Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Old Bottles, Vintage Sheets, & a Wooden Ladder...Oh My!

Hello everyone! I can't believe my spring break is half over and I haven't gotten much crossed off my to do list! I have however had lots of fun and some great luck thrift shopping! You can read about my weekend here! I also managed to find a few treasures every day this week as well! 

Monday's treasures didn't cost me a dime and they mean a lot to me! My Granny Valentine used to love to dig up old bottles and dug up hundreds over the years. My daddy had a bunch of them in an old barrel and we went through them Monday. I picked out several pretty old aqua and green ones to bring home as well as a few old soda bottles. Here are a couple pictures of them on my daddy's workshop table. This is not all of them either! Aren't they pretty? Look at the tall blue one with the glass stopper in the top....I bought that one home! I also bought the white milk glass one home..:)

My son liked the amber colored bottles and picked a couple out for himself as well!

Here are a few of the soda bottles I picked out. Look at the pretty shapes, details, and colors!

My mom also had a few vintage sheets that someone gave her that she passed on to me. I love the faded look ad feel of vintage sheets. I want to come up with something to make with them! These two were my favorites.

Love the pretty pink tatting on this one...:)

Yesterday,  I had to go buy some groceries and while I was gone, I made a quick run into TJ Maxx. I mean....who can pass by without stopping! I found a few small items there. 
First up was this precious little white bird trinket box. I needed something more to go on this table and it fits perfectly! It was just $3.99.

I also found this pretty open weave burlap place mat which I am using on my side table. 
It was $1.99.

The last find at TJ Maxx was this ironstone muffin it! It was $5.99!

Today, I had to take my son shopping for some new clothes for his Panama City Beach trip! (He is going with his best friends, courtesy of one of the mom's and sisters. He goes with this friend every year and has a blast!) We went to Beall's Outlet because they have such awesome deals! I found this cute little lantern for myself for $5.99! 

Anywho, after shopping for him, I took him to get his hair cut and his barber happens to have one of my favorite little junky thrift stores in his shop! So...of course I had to go in and look while Dakota was getting his hair cut! Look what all I found...well, except the lantern!

First is this precious little pearl white nativity set I got for $1. I need to find a twig to use for Joseph's staff (no problem since I have a bout a billion to choose from right out my door!) and they are as good as new. Such a pretty little set!

Next us are these cool architectural pieces. They have hangers to hang on the wall, but I have other plans for them! The pale aqua color is gorgeous! They were a quarter each...:)

I have been wanting a white soup tureen for a while now to add to my white collection and this three piece set was only $3.....oh so excited about this find!

I found an unopened package of what I thought was a battenburg lace tablecloth, but when I opened it, it was two beautiful pillowcases that will be perfect in my spare bedroom! They are brand new and were just .25 cents for the pair!

I also found this pretty table runner for .25 cents on the same table. I put my iPhone on it so you can see the this piece! (Oh! I forgot the phone cover was a find yesterday as well...$3.99 at Rue 21! Love me some chevron!)

And....the last thing I found was the ladder you saw in the above picture! It was in perfect condition and was only $5!!! I could not believe it! I am thinking about whitewashing it, but am not sure yet. I am going to use it as a bookshelf I think. Love it...:) 
I think $10 for all those treasures is a steal! I am so happy I took Dakota for a haircut!

I'm linking up with Diann over at The Thrifty Groove for Thrifty Things Friday....go check her out!

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  1. The bottles have such pretty shapes and colours! But what I'm really jealous of is the ironstone muffin pan... I've been looking for one for two years now... But you give me hope: maybe one day, I'll find mine!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Magali! The place I got the muffin pan also had a larger one that holds 12 also. I might get it on my next trip...if they still have one. I had never seen one before that day and just fell in love...:) Good luck finding one....I love the thrill of the hunt!

      Blessings, Vicky

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  3. Wow.. great finds! I have a bunch of old bottles too.. don't make them like that anymore. :0)


    1. Thanks for stopping by Tina! You're right....they don't make them like that anymore! I think that's why I love old stuff so much.... & I want to preserve it!

      Blessings, Vicky

  4. Hi Vicky! So glad you came by Quirky Vistas today and thanks for following. I'm following you now as well. I love your blog. Looks like you're right. You and I have a lot in common. Wow, those bottles are amazing! So many shapes, sizes and colors. I've heard others tell of digging bottles up. I've never heard of that here. So cool. Love all the great finds you made this week. I'm off to read some of your other posts now.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! My mom said that people used to bury their trash, so that is why people dig for bottles. Makes you wonder what other treasures may be underground...:) I think I read about 15-20 of your older posts today....and will be going back to read more!

      Blessings, Vicky

  5. Oooooh love the old bottles, and I always enjoy seeing the little vignettes you create with all your wonderful finds. Your cards from Vista Print (shown in your other post) turned out great, by the way! I purchased some from them for another website I've got going, and I was really pleased with them.

    1. Thanks Janet! The old bottles are so pretty and very special to me...:) I do love Vista Print and every now and then they have some excellent deals! Looking forward to your next post...:)



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