Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Thrifting

What better way to spend a Saturday than out thrifting with my Mama and Aunt Loretta! 
The first yard sale we stopped by was a great one! Tons of high quality kitchen items, along with lots of other things.  I bought several great things, one being this beautiful chenille type bedspread for $4! Not sure if it is a full or quees, but I have both size beds in my house, so it will work somewhere. 

Almost everything was in perfect condition. I bought all of the following kitchen items for $2.

I have been wanting a zester and this one is like new. I paid $1 for it...the same one on Amazon is $14.97.  The measuring cups are really nice and very heavy duty. I found the exact same set on Amazon for $14.95....these were $1!

This basket was $1. 

These four pieces of silverware were $1. I also bought a laser level for $0.50, some square pint size Ball jars, and a couple other odds and ends. I spent $11 total. Can't beat that!

After we left the yard sale, we went to a couple thrift stores. Of course, I found a few things. I love these two black and white cups. They aren't vintage, but I love the stripes...remind me of French grain sack stripes. So pretty! They were $0.50 each I believe.

This sweet little pitcher with hand painted violets was just $0.50 so it came home to join my violet collection.

These small trays have a basket weave look to them. Not sure if they will be a keep or sell item. I bought a few items for that Etsy shop I have talked about opening forever! I have promised myself O will be diligent in opening it this year too! I need to...I probably have 200 items to list!

This platter isn't vintage either, but it is large. I didn't have one this size, so I couldn't pass it up for $1.99.

I love this decorative brass piece too. It is heavy and pretty large...around 18". Not sure if it will be a keep or sell, but it was a good deal at $4.

At the next yard sale, I bought several books....10 of them for $4. I was excited to get a couple Christmas novels, a couple to use in vignettes, a copy of The Maker's Diet, which I have researched a little, and 3 coffee table type books. 

Two of these will be used in Valentine's Day vignettes.
I love these type of books. I am always amazed at the good deal on used books...retail on these books would have been well over $100. Huge score on these!

The next three items were free to me since they were on a stuff a bag for $1 table and my Aunt Loretta put them in her bag. This photo album appears to be very old. It has the black pages inside to mount photos on. I like the way it looks and may use it as a background for photographing small items for my Etsy shop. 

This sweet little wire heart will definitely be making an appearance for Valentine's Day.

Ans this adorable cow will be getting a makeover tomorrow...stay tuned!

I found this very large basket/tray at the last thrift store we visited for $2.99. I really like the size, it's about two feet wide and it is heavy duty. It may get a makeover, but I like it natural too, so we'll see!

I liked this white metal basket for $0.50 and it came in handy for carrying some of the next things I will show you.

I was absolutely thrilled when I found 5 boxes of Stampin' Up stamp sets. Most of them looked as if they had never been used and all were in their original boxes. I could not believe it. I wanted to buy them ALL, but I refrained and picked through them and bought all of the ones you see in the next few photos. They were priced at just $1 & $2 each set. I went on their website and priced them and they range in price, but most of the sets like I bought cost anywhere from $20 to $28 per set. I did find one of the sets on their site (most of these are discontinued) for $27.95. It is the set you see in the fourth photo of the trees. You can see them for sell here.

 This is what I noticed first...I love alphabet stamps! These are good size too...about an inch tall.

These are the French script!

These are akk versatile.

There are the trees, along with some beachy ones

Love the fall set.

These are sweet too!

I always love words! 

More cuteness!

This set is one of my favorites! I love the tree in different seasons.

I figured up approximately how much these would have cost at new prices and it would probably  be between $400 and $500! I paid $25 for all of them. There were probably 10 times this many I left behind. I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying more!

Sorry this was such a long post. I didn't even share a few of the things I bought. I had a more than productive day of thrifting, but even better, I had a fun day out with two of my favorite ladies...:) If you're reading this Mama and Aunt Loretta, I love you! 

I hope you all are having a nice weekend too. 
Until next time.....



  1. Great finds all, but I am dying over the stamp sets!

  2. A very productive day indeed Vicky! The yard sale finds were incredible and I can't wait to find out what you are going to do with the cow! Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  3. Wonderful always do great at these sales! Love all of your items, especially that violet pitcher. Sweet!

  4. Great buys! Love the bedspread and sure looks quality, like a Bates. The stamps are amazing, bet you could sell them on Etsy! I have been talking about an Etsy shop for a couple years myself, so let's both do it this year, lol.

    Thrifting with those you fun! :)

  5. Wow! You got some really great items! Can't wait to see what you do with that little cow!


  6. Lots of great finds! Love the stripped cups (very French) but the stamps are for sure the BEST find. Wow! I wish you had bought more also (and sold some to me:) Hugs, Linda

  7. Wow, look at that load of stamps! You sure found some fun treasures and had such a good day visiting too.

  8. You really hit the jackpot this weekend Vicky. You always find great deals but yesterday's outing was exceptional.

    I have often considered opening an Etsy shop for some of my little bags and machine embroidered items but it seems a little intimidating. Maybe I'll do a little more research on it.

    I wish you all the best when you open yours...I'll be looking for it.

    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Wow Vicky! You had a great day of thrifting! I love it all. I didn't know you collected violets. That pitcher is very pretty. Have a good week friend!

  10. Whoa, look at you go, girl! You are one incredible thrifting queen! :) I am with Sherry, I love it all!

    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend. Hugs!

  11. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    You have once again amazed me, Vicky!
    I think this was your greatest day ever, and then to top it off you spent it with your dear Mom and Aunt. :-)
    I always enjoy coming to see what you have blessed with.

    Have a terrific week!

  12. UNBELIEVABLE!! Those stamps were a steal! I love your new bed spread too... actually I love it all. Way to go Vicky. I really need to get out from under this blanket of snow for shopping day!

  13. Wow! What a great deal on the stamp sets. Amazing find! I also love those blued grain sack striped cups. Sooo sweet!

  14. Vicky, no one, I mean no one, gets deals like you do! Those stamps are unbelievable! You go girl!!

  15. Wow!..... All I can say is Wow!! You go girl!

    I hope you have an amazing week, I can't wait to see what you post next...


  16. Wow Vicky you found so many nice things. I love the kitchen utensils and the basket weave trays! It must be fun shopping with your aunt and mom. Have a nice end of the week.

  17. I'm so jealous of your stamp sets! Amazing deal!


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