Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Week's Thrifty Finds!

I have found a few treasures over the past week. I am having to make myself stay out of the thrift! I seriously could go every day! 

On to the finds.....

First up is an adorable little ice cream parlor set! You might remember the set I recently bought for my future porch. Imagine my delight when I spotted this adorable miniature set for just $2! I had to have it! I really want a large cloche to create a vignette with it. Isn't it sweet?

Here it is on my cedar chest. You can see how small it is here.

I was tickled to find this gorgeous vintage clock. I almost missed was laying flat on top of a shelf that was above my eye level, but I had spotted something else hanging off and when I was taking it down, I spotted this beauty! I love vintage clocks, lamps, and mirrors! It was just $5. I can't decide what color to paint it. I'm pretty sure I am going to put it in my bedroom, when I redo it!

I love the bubble glass over the face. 

The Roman numerals are so pretty...:)

The details in the flowers and vines is oh so pretty!

Next up is an adorable set of 4 plates I found yesterday in the thrift store I don't visit as often. There usually isn't much there, but something told me to stop by! I am glad I did...:) I found this adorable set of 4 lovebird owl salad plates by Toscany for $1.25! They are so stinkin' cute! 

Now, the problem is I can't decide whether to keep them or sell them. Owl items are so popular and I was only able to find a couple of these when I searched online and they had already sold. I know I could easily sell them, but I really like them, so I just might keep them!

This Moroccan inspired lantern was just $1. I forgot to take a picture before I painted it. It was the same color as the stand. I painted it Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze although it looks white in this picture! I am thinking of hanging it in my laundry room.

It looks a little more blue in this picture.

I got these pretty etched glasses at the same yard sale where I got the lantern. There are 4 of them, but I was using one at the time I took this. They were $1 for all four of them! Great deal for such pretty glasses!

I got this pretty little butter dish at the same store I got the owl plates. Another great reason I stopped! I have been wanting one of these and it was only $2! 

I got this sweet little miniature painting at the same place as the clock. The frame was gold, but I forgot to take a picture before I painted it! I get in a hurry sometimes...:) It is the cutest little thing....about 6 inches tall and was just $2. It came on a little easel but I'm not sure if I am using it or not.

I didn't actually buy these lamps, my Aunt Loretta picked them up for me at a local thrift store for $1.39 each! Can you believe that? They are so heavy and have a pretty shape! 

I hope mine turns out as pretty as this one that is just like it! I'm thinking white or bright yellow...but I am still undecided!

Source: iheartorganizing
Another sweet find at the thrift store I don't visit often were these little cuties! They are muffin bakers, but I will probably use them for little flower pots. They are clay on the outside and white ceramic inside. Too cute! Have you ever seen these before? I haven't! There were 5 of them for $2!

I also found these two frames. I love picture frames and these were both really pretty. The gold one was $2 and the wood one was .75 cents!

These pretty candle holders were only .50 cents for the pair!

This pretty crackle glass votive holder was just .75 cent. It still had a Yankee Candle sticker on the bottom. It will be pretty in my son's bathroom at Christmas....I love the hand painted pine cones!

the last thing I found there were these two crystal pieces for .10 cent each. They will make great bases to put under a pretty china plate for a serving piece or cake plate for my ETSY store. 

Oh....and just one more thing! Before I could finish this post, my hubby waltzes in the door carrying a box! I totally forgot I placed my first order with Pick Your Plum last week! Here is what was in the box.....

The are flat on the back to hang on the wall! I love galvanized containers...:) Not sure where I am putting them....YET! I am thinking my bathroom when we redo it! We have lots of upcoming projects and I cannot wait to start on them!!! Anywho....I fell in love with these and just had to have them!

And....they even threw in a couple of pieces of Laffy Taffy! did they know that I love banana taffy! They are already gone....yep, I had dessert before dinner! Speaking of dinner, I better get off here before I burn it!

Until next time......


  1. You are having such wonderful luck with the treasure hunting, Vicky, congrats! Just love that little birdie plate, and the big round clock is really fabulous!

    1. I know! I am addicted! I have such a hard time walking away from great deals....especially if it is something I love or know I can sell! I can't wait to redo the lamp! I'll post pix when I do...:)


  2. Vicky--you got a huge amount of great stuff! :)

    it makes me want to go thrifting RIGHT now. lol
    Funny how you start your makeovers without getting the pics...I do that too. I got a gold frame similar to yours and I can't wait to paint it. I might even leave the print it in... or it might become a chalkboard.
    good stuff girl!

    1. Thanks Gail! I have had such great luck recently! I really need to stay away from the thrift stores and yard sales for a while! It's so hard! I can't wait to see what you do with your frame...:)

      Blessings, Vicky


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