Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Fun Day Out.....:)

Happy Sunday! I have some finds to share today. I haven't had much time to go treasure hunting lately, but that's just as well since I am trying to purge some of my stuff and not drag home so much. All part of doing BETTER this year...:) I've been very successful this year with doing better in many areas of my life. I am quite proud of a couple accomplishments I have made recently concerning my health and I will share those sometime soon, but for today I will share the things I deemed worthy of dragging home on our yard sale/flea market day out yesterday. I am proud of myself for purchasing mostly things that have been on my list that I have been needing/wanting. 

First up is this adorable little milk glass mixing bowl. I have been working on replacing dishes in my kitchen with mostly white pieces, so this was a must have....especially for $0.25! It is in perfect condition.

This beautiful baking dish also had to come home with me. It is quite large and also in perfect condition. 
It was $3.

This little frame will be cute painted a bright color and it was just $0.10. The print inside is pretty and I just may keep it. It's a little more country than I typically like but I love the old pitcher pump and the barn in the background. Reminds me of childhood at my Granny (Willie Mae) and Grandpa's house...:)

This little cutie had to come home with me. It will probably become a coffee scoop. I love the heart shape and the handle says a heap of love...:) It was $0.25. I have been wanting some scoops so I was happy to find this one so cheap.

Two iPhone 4 cases for $0.75 each. I love both of them and couldn't pass them up. 
They look brand new!

Of course, this apothecary jar came home with me. I didn't have one like it and you know I love and collect these sweet little jars. Not only that, I actually USE every one of them. This little beauty was just $1.

Did you notice those sweet Fire King cups behind the jar? I was tickled to find two more that I didn't have to add to my collection. I paid more for these than the ones I bought in Amish country last year, but they are in perfect condition, so I didn't mind. I hardly ever find them! I found them in the antique mall at the flea market. This place is absolutely enormous. I was totally overwhelmed with all the things to look at. I could have been in there for 24 hours and still not noticed everything there! These were in a half price booth, so I paid $3 each for them. I have been wanting the tulip one since I first saw one online!

The flea market has a really nice kitchen store in it, so these next few things are new items I bought but at great prices. I was excited to find a honey dipper. I have been needing one for the little honey pot I thrifted a while back.

I have been needing a meat tenderizer forever. This one will last a lifetime!

Like I said earlier, I have been wanting some scoops for a while too and found some today. They had all sizes, but I just bought two of the smallest ones. 

And now for my last and favorite find of the day! 
A Scrabble game....

You might wonder why this is my favorite find of the day, but I have been wanting one for the longest time. I love the way people are using the little wooden trays and letter tiles in vignettes. I love the look! So, I was thrilled to

find one! This one is vintage...from the 50's and in perfect condition! There was even a vintage notepad in the box as well. See below. The price is printed on the right side....$0.10. The paper was linen. They used it to keep score because there was still handwriting in it. I like the graphic design of the cover.

So, that's it! Much less loot than I normally drag home, but I am happy about that. I did purchase some beans, okra, asparagus, sweet peppers, red potatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries! Yum! I also purchased something from Harbor Freight (yes, the tool store) for my craft room, but I'm not sharing that until I give it a makeover...:) Enjoy your Sunday friends and have a wonderful week!



  1. Hi Vicky..
    What a great deal on the scrabble game, wow! That mixing bowl is really neat, and looks heavy! I have thought about switching over to white dishes, (plates/mugs/bowls) but haven't yet... it seems it would be a lot easier for everything to coordinate if it was all the same color (and a fairly easy to find color). I have tan & orange currently and love them, but know it would probably be hard to find replacements if something cracks/breaks! So maybe someday... :0) Have a great day.

  2. Love the white bowl and the Fire King and I still have our old Scrabble set! It looks just like that one, shows how old I am!!! :) Great finds!

  3. I love looking at all your loot! And I am sooooooo envious of all the fresh produce you got, we are buried under a foot of snow here and wondering when or if it will melt. I love scrabble games too and scoop 'em up...if I find any.

  4. Love the little FireKing cups - and Scrabble... oh my goodness I hunted for about a year hoping to find one because I needed the tiles to finish a photo frame project. I never did find a game, but I did finally find a bowl full of tiles at a local antique mall! LOL So glad you had a wonderful day!

  5. Such good finds. Love the sweet fire king cups. Those Scrabble games are hard to find, I always look, but have ever only found one. Good for you Vicky!

  6. I like that mixing bowl you found, then I fell in love with the wooden frame, then with the heartshaped scoop!

  7. A fun day out, indeed! So many treasures, Vicky, and those scoops are too cute! Your prices always amaze me :)

    Love and hugs, dear friend!

  8. You did a really great job finding fun stuff you can use! I'm still buying thrifty things but much less then before also. Love the Fire King cups!!
    hugs, Linda

  9. Scrabble games are very hard to find around here and when you do find one, it is at least five to ten dollars for one like you found. Love that batter bowl. For some reason I have become addicted to these even though I never use them! Glad you had a fun weekend. I traveled, shopped, painted, and tagged. I am pooped and the yard clean-up for spring starts tomorrow.

  10. Great finds! I really love that baking dish, just beautiful.


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