Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

Well, my spring break is officially half over as of today, but it's all good! 
I've managed to check several things off my to do list already and that makes me happy! I have been cleaning and purging, purging and cleaning. 
Here is one pile of stuff I am getting rid of. All of this is joining my Etsy inventory....woo hoo! I am trying to simplify and getting rid of anything I am not in love with. That includes my decanter collection, several pieces of china, a Princess House Heritage crystal candle centerpiece and several other items. One of my decanters is pretty valuable, so that makes it worth getting rid of to me! I forgot to take a picture of all the stuff I hauled to consignment today, but to give you an idea of how much...I drive a Ford Expedition and the entire back was filled! It feels so good to be getting rid of so much stuff. Great thing is I have more since I haven't even started cleaning in my bedroom yet and I will make money on all my stuff in consignment....money that I can use for home improvements.

After I hauled all my junk to consignment, my mom and I made a stop by one of my favorite thrift stores to look around. I know, I know...you're thinking I'm crazy since I just hauled off a bunch of stuff, but I am being very selective in what I bring home now and there are several things I am looking for. I love to go thrifting and that will never change...lol! 
I bought two things for the guest room...a white eyelet lace bed skirt and throw pillow. 

Here is the bed skirt. It was a great deal at just over $2. I have been wanting a white bed skirt since we finished the room. It pays to be patient!

You can see the little pillow front and center here. They other two crocheted pillows are thrifty finds from a couple months ago.

While I was in the guest room, I cleaned out and organized my decor closet.
Yes, this is organized...lol!

The bottom shelf holds various flower pots and larger items such as trays and candle holders. The shelf just above it holds a variety of items I decorate with seasonally.

This shelf holds more flower pots, vases, bottles, bird cages and other items.

The top shelf holds silk flowers and greenery. I even got rid of a few things from the closet while I was organizing!

OK...back to my thrifty finds. I loved this little silver dish by Community. It is so pretty. I love using silver pieces to decorate with....it's so versatile. It was around $2.

I bought these two beautiful plates...one for my plate wall I'm planning, and one to resell. The lady that owns the thrift store said they belonged to family friends. They received the set of china for a wedding gift and they have been married for 53 or 54 years. These were the last two pieces. They were $2.22 each.

Look at the pattern up close...so pretty. Love the aqua blue and greys.

This little piece was such a good price that I bought it to resell. 
This side has a pink rose.....

and the other side has a yellow rose. So pretty!

I also bought these two vintage pedestal coffee cups to resell. 
They are so retro and they were a steal!

Here are the three pieces I have collected so far for my future plate wall. I am loving all these pieces.

I cleaned the silver trivet I bought over the weekend and it looks so good!

I decided to hang Sadie's blankets out on the line to dry today since it was pretty out. I went out to get them a bit ago and noticed how pretty the sun looked through the trees as it was setting. I happened to have my camera in my pocket so I snapped a picture to share. Love it and I love having a clothes line again. Nothing smells better than fresh, line-dried laundry!

Have a wonderful week my friends! I'm off to do some more purging and cleaning.
Until next time.....



  1. Happy Spring Break! Looks like you've been busy! Great finds!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! Have a great week.
      Blessings, Vicky

  2. You have been very productive Vicky! Watch that pedicure! :)

  3. Oh, wow, do you do house calls? How in the world did you get all that done? Go do something fun now.

  4. Doesn't it feel good to get things organized and purged? I love that pitcher! Great finds.

  5. I need inspiration to do some spring cleaning! Maybe if it stops snowing and warms up I'll get it, lol. Taking stuff to my consignment tomorrow. I does feel good, but like you I stop at the thrift on my way home too. ;) Nothing wrong with that, it's our hobby, right? LOVE the bedroom, you scored on that.

  6. It does feel so good to let go of things! I have been downsizing and yet I still thrift shop! So glad you are finding a way to sell some of your treasures!
    hugs, Linda

  7. Dear Vicky, You are so cute! I think it is fun to thrift shop, but I have really slowed it down to a trickle. I can always enjoy your finds through your trips and bargains! Hope your vacation is giving you some rest and fun, not to mention the feelings we enjoy after a good spring cleaning.
    Blessings to you my friend! Roxy

  8. You scored on that eyelet bedskirt!!! Excellent deal and I would have snapped it up too. Maybe some day I'll be able to start parting with some of this stuff....maybe never. It's so much fun to find real deals on things we love! Have a great week!

  9. Oh Vicky you are naughty, or was that intentional to fill the gaps left by your cleaning and purging?? I love the bed skirt, it's soooo pretty! Now, back to the cleaning and no more buying!! xx

  10. Wow... you've been so busy Vicky! I love that silver tray and those red mugs. You're almost making me look forward to my spring cleaning... almost. lol.


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