Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Little Randomness!

Hello! Not too much exciting going on around here this week....at home anyway! It's just a four-day work week for me and my spring break starts Friday, but it's also parent teacher conference week, so lots of conference notes and meetings. On top of that, we have lots of other things going on at school, making this a crazy week! So, since I haven't had time to do any thrifting or crafting, or even walking, due to the rain, I will share a few random things. 

First up is the trail mix jar I added to the kitchen. It used to hold ribbon scraps in the craft room, but I needed a big jar to house my trail mix and one of my new scoops, so into the kitchen it moved.  I had some chalkboard labels, so I slapped one on and called it done!

My trail mix contains walnuts, dark chocolate chips, and yogurt covered raisins. I want to add some  almonds, pineapple, and papaya when I get to the store again. I love all of these things and while they are not totally healthy, they are better for me than a candy bar when I want something sweet. Walnuts and dark chocolate do actually have some health benefits too!

I'm also sharing my favorite lunch choice lately. Have you ever tried the Thomas brand Bagel Thins? I love the Everything bagel....it's my favorite! And they are just 110 calories!

I take a bagel, spread a little cream cheese on both sides. Not too much, maybe a teaspoon or a little more. I don't eat mayo and am not a mustard fan either. Cream cheese just seems to go hand in hand with bagels and makes a good condiment for this sandwich. It also keeps me from adding cheese to my sandwich, which is another calorie saver. I place three slices of roast beef or turkey on the bagel, and top with a handful of baby spinach. I love spinach...:)

That's it....a tasty little sandwich and not many calories! Looks tasty doesn't it?

I've also been eating a lot of these little Cuties! I have never tried them until recently, but I love them. They are so easy to peel and so sweet...:) I will definitely buy more!

So, here's where it gets random! I picked the last beautiful bloom off one of my camellias. It is absolutely perfect. I'm going to miss them, but they are being replaced by azaleas, and soon I will have Japanese Dogwood blossoms! I also planted some trailing pansies over the weekend in pots for a pop of color. Still need to take photos of those!

Speaking of azaleas, look at the sweet little bouquet one of my little kinders brought me. So sweet! I love them by the globe.....globes have always made me happy! Love them...:)

And to end the randomness.....here's a picture of my Sadie Lou. She is getting so big...she weighs 65 pounds now! She is growing up, but still has that sweet puppy face. I get so many compliments on her sweet face....everyone loves her mask. 
I love her...she has my heart!

Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Wednesday! 
Until next time...



  1. Ooo, I love the Bagel Thins...I've never tried the everything ones but your sandwich makes me want to try them! Love your sweet pup. Fun randomness post. Have a great week!

  2. I love baby spinach on everything. Try this for a warm salad. Peel an cutie and plop it in a skillet, stir it around, toss in a big handful of baby spinach, toasted walnuts. Once the spinach wilts, throw in some feta cheese and eat right away. My azaleas are just a few days from blooming. Love that puppy - look at those huge feet!

  3. Thanks for sharing your Trail Mix recipe. You and Sadie have a great day!

  4. Oh Vicky, don't get me started on Bagels!! From an early age I used to go to Brick Lane in London to the Bagel Shop and get their tuna filled bagels... Oh my word... I need to get down there soon!

  5. I love bagels and the everything bagel thins are soooo yummy! I'm waiting for more blooms to really feel like Spring. Hope your week continues to be a good one. hugs, Linda

  6. Mmmm.... yum! Your post made me hungry and that bagel looks delicious! Enjoy the rest of your week, my sweet friend! Love ya

  7. Your healthy sandwich looked so YUMMY! As always, I enjoyed reading your post!


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