Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Just Can't Stop Myself.....

I am going to have to limit myself on thrift store and yard sale visits...;) Seems lately that I find way too many goodies and I just have a hard time passing them up. After work yesterday I stopped by the newest thrift store in town....the same one I found these light fixtures in a couple weeks ago. Well, I found some pretty awesome things again! I got these two tablecloths for fifty cent each. The floral one is vintage and in perfect condition. It will be pretty for Easter...or spring in general. The red and white one will be great for any number of holidays/seasons. I'm picturing it for summer with some sunflowers in a pretty vase, or how about 4th of July with some pretty red, white, and blue decor! It would even work for Christmas or Valentine's Day.  For the price, I couldn't leave them there. I am wanting to try my hand at tablescaping sometime in the near future and these will come in handy!

I got this set of curtain rod holders for $2. I will be painting them, but I'm not sure what color depends on the room I use them in....craft room or spare room.

This little cutie was only a quarter and will be cute painted with a pretty scripture inside the frame...:)

These little sweeties were fifty cent each. I love the cute!

These little vintage plastic violets had to go home with me to add to my violet collection. The little votive holder was an added bonus. It is pretty with a tealight in it...the litttle tiny hearts on the side glow when the candle is burning. It was only $1 with the flowers included.

I couldn't pass this solid wood candlestick up for only fifty cent. It will make a good pedestal for a cheese plate and dome or perhaps a nice wooden bowl. I have several chunky candlesticks I have been saving for various projects...:)

This mirrored tray was the reason I went by to begin with. I wanted it on my last trip, but I didn't have enough cash for it and the lights, so I passed on it. Luckily it was still there though. It was one of the higher priced items I have bought....$10, but  when you price this one on ebay, you'll see I got an awesome deal! It is beautiful and will look lovely in my spare bedroom when I get it finished! It needs a good cleaning....and I can't decide whether to paint it white or leave it gold. What do you think?

This morning before my son's soccer game, my mama and I went to a yard sale and thrift store in a neighboring town. I am so happy I did. Now....don't laugh or roll your nose like my mama did (she just doesn't see beauty in things like I do) but look at this beauty of a lamp I bought. Actually I bought a pair of them for.....drumroll please............$10!!! I know, I know, you are looking at it thinking this lady has lost it, but they are truly gorgeous and unique lamps! The round part it about the size of a bowling ball and it is glass. They had this ugly reddish brown coating of some sort on them, but it scratched off easily, so I took one apart and ran it under hot water to see what happened and the stuff literally just peeled off in big pieces.

Look what was underneath the ugly! Gorgeous green glass....:) Now.....I have a dilemma! I can't decide whether to keep the green or paint over it! This shade of green isn't really one of the colors I decorate with now, but it could be I guess.  I can't decide. I'm thinking about leaving it, painting the base and trim brushed nickel, and changing to a smaller drum shade in a simple oatmeal color or perhaps burlap. I bought these thinking I would use them on the ends of my buffet. I have been wanting matching lamps to put there. If I do that I will have to repaint the mirror I painted and  put up a few weeks back. I just can't decide! Opinions are welcome and appreciated!

Here is the glass globes side by side...what a transformation! They are the same size but the green one is not on the base and is sitting farther back on the table so it appears smaller.

I also found a cheese dome and base for $1! I love these and have several. This one was too good of a deal to pass up!

I also had to have this pretty little crystal clock to put on my nightstand. I have been looking for one and it was only $2.29!

I spotted this gorgeous fabric for $3.99. It's really heavy fabric for furniture upholstery. There is about 2 yards I think. I am planning to recover a couple of my vintage chairs and will share pix when I finish! I love it and wish there had been more of it!

I also couldn't pass this sweet little vintage sewing chest up either! It is is perfect condition. I like the color it is now, but will probably paint it....we shall see!

I bought one other item.....but I am waiting to share it in a before and after post soon! It's a vintage headboard for my spare bedroom. You will want to see it, so keep checking back! 
Until next time....


  1. You really are on a roll. Tons of great finds and the prices are super. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty...:) I always love hearing from you!

      Blessings, Vicky


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