Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Closet is Clean!

Welcome to my closet...:)
I've been busy spring cleaning again today. I am so excited to have checked off almost everything on my to do list for this week. I just have a few simple things left to do and the list will be completed...woo hoo! I am feeling so accomplished and am hoping to get to a couple paint projects Friday since I will have my cleaning done.
I spent the better part of the day cleaning out the closet and the rest of the bedroom. It looks so much better now. Here is a shot of my closet from the doorway. It isn't huge, but it is a walk in closet, which I am thankful for. Closet space is something I don't have a lot of in my mobile home.

The shelf across the top holds all my purses. I used two baskets I thrifted a few weeks ago. You may remember seeing them...they were $5 for the pair. I turned them on their sides so I can see the purses but they are contained. The two in the middle were too big to fit in the baskets. I did get rid of 3 of my purses and really should have gotten rid of more but I like to switch mine out occasionally and like all of these. The right side of the rod holds my clothes. From left to right...dresses, skirts, long pants, shirts, and dress jackets. You might notice my clothes are also color coordinated. My shirts start with grey, white, black, blue, green, purple & pink, orange & coral, and red. This makes it easier for me to find what I'm looking for more quickly and it makes me happy! Below my shirts is a rod for my capris (see above) also color coordinated...:)

I managed to get rid of 2 garbage bags full of clothes! I seriously don't know how I had all of them stuffed in there!

To the left, the shelf holds my shoe boxes. I have had my shoes in plastic shoe boxes for a couple years now. I like the fact that they are clear and I can see what's inside. These boxes are only $1 each at the Dollar General. I need to purchase 2 more next time I go. This isn't all my shoes...just my dress shoes. 

You'll be proud of me for weeding out about 20 pairs of shoes! 
Off to consignment they go...:)

In the left front corner of the closet is this vintage metal shelf that used to belong to my Granny Willie Mae. It used to be wood look and brown. I painted it a couple years ago and I like it so much better spray painted white. The top shelf holds a thrifted two tiered metal basket which contains a couple clutch purses for dressy occasions and a few other things. I also holds a frame with a picture of the hubby from back in the day. The frame says I Love You and it used to sit in my room when I was still a teenager and lived with my mama and daddy...:) The second shelf holds another thrifty metal basket which contains my tank tops. I always fold them in half and then roll them and stack them in the basket. This works well and looks cute too. The third and bottom shelves hold Joey's jeans and shorts. To the left is my scarf holder. Speaking of scarves, I got rid of a dozen of them!

Here's the light pull...I finally put the crystal bead back on that fell off a while back.

The front, right corner holds my shoe cabinet and shelf. Have I mentioned that I have lots of shoes? If I didn't have wide feet, I would have more! I love shoes! The cabinet holds close toed every day work shoes and the shelf holds sandals and flats and my sneakers in the bottom. Most of my flats and sandals are metallic...I love metallics! Gold, silver, and bronze go with everything in my opinion!

I tweaked the top of the shelf and cabinet today. This area holds my jewelry but I replaced the containers that were holding my jewelry and placed my gold tray with glass handles on top. I also placed one of my vintage embroidered runners on top. I made the hanging jewelry holder a couple years ago out of a nightstand drawer front and some knobs. It holds all my necklaces. Above that is my tweet sweet little bird picture I drew on sheet music with Sharpie a while back. I took those down today and put a piece of my grey and white chevron contact paper on the wall for some interest. I love it!

I love all my necklaces but I managed to clear out about 8 necklaces and several pendants to go to consignment. If I hadn't worn it in over a got the boot!

Here's what the top holds....

Here's the tray holding a few dishes containing various jewelry items....bracelets, pendants, and brooches.

I love my vintage brooches...especially the one with the large pink stone which belonged to one of my great grannies.

This little dish to the left of the tray holds seasonal jewelry...mainly Christmas and winter.

So...all in all, I feel I was very successful in cleaning out my closet. I got rid of several bags of stuff and that is a great feeling. I finished the entire bedroom today but since this post is already pretty lengthy, I will wait to share in a separate post. I hope you are having a great week. I have 4 more days of spring break and I plan to enjoy every second. Tomorrow morning I am taking Sadie Lou to the vet to be spayed. I'm sure she won't be to happy with me tomorrow After I drop her off, I'm going to Gainesville with my mom to her doctor appointment and then we're going to lunch at 4 Rivers Smokehouse. After lunch, we are hitting up the Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and Sam's Club...:) Don't worry...I don't plan to buy too much junk...just things that I really need or are on my wish list! 
Looking forward to a fun day out with mama...:)
Until next time.....


  1. Whew! You have worn me out! I love your closet and how organized you are. I love shoes but you can open your own store! Good for you.

    Safe travels tomorrow, hope you have a great day with your Mama and I hope that Sadie's procedure goes well.

  2. Wonderful job of purging and organizing! I know it really feels rewarding to have accomplished so much during your holiday. Relax and try to have a little fun with some of your break!

  3. Sounds like we spent our day doing the same thing although I was in the garage. Today it is the attic. So far I only have one bag of stuff for the Goodwill.

    Another thing we have in common - shoes. I love shoes and actually have 4 different pairs of blue sued shoes. Mine are in my closet, under each side of the bed and in the attic.

    Have a fun, fun break and take some time to not work. And when you get back to school, it is downhill til summer.

  4. Good job on the closet! Love how organized it is!! Yay to that! hugs, Linda

  5. Yay for a clean, organized closet! It looks great. Hope your day with your mom was fun...I sure do miss mine!

  6. I am hiding my head in shame. You are so good at organizing. If you ever quit teaching, you could do this full-time! It is a great day for me if I find a bottom and top that somewhat match :>) Have fun and buy some treasures!

  7. Must be something in the air these days :). I got rid of two bags of clothing on Friday as well. One of my closet poles kept collapsing under the weight so I figured it was time to It seems we all have our weaknesses...mine is coats which kinda stinks because they take up so much room. I'm getting better though.

    (The drawer is such a cute idea Vicky!)


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