Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blue Ball Jars & Milk Glass

Just popping in today to show you the centerpiece I put together for supper with my besties last night! We had the best time, talking, laughing, eating, setting up a Pinterest account for my non-techy sister, and just relaxing for a while! I love my girls....:)
I decided to do a simple table that would be pretty for spring for the next couple weeks. I used my new anniversary edition blue ball jars, and a few of my milk glass vases, along with a recently made over wine box, and some linens. We'll start with the box makeover!
I bought this at a yard sale a few months ago and gave $1 for it. Nothing wrong with it, just not my I painted it white and added a rope handle to the other end. I like it much better now. I might eventually decoupage something on the top, but I haven't decided yet.

Here is the before! 

And after.....sorry I didn't think to take a picture of  it by itself. I'm too lazy on this rainy Saturday morning to get up and go take one, but you get the idea...:) So, this is the table centerpiece. Everything on the table was a thrifty find except the blue jars which were ordered from Amazon. I love the blue, white, and yellow fresh and springy!

I put tea lights in a couple of the jars....:)

I love this little hobnail mile glass vase. It was one of my first ever thrifty finds! I love the little tatted piece underneath delicate!

I had fun putting it together for my girls....:) I tried a new recipe which I will share next time I make it! Check out the yummy cake we had! Now, this came from Publix and is Jeana's favorite, so we had to have it! It is a Chocolate Ganache cake and is simply to die for.....and so pretty to boot!

Mmmm....wish I had another piece right about now! Enjoy another piece for me Jeana....:)

I wanted to share something else I am thinking about doing! I have been wanting to do a 5k for like ever! One of my besties has done several 5k's and loves it (she's also much thinner and in much better shape than me!)! I am not a runner (although I desperately want to be) unless you try to throw a snake, lizard, or frog on me. This race is untimed which means you can walk if you prefer. I am trying to convince myself to start the Couch to 5k program and train for it and maybe be able to do some running in it too. It is called Run or Dye or you might have heard it called Color Run. You can read more about it here. This is the one I have always wanted to do and the great thing is at least two of my girlfriends are doing it and it is in Tallahassee where my daughter lives and she has been wanting to do one too! I am really trying to get my nerve up (and my willpower) to do it! I need to just pray about it and let God tell me whether or not I should do this....registration is next week! I'll let y'all know what I decided...:)

Thanks for stopping by....I LOVE it when you visit me...:) 
Have a blessed and wonderful weekend. 
 Until next time......


  1. beautiful centerpiece! So springy looking! sounds like the 5k would be a great time for you. Hope you can do it.

    1. Thank you Linda...:) And as for the 5k....I'm hoping so too! Have a blessed weekend!


  2. Oh wow! Look at that chocolate cake. I don't want it...I NEED IT!! Just gone to my 'treat cupboard' and there is nothing there. I can only dream! Take care. Chel x

    1. LOL! It was sinfully delicious! I wish I could send you a virtual piece...:)I hate it when I don't have any treats in the house! I have a terrible sweet tooth...:) Have a blessed weekend...Vicky

  3. Well, I think just thinking about thinking about any race is a really good sign :) LOL
    We all have got to stop and smell the roses cause its like were all in the fast lane. Run your race as to win the price.
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Your Bloggy Friend, Roxy

  4. Vicky the centerpiece is so pretty. I think yellow and blue are such a great combo and I too love milk glass. good luck with your decision about the race!

  5. You can do so many things with a cool box like that. White is always good. The new blue ball jars make a nice little accompaniment too! Enjoy!


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