Friday, March 7, 2014

Sometimes Life Just Gets Busy!

Well...hello everyone! Remember! I have been super busy lately and just haven't had time to post! Well, actually I haven't had time to make or do anything to post about! Anywho, I really don't have a lot to share but thought I would just throw out a few random pictures and updates.

I've been having fun playing on Pic Monkey. These are all my photos, I just added text to them. 
Love how they turned out!

We've been thinking spring at school lately! Check out the kites and flowers my kiddos made. We are going to add some more...probably butterflies! They had a blast making the kites. They coored on white paper, then I painted over it with black tempera paint. After they dried, they scratched designs in the paint to reveal their coloring. So fun!  I've been trying to stay on top of things at work....remember my goal of doing better with everything this year! I'm finally feeling caught up after beginning a new teaching assignment for the fourth year in a row! Proud to say that lesson plans are done for next week and I don't have anything to do over the weekend other than grade a few papers!

So, last weekend I went to a wedding. It was held at one of my favorite old historical places, the Putnam Lodge. It has always been a dream of mine to buy this place and turn it into a B&B. One can dream, right? Good news is, it was recently purchased and is in the process of being restored.... :)

I'll share just a few photos from the wedding.
The ceremony was held out behind the place in the middle of a bamboo forest. Look how tall it was. I had no idea bamboo grew like this around here. 

They had a candy bar/buffet at the wedding which was really neat.  Most of the candy was pink, but there were some that weren't. 

I didn't fix myself a bag, but I did fix one for the hubby. 
Take a peek inside...:)

Here's a shot of the back of the pretty decorated for the reception.

And here's a shot of the front. Sorry for the poor quality. 
They were taken with my iPhone after dark.

I love weddings! I have had lots of functions this year and it's only March! I've been to two birthday parties, a baby shower, a retirement party, wedding, and last night a bridal shower that I helped hostess. Here's the banner I made for it....

So much going on lately! 

I wanted to give you an update on Heather, for those of you who have been praying for her. 
She just returned today from the American Cancer Treatment Center in Philadelphia. She wanted to go to them for a second opinion. She was really comfortable with them and has decided to get her treatments there. It sound like an amazing facility and I'm so happy she had the opportunity to go.

Well friends, I really should get to bed as the hubby and I are getting up early to take his mom to some yard sales and to the flea market for her birthday....her request! I'm happy that's what she all know that's right up my alley! Have a wonderful weekend.
Until next time.....


  1. Hi Vicky, wow you have been busy! I love your pictures you made! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful pics and love the banner! Enjoy the sales!

  3. I was JUST thinking about you, Vicky - in fact I was thinking about sending you an email today just to say "Hello-hope-all-is-well." I am hitting a couple flea markets today so I will be "junking" as well! So glad you posted an update - your PicMonkey graphics are beautiful!!

  4. I am sorry Vicky, I've been the same with life getting in the way of reading blog posts and commenting! You have been so busy and I am in awe of how you keep yourself going. The wedding venue looks so beautiful and with the tables in the low light, it looks so romantic. You take care my lovely xx

  5. Life has been a whole lot the same here in Virginia. I enjoyed seeing you pics. They look great! I read this one last night at work but I didn't have a good enough connection to comment. Hope you have a wonderful day!!


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