Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wildflowers & Indian Fried Tacos!

Tonight I'm sharing a sweet little wildflower bouquet I picked on my evening walk and the yummy supper I cooked! Here's the sweet flowers I picked....pretty little lavender flowers, yellow buttercups, and a few little white flowers with yellow centers. 

Put them all together and you get this little bouquet...:) Not the most beautiful bouquet, but enough to make me smile...:)

After I returned home from my walk, I got busy in the kitchen cooking up some Indian fried bread for homemade tacos. I saw this recipe a few days ago here:

Lil at Cottage Sweet Cottage
I have been dying to make them since I saw this recipe....I love Mexican food...it's my favorite ethnic food! So flavorful...:) I also love bread and knew this would beat a regular old flour tortilla or corn shell! Boy was I right!!! You can see her blog on the laptop screen in the picture below....that's my cookbook lately! When I make a new recipe I find online, the laptop goes to the kitchen with me so I have the recipe handy. This enables me to read blogs as well if I have a few spare minutes.

Here's the dough.....

Here's the dough separated into little balls ready to roll out.....

Here's the dough after I rolled it out.....

Here's they are all fried up and ready to be eaten!

Finally, here they are plated up and ready for the hubs to eat! We (hubby, son, & me) all LOVED them! My son usually thinks things like this are too greasy, but he absolutely loved these. They each ate three of them! I made some corn with a little salsa mixed in as a side. It was yummy with the tacos! 

We will definitely be having these again soon! Be sure to go check Lil's blog out if you haven't ever visited her before! And if you like tacos.....I suggest making some Indian fried bread next time you make them! 
You won't regret it! 
Until next time..... 


  1. I'm SO glad you and the fam liked them! I thought they would be greasy too but they aren't and maybe that's due to the due being pretty dense? Not sure but that' what I was thinking lol.

    I was giddy when I saw my blog on your laptop. Thanks for the sweet plug! yay!!!

    1. We absolutely loved them! I am such a bread lover and Mexican food is so tasty! I could eat it 2 or 3 times a week...:) I'm thinking the same thing as far as them not being too greasy...they are dense! I absolutely wanted to give you credit where credit was due with the plug!

      Blessings, Vicky

  2. I think the wildflower posies that can be picked randomly are the best flower displays. I'm going to try the tacos as they sound absolutely delicious. Take care. Chel x

    1. I do love wildflowers....unfortunately we don't have a lot of variety, but if you look close enough, you can spot them....:) Definitely try the tacos....they were so delicious!

  3. I love the mix of wildflowers in your bouquet - quite colorful. I wish I could have one of those tacos - they look delicious. Unfortunately I am allergic to corn!

    1. Thanks Donna and there isn't any corn in the tacos! I just served the corn as a side with them. The Indian fried bread is flour based...:) They were so yummy and I am wishing I had one right now! :)

      Blessings, Vicky


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