Monday, March 16, 2015

Kitchen Window Fabric & Thrifty Finds!

Hello friends and happy Monday to you! Oh how I love time off from work...time to putter around the house and just be. Time to do what I enjoy or nothing at all. Today was that kind of day. Yes, in the midst of this kitchen remodel, I took a few hours to do what I wanted...which was nothing much. I took Sadie to the Vet for her check-up and shots and she is a healthy girl. A little on the pudgy fluffy side at 85 pounds, but not too fat for her size according the the Vet. We have had her on a diet though...the girl loves to eat! Anywho, we came home and I surfed the Internet for fabric for my kitchen curtain, or actually Roman shade. That's the plan anyway. I found several beautiful options and have a sample ordered of the last one. It can be found here and the others are from Here are a few of my favorites...which one do you like best? 

option 1

option 2

option 3

option 4

option 5

option 6

Let me know which one you like and why! I'm truly interested in your opinions...:)
OK....on to my new treasures!  I found most of these last Friday when Mama, Aunt Loretta, and I went thrift shopping. 
I love this beautiful spring wreath. It will be used in many places over the years. It was $5.

Some of you might remember my violet collection. I don't add to it very often, but I did find  this beautiful piece and had to have it. It was a little higher that I normally pay, but it was worth it. It was $6.99. I priced them on Ebay and they cost more than that so it was a good deal.

It seem I always find a couple violet things if I find one. These were at a different shop, but of course they came home with me as well. I already have one like the round ones. These were $0.75 each.

I thought this piece would be really pretty to decorate with for Saint Patrick's Day. I have just a couple things for this holiday, but sadly I will not be using them this year. I paid just over a dollar for it if I remember correctly. 

I love small white planters...don't ask me why because I have no idea! It was $0.89.

These two cuties are quite small, but I thought they would look cute adorning my open shelving in the kitchen during Valentine's Day, 4th of July, or Christmas. These were $0.99 each.

Loved this large leaf platter. It will be used for Easter and spring decorating. Of course, I will not be able to decorate for Easter either due to the mess in my dining room. It will be so worth it though! I think I paid $3 for it.

I love cheese domes. This one is beautiful and  much larger than the others I have found over the years. The glass dome is thinner and has a nice shape. I was tickled pink to find this beauty! It was $3.

This little gadget it a garlic mincer. It was brand new with the tags and cost $3. I found it on Amazon for $19.99!

I thought this wood look ball with silver accents was pretty. It was $0.99.

I am going to repaint the lid, but I thought this retro canister would be a cute addition to my craft room. It was $2. 

And these tart molds are larger that the ones I already have. They will be used in crafts eventually. They were $1.99.

These last two finds were purchased at the flea market a couple weeks ago. This milk glass shade is so pretty. I will probably put it in my resell pile. 

The last item I have to share is this beautiful American Brilliant antique decanter. I did a little research and discovered that it was it was probably produced sometime between 1876 and 1914 if it is an original. It is very heavy lead crystal and still has the stopper. Most of the ones I found online do not have it. It does have a couple small chips around the rim, but you can't really tell unless you feel for them. I got an incredible deal on this piece! It will probably go to my resell pile as well. I had intended to work on opening my Etsy shop over spring break, but with the remodel mess everywhere I can't even really get to most of my stash. Maybe I can get a little done though. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
I hope you have a lovely week my friends. I'll be back soon!

Until next time.....


  1. You hit the jackpot in thrifting yet again, Vicky. Good for you.

    All of your fabric choices are super pretty but I like Option 5. It sounds like there will already be a lot of white in your kitchen. The black background in this shade will go nicely with your other black accents.

  2. I was going with option #3 until is saw #5. If your kitchen can handle it, I love that black background.

  3. Oh my goodness! You do find such lovely, interesting things, Vicky! Always love to stop and see the new items you've added to your home! And I dearly love option 3 - it is so, so beautiful, bright and funky!
    Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!
    Much love,
    Kelly xx

  4. While all of your fabrics are great, I personally like the top one best. I am a vintage girl and it has more of the antique look. Love your finds...that garlic chopper is awesome! Can't wait to see the final kitchen!

  5. I love your leaf dish! Definitely my favorite although you sure did find some beautiful things Vicky. I couldn't even begin to pick which fabric. They are all gorgeous.

  6. Wow.. lots of goodies! How fun. On the fabric I really like #1, #4 is probably my favorite, and #6.. but they are all great choices and I am sure you will find the perfect one! Hope all is going great with the remodel.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Wow! I like them all and I don't want to choose... But I will say I really think #3 looks a lot like your personality. So bright and cheery and full of life! I love all your amazing finds. Those little violet bowls are nice. I like it all. Makes me want to go hunt for some bargains.

    Can't wait to see your next post!

    Happy St. Patty's Day, Vicky!


  8. Wow! I like them all and I don't want to choose... But I will say I really think #3 looks a lot like your personality. So bright and cheery and full of life! I love all your amazing finds. Those little violet bowls are nice. I like it all. Makes me want to go hunt for some bargains.

    Can't wait to see your next post!

    Happy St. Patty's Day, Vicky!


  9. Hi Vicky, Well, the truth is . . . you are the one that will be living with your roman shades and not us, so you need to pick the one that you like. Now, because you asked, I like #'s 3 & 4 the best. Why, because they make me happy. When I'm in my kitchen . . . I want to feel happy. The question is which one makes you happy? Great thrifting . . . I love that wreath :)
    Have a lovely day and don't work too hard.

  10. Vicky, you have found some great treasures...I especially like the little polka dotted dishes. I have tons of those little jello molds that I love baking in...they make cute individual little cakes.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. I like first and 5th fabrics. I Love the colors. Great finds, I am a Aquarian so I love violet and those little dishes are so cute. I made a roman shade last year for my kitchen and I have a great pattern that I got off the Sailrite website. It is marvelous, they have a video. I made the valance to go over it. Looks nice, I love it.

  12. I am torn between #3 and #4 options. Love your thrifty finds! The molds are my favorite.

  13. Vicky, it is always fun to see what you find thrifting. I too love that leaf dish, it is so pretty! Lots of great finds for the Violet collection also.

  14. I forgot to tell you my fabric choices. I like #4 and #6 best!

  15. Hi Vicky! I LOVE all of your thrifty finds!!! As for the fabric, I like 1 and 3 the best!

  16. I love #5. I think the pop of black among the colors will be so pretty in your kitchen. They're all pretty though... I just lean towards black and white all the time. Great finds too my friend. Glad you got some time away from the madness!

  17. #6 is my favorite, because it feels so light and airy.

    Great finds :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I prefer #6


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