Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thrifty Thrills!

Hi everyone! I first want to warn you.....this is a ridiculously long post! So, if you stick around to the end I'll be impressed! I wanted to share the treasures I found over the weekend! If you read yesterday's post, you know I was about to head out to a city-wide yard sale in a neighboring town. I went with my sister and my Aunt Loretta. (she's the one who gives me so many treasures!) Boy am I glad I went....I found so many goodies! First find of the weekend was this ceramic berry basket from Crate & Barrel for $2. I found this one on my way home after work Friday. I have been wanting one of these...and it's white! My kitchen is going to be mainly black and white (with pops of color) when I redo it!

Everything else was found yesterday....:)
First up is a cute little white pitcher (creamer) I got for $1.

Next up is the wooden base you see under this cloche. I had the cloche already, but it didn't have a base. Well, now it does and it was only fifty cents! I may paint it but I am not sure yet!

I have been wanting one of these pretty painted trays for a while and I found this small one for $1. I love the black background...:)

This gorgeous polished cotton fabric was a steal at $5. There is about 4-5 yards. I am thinking about using it to make a duvet for my bed. The green matches the beautiful green glass on the vintage lamps I found recently. You can see them here. They may become nightstand lamps instead of buffet lamps!

This gorgeous little Noritake footed bowl was $2. I will probably sell it in my ETSY store that I plan to open over my upcoming Spring Break!

Look at the sweet gold detailing on the feet!

I fell in LOVE with this gorgeous cut glass pendant light fixture. It needs to be completely rewired, but I can just picture it hanging over my kitchen sink when I redo the kitchen....or perhaps in one of the bathrooms or the laundry room!

These little antique seam rollers were only $1 for all 3. I will list these in my store. I found similar ones online for $12-$40 each!

This Buffalo China cup was too pretty in aqua blue and white to pass up! It was $2 and will probably be displayed in my kitchen.


This pretty brass ship's bell was only $2. I found similar ones for $15-$50 so I will probably research it some more and sell it in my store.

This sweet little vintage mushroom planter was $1 and will also be going into my store!

This next one is one of my favorites. It is Bavarian, hand-painted china and is probably 100 years old! I gave $4 for it and am having a hard time deciding whether to keep it or sell it! It is beautiful...and I love poppies, but I really don't need to start another collection!

I thought this cute little pail needed to come home with me and live on my porch I am hoping to build this summer! It is too cute for $1 and it can be repainted easily! I will probably plant some pansies or some other pretty flowers in it.

Ok....this is seriously one of my favorite finds of the day and my biggest splurge! It is a pewter horse head bookend. I am debating on whether to paint him or not, but he will look fabulous perched on my bookshelves in my library when I finish it! I always wanted a horse when I was a kid!

Next up is a brand new candle for a mere $1. It is a pretty pink and will be used in my craft room! This one is brown sugar and fig and is sold at Bath & Body. I found the exact one on ebay for $18.99!!! Good grief!

I love decanters and this pretty, little jewel was $3. I plan to display my decanters on my library shelves some day. This makes three in my collection. I should probably sell them and someday I just might, but for now, I'm keeping them!

This pretty vintage pitcher was just $1. It is trimmed in gold and there is definitely some wear to the gold trim, but I can sell it for a lot more than $1 in my store so it was a deal!

I found a sweet little pitcher/vase with hand-painted violets to add to my collection. Isn't is gorgeous? It was $2!

This little brass bell has the prettiest sound. It was $1. I think I'll keep it. It is small and will look pretty displayed in vignettes.

This lovely Royal Albert cup and saucer had to come home with me for $1.50. The pattern name is Conway . It is so pretty with it's grey leaves...very unique coloring. I could sell it for $20-$30 but I'm not sure yet if I will or not. I kind of want to add it to my rose patterned china collection!

Here's another sweet little violet dish for my collection. It is a reticulated pin dish...too cute for $1!

This huge basket was $7, but I had to have it. The beautiful aqua blue chippy paint is so pretty. I will probably put it on my porch and add a few potted plants inside. You can see the little pin dish inside to see how huge it is...the pin dish is about 2-3 inches wide. It came in handy to carry my stuff in yesterday!

It's sitting on top of a chair here and hanging off both sides.

Shabby but lovely!

I had to get this beautiful little clock for $1. I like the way they look in vignettes and it is small enough to go under a cloche as well. 

This little vase was the prettiest shade of aqua. I am trying to incorporate it into my color scheme. I didn't care for the flowers painted on it, but turn it around and....the flowers disappear! I will place it on a stack of books or something and add a pop of aqua for only $1.

This little set of note cards was just a quarter.

These three decorative balls were a quarter each....they are also shades of aqua blue! They had original price tags on them or $4.99 each! Who would pay that!

I fell in love with this pretty Relic purse for $3. It is like new! The colors just sing spring...:) 
 Check this one out on ebay....crazy!

The aqua blue and white polka dot with the bright flowers is just so sweet.

I got this pretty little crocheted piece for a quarter...:)

This set of punch cups was just $1 for all nine! I needed them to go with a set of 7 vintage Federal glass snack plates that I got for $1 a few weeks ago. One day I hope to find the matching cups, but these will do for now.

Here they are together. I found a set of 6 plates with the original cups for $45 on ETSY! Too bad I don't have the original cups. The Federal glass plates are from the late fifties/early sixties. They have a pretty shape and raised swirled wheat design on the back. I think these cups look ok for now though. 

OK....the last and best deal of the day is this solid wood cabinet I got for only $5! I was so excited to find this vintage cabinet. It's pretty large....about 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall. It will work perfectly for my entry way I plan to create (I don't have an entry now.) when I remodel my living room. I plan to add some curvy new legs to it as well as some pretty trim pieces and replace the wood knobs with glass ones. I also plan to add a piece with sides and a top as well as one shelf and a mirror and then back the whole piece with bead board and paint it when I finish it! I will most likely paint everything white except the bead board back which I will probably paint turquoise or aqua blue. Who knows...but I can't wait to start working on it!

Love the old hinges!

The inside will hold lots of things Possibly our collection of board games!

I am thinking about adding these metal pieces to the doors. I love the look of appliques on wood pieces. You can see some gorgeous pieces at one of my favorite blogs.... 4 the Love of Wood. You can also see the beautiful home she and her husband created in a single wide mobile home! 
Amazing.....she truly inspires me...:)

Well...if you stuck around to the end, thank you! I know that was long, but I just had to share....:) 
Until next time....


  1. What treasures you found and for great buys! Love it all!

    1. It was definitely a fun & successful day! Thanks for stopping by...:) Vicky

  2. Replies
    1. favorite kind of day! Thanks for stopping by...:)

      Blessings, Vicky


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