Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature's Bounty

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
Galations 5:22

Hello dear friends...:) I was reminded of this beautiful scripture while looking at these photos I took earlier. After work today, I went by mama's to drop off my niece and nephew for cookies and milk. I stayed for a short visit, ate a few cookies, and walked around the yard with mama to see everything growing. I didn't have my camera, but my iPhone takes pretty sweet pictures, so 
I snapped a few to share!

These photos seem fitting since Earth Day was earlier this week. We have been celebrating in my classroom! My sweet 5th graders have been making posters....maybe I'll share a few over the weekend! I have a few really artistic students...:) 

Look at the sweet little tomatoes.....can't wait until they're ready to eat!

The squash plants are so pretty!

And just look at that little cutie growing under all those big leaves!

The pear tree has quite a few pears on it....this one is pretty good sized already...:)

The green onions are ready to be pulled and added to some savory dishes any time!

This lemon tree is loaded down with lemons of all different sizes and it is still full of  sweet smelling blooms too! I am so looking forward to some fresh's a favorite at my house! I even have a new lemon juicer that I'm dying to try out!

Look at the fierce thorns on this lemon tree. This one was a bout 3 inches long.....Scary! 

Daddy is trying his hand at growing a mango tree...:) 
It's a pretty plant with one stalk and leaves growing all up and down it.

Here is mama's last lily of the season. This was bloom number 50! 
This pot of lilies was absolutely gorgeous this year!

These last photos are the blooms of the Florida plametto plant. Palmettos grow wild everywhere around here. They are so pretty when they bloom. 

Here's a close-up of the blooms.

I hope you all have a blessed Friday! I am glad to see it finally here...:) Oh....and I would love for you to  follow me on bloglovin' if you haven't already...:)

Until next time.....


  1. How lovely that you have so much growing..and a lemon tree (sigh). I worked in my garden today but haven't even gotten to the point of planting..34 degrees this morning!

    Have a great weekend. xo

  2. Wow, a lemon tree? Fantastic. I would have to keep that one in a greenhouse around here! Great shots with the iphone. Take care. Chel x

  3. Vicky such pretty photos! I am hoping to have some home grown tomatoes this year!

  4. The garden is so early where you live compared to Britanny!


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