Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hobo Love

Today I decided to share some photos from a restaurant my hubby, son, and mother-in-law ate at for lunch! The place is called Hobo's and when I got there and saw the decor, I understood the name. If you look at the sign, you will notice it looks like the front of a train. The place was decorated with lots of train memorabilia. I fell in love with the place and had to share! 

Hobo's is located in a neighboring county in the quaint little town of Trenton. The building it is located in is very old and has tons of character already and the decor they chose complements it so well! The photo below shows part of the entry. Notice the stained glass hanging beyond the ceiling fan. There was stained glass everywhere!

This is another view of the the lighted lamp post!

I love this gorgeous plank wall with the chippy paint and some of the boards painted blue and distressed. I think this has inspired me to create a plank wall in my guest room! I love the beautiful iron scrolls along the half wall. There is a dining area on the other side of the wall.

Speaking of dining areas....check out the table where we sat. The tables had tons of train memorabilia under the polyurethane. So cool!

 Excuse the's from the light fixtures hanging over the table. Here's an old ticket stub...again, so cool!

You can see the back of the booth bench behind my son (Yes....he is a goof-ball! He thinks I am crazy with all my picture taking!) The bead board was painted black....very classy! You can see a light fixture hanging over another booth like the one over our table in this photo too, as well as some more beautiful stained glass hanging there at the end. Love the lanterns along the divider wall as well. 

Here's a close-up of one. 

The brick trim (I think it was faux brick...still loved it though!) was so pretty over the windows.
My hubby would not be happy that I put this on here! The wall light fixture and pretty chippy painted frame across the way were so pretty. These pictures were taken with my i-phone and some of them not so great...sorry!

This picture is my favorite! I love the painting in the background and the beautiful stained glass chandelier. A different style hung in each corner of the room. 

This was in the bathroom...thankfully it was a bathroom for one, so people wouldn't think I was crazy snapping pictures in the bathroom!

Another one of the bathroom. I loved the suede like finish on the bottom of the walls.
The hooks you see have little birds at the top.

I loved this little sitting area near the restroom. The little yellow side table between the chairs was just too sweet!

This one of the reflective railroad crossing sign is looks like it is lit up!

Last one is the cover of the menu. The food was as enjoyable as the decor. I had the special of the day which was a Caribbean chicken and shrimp dish with mango salsa....yum! I wish I had remembered to snap a picture before I started eating! Oh....I also loved that they bought our meals out on different plates. I think someone went to all the yard sales and thrift stores they could find and purchased orphan plates to use....which I thought was an awesome idea since I'm all about using vintage and thrifty things!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the Hobo's tour! I can't wait to go back and check out the other end of the restaurant. I love places that have interesting things to look at while you wait for your food. How about you? What is your favorite type of restaurant?

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  1. What a cute place, I'm glad you shared. I love going to different & unique places.

    1. Thanks for visiting Linda....I'm off to check out your blog now!


  2. This looks like an adorable place. So fun to find these places.

    1. sure is! Thanks for stopping by!



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