Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Walk and a Few Finds!

Care to go walking with me? In the midst of my spring cleaning, I have carved out time to do things that feed the soul. One of those things are my evening walks. I met mama down the road and she had a little treat for me. Check out these huge grapes! She bought them at Sam's Club. I have never seen such huge grapes in my life. I thought they were plums to begin!

We walked down Willie Mae Lane to my Aunt Loretta's house for a short visit.  This pine tree branch frames the goat pasture beautifully. You can even see one of the goats if you look close.

So pretty close-up.

The wild grapevine is budding out. These fresh, tiny leaves are so pretty. we Aunt Loretta's place. Aren't her azaleas just gorgeous? Chip is getting up from his resting spot to greet us.

The wild ivy trails down from the live oak tree in huge clusters.

The bridal wreath blooms are so fresh..I love the crisp white.

Love this shot with the old cattle trailer in the background...and a glimpse of the old shed.

The sun was setting and shining through the green glass of the hummingbird feeder. This reminds me I need to fill mine so I will get some of the little visitors. The lavender wisteria is the perfect companion to the arbor.

This old metal bird house is so charming with all the layers of chippy paint and an old nest peeping out the hole.

We had a lovely visit with Aunt Loretta but had to get back home before dark, so we headed back up Willie Mae Lane. Along the way, I noticed two large lime rock and one asphalt from our road that is partially covered in milling. I kicked them to the side of the road one at a time and this is where they came to a rest. I promise I didn't stage them...:) I do love a sweet vignette, but this would be going too far! Even my sharing the picture is going a little too far...I promise I'm not!
I thought it was pretty and I instantly though of the old song...Ebony & Ivory. Remember it? Ebony and together in perfect harmony. Side by side on my piano keyboard oh lord why don't we.

Here...just listen to it yourself...:)

Remember above I said I have been carving out a little time to have some fun. Well, today I went to Gainesville with my mom after I dropped Sadie off a the vet to be spayed. We had a great day! We ate a delicious lunch at 4 Rivers Smokehouse, then went to the Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity ReStore. That was my first trip there and I was disappointed with the prices. Way too high! I did get a couple little things....and a few free books. I love these old books to decorate with. One of the things I will share soon and the other is to put in my Etsy shop. 

I bought this ginormous dictionary for some projects I have in mind for my Etsy shop. It weighs just under 10 pounds. I know because I weighed it on my new postal scale that had been delivered while I was out and about...:) I paid $5 for it but will make way more than that off the projects I have in mind.

I was really good today and passed up several items I normally would have tossed in my cart. I am trying really hard to only buy things I have a definite plan for or that are on my list. At the Goodwill, I found something that made me swoon! Check out this grey jacquard fabric below. It is a huge piece...approximately 5'X10'. It is hemmed on all edges and I believe it was a tablecloth. I'll be using it, along with a couple other fabrics to create a gorgeous new comforter for my bed. I am beyond thrilled with this was $4.99!

I laid it on top of my existing comforter to get a feel for it and I am going to love it! I've been scouring for the past hour looking for some companion prints to finish it and to make curtains with. Excited about my new project...:)

Did you notice that amazing pillow? I purchased it a few weeks ago to put away until I get everything together for my room redo. It is burlap with silver glitter...I am in love with it. It is going to be perfect with the room I have envisioned!

I bought a few other items at the Goodwill...three for resale and one to redo before I share. I also bought this unopened package of doilies to use in my Etsy packaging. They were only $0.99.

So, that's it! Much less than my usual...right? We went to Sam's Club and I bought some grocery items and then we headed home. It was a really nice day out with mama....always is! the way, Sadie made it through her surgery and is currently snoozing on the couch. She is so groggy and disoriented from the anesthesia. Poor baby...:( I'm sure she'll be feeling a little more normal tomorrow. Have a fantastic Friday everyone. I am hoping to get the paint out tomorrow so maybe I will have a new project to share soon! 

Until next time.....


  1. Sounds like a very busy but great day Vicky. I am intrigued with your plans for the dictionary...can't wait to see what you have in mind.

    So happy Sadie's procedure went well...give her a pet from me!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me; I love the time I can spend with my mom. Interesting story about the rocks...I remember the song well. Thanks so much for sharing with us:-)

  3. Oh I love seeing those azaleas and the spring greens! You found some great deals again!

  4. It looks like you live in paradise Vicky - how gorgeous !!!
    Loving that fabric you found - what a great idea to make a comforter - it looks beautiful on your bed already - I'd probably just leave it like that lol
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. A lovely walk and once again some great finds! When I first saw your photo of the grapes in my blog roll I thought, plums? already?? xx

  6. Lovely photos! Once again, your bargains are wonderful and I love that cloth as well.

  7. Those grapes are gi-normous! Nice walk and such pretty photos. I admire your restraint while shopping. Love the fabric you chose for your bed.

  8. Vicky you walk was lovely and thanks for taking me with you. What a fun day with your Mom and I love that piece of fabric, it will be gorgeous on your bed! Glad Sadie is doing well. This week has flown by hasn't it!
    hugs, Linda

  9. The pictures you took are amazing, they capture the sun shining in a beautiful way. Wishing Sadie a speedy recovery! Enjoy the weekend, before I guess, going back to scool. Or is your break longer?


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