Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thrifty Living Room Decor

Hello and how are you on this beautiful day? I am off for spring break this week (one of the perks of being a teacher!) so I am fabulous! Today I am sharing my living room decor....most of which was thrifted! I have enjoyed sprucing up with some of my recent thrifty finds! You can see them here, here, here, here, here, and here! I know....I know, that's a lot of here's, but if you are like me, you might want to see some of the other treasures I found! I love looking at all the great items some of my blog friends find! Sometimes I see something I love and then I look for the same or similar item when I'm out thrifting! Ok....enough talk, let me show you my living room decor.
 If you are into the perfectly put together designer look, then you might not want to proceed.....however, if you're into eclectic, mismatched, second-hand treasures, then stick around for the tour!

The first few pictures feature a side table. I love this little vignette.  I think it works well together!
The little plant and white dish are weekend finds! The blue glass bottle was actually a Dollar General find. I thought it was very pretty and I love the color...it was only $2!

Excuse the water stain....my son!
Isn't it so pretty?
Just realized the top book is upside down...lol!

Next up is a side table by my sofa. It is my least favorite right now...I'm still tweaking it. I need to put another lighter colored book under the brown book and I need different greenery. 
Hey....it's a work in progress! The book, planter, owl, brass bell, and coaster are all thrifty finds!

I shared this table in a recent post and still love it, so I haven't changed it yet! Everything on the books was thrifted!  This table sits beside my love seat. I plan to replace all my side tables....eventually!

This is my version of a gallery wall behind it. The green mirror started out as a clock....one of my favorite projects ever!

On to my entertainment center. Here is an overall picture! I really want to elevate the tv about 6-8 inches, but have yet to find the perfect thing to use. I love this piece of furniture, but hope to eventually move it to another room and put a faux fireplace in...maybe!

OK....here are some close-ups of the decor on and in the unit.  We'll start with the left side of the unit and go from A to Z! I love my A-Z bookends my parents bought me for one of my college graduations years ago! They have always been a favorite! The A sits atop several classics that my late grandpa gave me. He used to order books from Reader's Digest and give them to me...:) I love these classics...they are so special to me! Beside them sits a pretty aqua blue decanter that I bought from Burlington Coat Factory a few years ago. (before my aqua obsession....maybe this started it!) A little faux greenery completes the vignette.

This is the left side of the center unit. More classics topped with a pretty green thrifted vase site on the far left. My gorgeous candy apple red, favorite scripture plate (a gift from my daughter and another favorite) sits in the center, and a sweet little spring welcome sign sits in front.

 Here's the right side of the center unit. The Fleur de lis was a thrifty find as was the basket of greenery and the Thomas Kincade edition bible underneath.

This is the right side unit.....with more classic books, a pretty white ironstone pitcher with a bamboo look handle that was a thrifty find for just $1! The aqua blue ceramic piece in the back was thrifted as well. The Z finishes up this vignette...:)

Now....on to the inside of the side units. I haven't done anything with these since I put all my treasures back in after Christmas. (during Christmas I put my snowman collection in them with fake snow, snowflakes, and snowballs) Anywho, there are three shelves in each one. These first three shelves are the top, middle, and bottom shelf in the right side unit. The top holds books, my daughter's bronzed baby booties, a candle holder with pictures of my daughter from her post high school color guard days, a picture of my granny (where I got my blog name....read about it here), and grandpa (the one who gave me all the books), a picture of my daughter sitting on campus at FSU framed with garnet & gold stones, and a pretty thrifted silver over glass candy dish. I think I gave $1 for it....much less than this one on ETSY!

The second shelf holds my son's bronzed baby booties, more books, a decorative container (gift from my mom) with a picture of my parents on their wedding day, and one of my favorite thrifty finds ever....a vintage bowl with two scenes from Dickens on the sides. At Christmas, I display it with my collection of A Christmas Carol books.

Bottom shelf is lots more books and some souvenirs from out west.

The left side unit top shelf holds a wedding frame with a picture of Joey and I on our wedding day, as well as a smaller frame holding pictures of Joey and I when we were babies...:) The lovebirds usually sit here as well...:) The last thing on this shelf is a candle holder with an etched H for Hunt (a gift from my daughter).

The second shelf holds even more books along with a few NYC and Washington DC mementos from trips with my kiddos!

Bottom shelf holds the rest of my classics along with some other books, a pretty piece of stone from the Smithsonian Museum in DC, a pewter family tree with pics of my kids, and a sweet little wooden box my daughter decorated for me years ago. (note the chewed corner where the dog got  hold of it as a puppy....lol)

Well, that's it....for now! I hope I didn't bore you to tears. The hubs and I do have big plans for this room....when we get the cash to do it! I am just working with what I have for now and am grateful for it! Eventually all my books will go in my little library area, but I have to build more shelves before then as I have run out of room! I only have a few....ahem, several hundred books! I LOVE books....reading them.....looking at them.....the smell of them.....everything about them!
Until next time.....


  1. Love those letters and all your books and fun finds. It's fun putting everything together, isn't it!

    1. It sure is....and I love moving things around from room to room too!


  2. This blog is really informative i really had fun reading it.


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