Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vignettes Around the House

Hello and Happy Sunday everyone! I can't believe this is my last day of spring break....this week really flew by! I am so happy to have been able to check off everything on my To Do list this week though...and it was a pretty long list! Not only did I accomplish everything on my list, but I also completed a few projects which I will share soon and I had a lot of fun too. I am blessed and feel refreshed and ready to go back to work and see my kinders. 

I tweaked every surface in my home and tried to springify the decor. I am sharing a few with you today. Here's the top of my china cabinet. I added the crate and ivy basket and rearranged my pitchers. I love how it turned out...:)

The living room side tables all got tweaked as well. I switched out the darker colored decorative books for ones with green and blue spines.  

I added more aqua blue to the palette and kept the silvers and golds.

Love the sweet little bird cage.

And I love my new coaster I got a the thrift store for $0.47. I think it is actually a candle base but it will be serving as a coaster for me. It is really pretty and heavy metal.

I also found this white ceramic candle base (seen on the left) for $0.53. I like to use these for not only candles, but risers for various objects. I didn't have a white one so I had to have this one at that price.

I like this vignette....reminds me of an old classroom. Love all my old dictionaries. The globe is perched on a rusty old scale. It was a freebie but it had no stand. I found one for it today and will be working on that this week. The old globe on the stand I bought has some damage, but I have plans for it as well. I love my Galileo thermometer on the left and the armillary too. This is in my library area. We are hoping to build floor to ceiling shelves and cabinetry in this area this year. Can't wait! 

My old Lane hope chest moved to my bedroom and is holding a few items that are near and dear to my heart...:) How do you like my little disco ball there on the left...:) I have a disco ball on top of a vintage Lane chest covered in burlap.... just call me eclectic! LOL...:)

I have never shared pictures of my French Provincial dresser before. I bought this about 3 or 4 years ago with matching nightstands. It is by United and very well made. I fell in love with it the instant I spotted it at the thrift store and just had to have it. I plan to eventually move it to the dining room to use as a buffet. It is much better quality than the one I am using in there now and it is larger so it will hold more of my dishes and linens. It will be getting a makeover before it becomes the buffet, but that won't be anytime soon.

These dressers are quite costly and go for $300 to $1,300 online. 
Check this one out...
This one is on Etsy for $1,250! I gave $175 for the dresser, mirror, and two nightstands. Quite a steal compared to what they sell for online!

 I love the silver leaf on this one....gorgeous! It's not for sale...a very talented blogger redid this one for her glamorous bedroom!

I am thinking something along these lines for it!

Which one do you like best? You can see lots more examples here...if you're interested. 
I love French Provincial!
So...that's all I am sharing for today. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. 
Until next time.....


  1. Congratulations! not only did you make a beautiful, detailed to do list but you accomplished it all. I feel so good when I can check things off my list. It's still cold and we have plenty of snow left, but I did hang out an Easter egg wreath (that I got at the thrift store) this week....that's the extent of my 'springifying' so far.

  2. Awesome job checking off your spring break to do list! Beautiful dresser and such a great buy! Out of the examples - I am with you, and tend to prefer the last one, really like the dark top on it. Have a great last day of spring break!

  3. I love all of your vignettes Vicky, especially the white pitchers. Looks like Spring has definitely sprung around your home :)

  4. Your house looks great Vicky, love all the vignettes! I had a bedroom set very similar to the dresser you have when I was young, I like how they look painted. I think my favorite of those you've shown is the last one too.


  5. Wow, Vicky, that's quite the to-do list! How nice to get it all done and then some! Love all your Spring-ifying! :)
    Love your finds too! And how nice to get the dresser and all for such a great price! I like both examples but my fav is the painted one with the dark top. But wow on the silver one! So dramatic! Have a wonderful week.

  6. I love your new 'spring' look! Aqua's are great accent colors, especially since there are so many tones to choose from. The French Provincial dresser style is lovely. Went to the link you shared and I had no idea you could have so many variations. I like the ones that are sort of antiqued looking as opposed to to smoothly painted. But then I am very vintage'y' :)

  7. Vicky everything looks fresh and ready for Spring. I love that dresser, it will make a gorgeous buffet! You must feel great about how much you accomplished this week!
    hugs, Linda

  8. So like a teacher to make out a lesson plan for her spring break :>) You know my favorite - the pitcher vignette. Love all the aqua accents. I would paint the dresser a warm white.

  9. Hello Vicky, Spring break is always a quick spring fling :o) I did love the idea for the dresser, but the choice has to be the one you just adore!
    May your week be lovely...
    So glad your thinking of going natural on the body lotions!! I also use a rock salt for my choice of deodorant, I started using that years ago after finding a lump.You Go Girl...

  10. You get an A+ for your hard work and progress this spring break! OH Vicky, there are so many things I absolutely love, I can't pick just one.

    I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with the dresser!

  11. I love all your vignettes, but the one on top of your china cabinet is my favourite. The dresser was an amazing find. Have a nice Monday back to school. Our summer break is only on July 6th!

  12. Great your dresser.


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