I am picking up my lovely package from Cecilia this morning...what happiness!
    And I do hope dear Bronwyn has received hers...I shall not be easy till hers has arrived!
    I am so very glad you were blessed with some lovely are a very dear friend, and you truly deserved to be blessed!
    I pray you may have a wonderful Christmas, dear Vicky! I look forward to linking up with you sometime this week!
    Hugs and much love!

  18. I didn't even know that people do such cool exchanges. I think we could do something like a DIY present exchange with my co-workers from . That could be really great event for us and such way we could greet each other with this Holidays!

  19. This looks like so much fun, Vicky! I always miss the deadline for these, but it's still as much fun to read and look at what everyone received. And boy, did you ever get blessed! Everything is just adorable and so very thoughtful.
    Enjoy your week and I can't wait to hear about your concert night out!
    Hugs, Amy

  20. This looks like so much fun, Vicky! I always miss the deadline for these, but it's still as much fun to read and look at what everyone received. And boy, did you ever get blessed! Everything is just adorable and so very thoughtful.
    Enjoy your week and I can't wait to hear about your concert night out!
    Hugs, Amy

  21. Dearest Vicky! What wonderful fun this exchange was...thank you so very much for hosting! Cecilia truly blessed me with her kindness...just got to write my post now!
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas, dear Vicky!
    Much love to you!

  22. Vicky, Thank you soooooo much for hosting this fun ornament exchange! I made a new friend Julie and I thank you for it. I hope you have a wonderful blessed Christmas!

  23. Oh, what a precious idea! This is the first year I have heard of it, as I have seen news about it on three of the dear blogs I follow! You have a beautiful blog...I just loved seeing all the lovely things you displayed. You truly have a knack for decorating. :) I will be following you now, and it is so nice to meet you!! God bless you and yours with a wonderful Christmas!!

  24. It was such a lovely idea, Vicky and such thoughtful girls! I think I'll just have to join next year :)


  25. It looks like another fun exchange this year Vicky. Sorry I missed this one, but I'll be sure to try and make it next year. I did enjoy it the last two years. You received such lovely gifts. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  26. Everything is wonderful. I especially love the quilting crafts.


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