Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Lovely Sunday Evening Walk

 I decided to share a some pictures from my evening walk's been a while since I did that. I love walking down Willie Mae Lane with my mama. We try to go every evening, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Yesterday it was stormy so we couldn't go and Friday she was not home to walk, so I really enjoyed going today! I'll share some pictures from our walk...:)

Here are my aunt and uncle's goats out enjoying an evening snack. The babies are so cute...:)

I try to see the beauty in the ordinary. Life is so busy most of the time and often people don't slow down to notice the little things in the big this wild fern growing on a pretty, old oak tree. 
God's handiwork never ceases to amaze me. 

I love the way this looks and how the tree heals itself after a limb is removed. 

Look how pretty the moon is in this picture. A ghostly orb in a sea of blue.

Heading back now....look how bright the setting sun is! See my dog Sassy waiting for us to catch up?

We have hundreds of squirrels so there are nests everywhere in the treetops. 

Our mom and dad's, aunt and uncle's, sister's, mine, and my cousin's! I used to deliver mail before I became a teacher and I think mailboxes are neat! You never know what surprise may be waiting behind the door...:)

Getting close to home I noticed the beautiful shade of green in the new growth on this bush...such a fresh color! It sings spring!

Home now and wandering around my yard...I am enjoying the last few blooms on my camellias...:) I love the soft shade of pink on this one!

I love how this picture of my hummingbird feeder turned out. I need to fill it soon....mama saw her first one today!

Inside now and getting ready to make a simple supper of egg salad. We had a big lunch (delicious by the way!) at my mother-in-laws earlier and just want something light. Fresh eggs from mama's chickens are just the ticket!

I hope you enjoyed walking with me today. I love taking you along...:) Prayers for a good week for all of you....I return to work tomorrow after 10 days off for spring break. I'm excited to see all my sweet 5th graders, but I could have used just another day or two! Oh well, summer break is not too far away!

Until next time.....



  1. Thank you for my last post to read tonight. It has calmed me and made me feel safe in God's hands. Beautiful photography. Love the mail boxes.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words...:) They mean a lot to me! I'm glad you stopped by...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  3. I love the photo's you took, looks like such a peaceful place to take a walk.

    When the weather warms up I hope to take more walks here as well.

    Have a great week.


    1. Thanks Tina.....I like to play around taking pictures. One day I hope to get a really nice camera and learn how to use it...I love taking pictures...:) You have a blessed week too!



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