Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Is In the Air

Even though it's not officially spring until the 20th, I decided to springify my buffet using  my milk glass along with some other thrifted items, including my new scrabble tiles! Spring has definitely been in the air here in Florida....finally! We had a long, cold winter and I am so happy for warm and sunny days! Everywhere you look, blooms are bursting open and just beautiful. The blooms on the buffet are fake ones though. 

Spring is my second favorite season, right behind fall. 
I love everything about the season....well, everything except the allergens! 

The air just smells fresher in the spring, doesn't it? Makes me want to hang laundry on a line outside. I used to do that a lot...but haven't in years! Maybe I'll have my hubby put a line up for me again. Nothing smells better than freshly laundered clothes that have been dried in the fresh, outdoor air!

But, my favorite thing about spring is the sunshine! 
I love spending time outdoors and feeling the sun warm my skin. 

What is your favorite part of spring? 

Just a short post tonight, but I am really tired! Worked all day and then helped hostess a Premier Jewelry party with some friends to raise money for my friend Heather and her colon cancer battle. She is doing well and is currently in Philadelphia receiving treatment. Hope your week is going well.
Until next time.....


  1. So sweet! I love your spring decoration on the buffet.

    Praying for Heather...may God's strength surround her, her family and friends.

  2. Love the fresh look of the milk glass! Happy Spring...

  3. Spring means getting my hands into the soil, cleaning out the container gardens around the yard, primping rusty stuff for the yard, and buying flats of annuals to spread color across the yard. It is all about the yard!

  4. I love your Displays to welcome Spring. I am so hooked on that pale blue and pale greens lately..I can't want for it more. It's kind of funny; when I was growing up my bedroom was a very pale green color. I thought it was awful and swore I would never, NEVER look at that color again but instead I'm drawn to it now. Everything looks wonderful!

  5. Vicky your Spring display is perfect! Love the scrabble letters! Thinking of your friend and wishing her good healing. Hugs, Linda

  6. Love your spring display.

    I hope your spring break isn't too far off.

  7. I love your spring vignette. I still hang my laundry on a line in the garden. You should definitely ask for one, it's one of my pleasures in spring!


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