Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Saturday With the Sister!

Happy Saturday friends! 
I am sharing a few things I thrifted on my trip to town with my sister and nephew today. We had to hit up the Hospice Attic and we both found some great deals. We had a nice lunch and did a little shopping at TJ Maxx and Bath & Body Works as well. and finished out day with grocery shopping. 
At the Attic,  I was so excited to find this wrought iron piece for $1.99! It is really large and perfect for the look I am going for. I am having fun finding pieces here and there that will help me achieve the look I want and one day, it's all going to come together! For now, I placed this on top of the shelf above the buffet.

I am loving it!!!

Yesterday on my way home from work, I stopped at a little house up the road that a local, retired lady has turned into a vintage boutique place. She is open one or two weekends a month during good weather. I found this adorable little side table. It is made so well, from really nice wood and is in great shape. I just had to have it as it also fits perfectly with the style I am going for. I can't decide whether to paint it or leave it be. I really love the way it looks now, but I can also see it painted white and distressed so some of the wood shows through. What do you think? I gave a little more for this than I normally give for things, but I loved it so! It was $10.

Look at those pretty!

I also paid a little more for this mirror than normal as well, but it is stunning! It's pretty large...around 22 x 18 inches. I paid $8 for it. It is definitely getting a paint job though. I will probably use it in my bedroom when I redecorate it. I already have a plan in mind...:)

I found a few goodies for my craft room. A hoop for $0.79, 8 little wooden hearts for $0.25 each and a couple of salt and pepper shakers to hold glitter for $0.19 each.

I bought this beautiful dinner plate for a future plate wall. I love the colors of the flowers. It was $0.49

I got this Sheffield ironstone platter for $2.50. I found one like it on Etsy for $26! Great deal and it is already residing in my kitchen.

As it this pretty piece. I love it and it also goes well with the look I am trying to achieve. The "look" includes, black & white, wood, wicker and sea grass, greenery, and metal. Those are the things I am drawn to the most lately. 

I thought this little piece would be sweet on the strawberry tablescape I am planning to create soon. It was just $0.99. It will make a sweet little vase...:)

I also bought a vintage sheet and two vintage pillowcases but they are in washer and about to be hung on the clothesline my dear hubby put up for me earlier...:) I love the smell of line dried laundry! Have a wonderful Saturday evening.
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  1. Hello Vicky, I wish I could of gone with you guys. I stayed home and started my spring cleaning. Feeling tired and need to get cozy and read tonight I think!
    I did really like the little table. Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. I am so jealous that you have a real clothes line! We do not have the space for one and I miss fresh sheets flapping in the sun. That table is a parlor table. They do look wonderful painted unless the finish is in great shape. Love the mirror. Sounds like a wonderfully fun day! I stayed in bed with allergies :>(((

  3. What a great day....not just for finding all of those treasure but spending time with your sister. My sweet sister lives in Texas and would love to have her closer.

  4. Wonderful them all! I especially like that wrought iron piece and the strawberry jar.

  5. Hi Vicky - your beautiful plate is by Taylor Smith Taylor and I believe the pattern is called Boutenierre. It's the first set I remember my mother having when I was little! I did not - sadly - think to take them when she was getting rid of them. Believe it or not I didn't like them at the time! Now of course I wish I had kept them because my tastes of have changed (plus I might be feeling sentimental - LOL) and I love them! I do have two lunch plates in this pattern, but alas they are not the ones from our own house. So glad you got to spend time with family members!

    1. I love that pattern and really wish they had 4 of the plates instead of three. I would have bought them all if they had. I have a gravy boat or creamer in that pattern already and just love the colors. Too bad you didn't get your mom's set. Funny how our taste changes over time isn't it? :) Hope you have a beautiful week my friend!

      Blessings, Vicky

  6. What a fun day! Love everything, but the little table is adorable. I have one a bit like that and it is painted white and I love it. The iron piece is awesome and I love that plate pattern. Vintage just owns my heart! Hugs, Linda

  7. What a fun day with your Sister & Nephew, and what great finds! You have a wonderful eye for shopping ... I'd love to follow you around some time. :)


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