Monday, March 24, 2014

A Beautiful Weekend Getaway!

Hello friends and happy Monday! I'm thrilled to be sitting at home today and enjoying day 4 of my spring break. I got home from visiting my daughter yesterday but was really tired and didn't get to post about my trip. I started but fell! I got up early Friday morning to get my house in order before I left. I cannot leave unless my house is very clean and orderly..even though it never is when I! I also had to run to the grocery to get a few easy cook items for the hubby and son and my mom rode with me. We found a new consignment boutique while we were out and about. I bought only a pair of sandals, but they had some really nice things and I will visit again. Anywho, I left Friday afternoon and stopped at a Goodwill on the way. It was the only thrift store I visited on my trip and it was so overpriced, I only purchased two half price books which I didn't bother to photograph. After my quick run into the Goodwill, I headed on to Tallahassee. I met Randa at her condo and then we headed out for a fun evening.
You may be wondering why I have a picture of my feet below....two reasons....first, these are the cute and I believe new thrifty sandals I bought for $5. And new pedicure Miranda treated me to! A nice pedi always makes me happy and my not so lovely feet look so much better...:)

After we got our pedis, we went next door to World Market where I bought a couple little things.
This tiny white pitcher (creamer) had to come home and join my collection. 

It is right at home here...:)

I also bought this sweet little moss covered basket for Easter decorating. 

After that, we went to a great burger place called Vertigo. I had the Texican Twist burger which was a mixture of chorizo and ground beef patty with roasted peppers, caramelized onions,  pepperjack cheese, and a creamy avocado-lime sauce...YUM! 
See below....

After we ate, we went back to Randa's place and watched Frozen, since neither of us had seen it. It was really good...I love Disney movies! The next morning, we got up and got ready and headed out to Thomasville, Georgia which is only about a half hour from Tallahassee. I had never been there before, but I will definitely be visiting again. It is such a charming, historic town, the type you can park in downtown and walk all over to the restaurants and shops. This is my favorite type of place to visit...:) So, the first thing we did after we parked, was go to lunch. We hadn't eaten breakfast, so we were really hungry. Miranda had visited this place before and I couldn't wait. We dined at Jonah's Fish and Grits, which is a refined, southern twist on the English concept of fish and chips. This place has been featured in Southern Living magazine so you know it's good! They have made quite a name for themselves which is understandable when you try their food! I am definitely a person who seeks out new places and dishes to try. I love foods that are full of flavor and have a unique that is a little out of the ordinary. This place offered that for me...:)

Their lighting was so pretty.....

I loved the wooden boat (half a boat) above the door...

On to the food...:)
Miranda had told me how delicious the hush puppies were, so we ordered the appetizer. They are served with honey butter. This was a new twist for me....and let me say this....oh my, it was amazing! I am a honey butter fan and slathered over a melt in your mouth hush was so delicious! Note the sweet tea next to my can't eat at a place like this and not drink sweet tea! I have concocted a copycat recipe in my head and if I try it and they are good, I will share!

Here is Miranda's meal...fried shrimp and grits. Their grits have white cheddar in them which sets them apart and is so delicious! The shrimp were huge!

Here is my meal...shrimp and grits. 
This was hands down, one of the best meals I have ever eaten.
It consisted of sauteed shrimp, bacon, and chives, in a light cream sauce drizzled over roasted veggies (squash and zucchini, red and yellow bell pepper) and white cheddar grits. 
Oh my! I wish I had another bowl right about now...:)

OK....I'll stop tempting you with all the food! After lunch, we walked around Thomasville and visited several quaint, little shops. Here's Miranda beside a sidewalk clock. Oh, did I mention, the spring weather could not have been more perfect!

A few photos taken in shops...check out the legs of this table....poodles!

This cloche withe the huge wooden ball on top was really unique.

Loved the wagon wheel with white lights.

This kitchen store was color coordinated. 
So pretty...:) I love the way these shops stage their items...I would love to own my own shop some day!

Check out the beautiful brick paved streets. And, the huge flower pots on every corner were just gorgeous!

The historic architecture was so gorgeous...

So, on to what I bought while we were there. Only two things! The first was this sweet little galvanized cross ornament. I will write the date, location, and memory on the back and add it to my Christmas tree this year.

I bought this silver trivet at an antiques shop. I fell in love the instant I saw the H in the middle. It will be added to my plate wall that I am collecting items for. It needs a good cleaning, but I love it! It was marked $10 but ended up only costing $6...:)

The H is so pretty...

So, after we walked around and checked out all the shops, we headed back to Tally and did a little shopping at Old Navy & Marshall's. I bought 3 new shirts at Old Navy but didn't take a picture of them...sorry! I bought this awesome metal dust pan at Marshall's...hard to tell, but it's aqua blue. I also bought the hand broom to go with it. 

They will look great hanging in my laundry room.

I also bought this sweet little creamer. It is ceramic and shaped like a milk it!

And of course, it had to join my cow creamers and butter bell. 

After shopping, we went to the grocery store and Miranda bought the ingredients needed for spaghetti and we went back to her place for the evening. I wasn't feeling good at all that evening, so she ended up cooking for me and we went to bed early. I felt much better the next morning. I was so happy since I really waned to go to church with her and hear her sing! Not the best picture, but that's her on the left...:) I love to hear her sing!

After a lovely service with a great message, we headed out to lunch. We opted for Mexican which we both love! I forgot to take a picture this time...:( We split an appetizer of queso with mushrooms and a chimichanga trio. Very tasty! We decided to run to Target after lunch to pick up a few things. I bought some necessities and a necklace, but also some crafty things from the Dollar Spot.
Well, actually the pack of ribbon came from Marshall's but I grouped it with the crafty things from Target.

After shopping, we went back to Randa's place so I could pack and get ready to head back home. I had the best weekend...any time spent with my Randa is the best though! I can't wait to go back again. Thank you Randa for a beautiful weekend.....I love you! 

You can get to know Miranda over at Miranda Writes. She is truly gifted at writing and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. Go read a few of her posts...especially her Fiction on Friday posts. You'll agree with me! I pray that someday her dream of becoming a published author will be realized! 
Anywho, now that I am back to reality, I am getting off the computer and getting started on my spring cleaning list. I hope to accomplish the majority of the list this week. Have a blessed and beautiful week my friends!

Until next time.....


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.. and some awesome food! We watched the movie frozen just the other day as well.. :0) Have a great spring break week... -Tina

  2. What a fun weekend. I love Thomasville and haven't been there in years, but it has always been such a charming downtown area. The food look awesome. Love your toes, I need a pedi!! The trivet with the H is so pretty, great find for you! Hugs, LInda

  3. Hi Vicky, I'm so glad that you are on spring vacation and it looks like you had a fun weekend. TFS everything and have fun.

  4. Anything involving food, fun, family and shopping is sure to be a great start to a spring break. Don't work too hard and make us something pretty!

  5. Great post! You made me want to visit Thomasville and eat some shrimp and grits. :) You daughter is a beautiful girl.

  6. Well I don't know about you but I certainly enjoyed your weekend with Miranda. Great story, great photos and just all around great time. Thanks for sharing!

    And thanks for letting us know about Miranda's blog...I'll check it out.

  7. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! I love all of your purchases, but the time with your daughter was the best.

    1. Thanks Bev...and you are so right! The time spent with Randa was the best...:)

      Blessings, Vicky

  8. What a charming weekend! And a pedicure - you lucky girl! That sounds heavenly right now :)

    Your new items are beautiful and I am sure they are quite lovely in your home. Love and hugs to you, friend!

  9. Hi Vicky! I'm going to stop by and visit Miranda. I love your weekend and I think I would have enjoyed all of your stops. Your sandlas are so cute and you've convinced me I need a pedicure, too. And some shrimp!

    1. Thanks for visiting Carol. I hope you enjoy your visit with Miranda too! My weekend was just lovely. I can't wait to go again. Oh...enjoy your pedicure....pure bliss!

      Blessings, Vicky

  10. I'm glad you had some time off to visit your daughter. It seems like you had a really nice time. Love the creamers you found.


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