Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Few Thrifty Finds!

Today I'm sharing a few things I found at Goodwill yesterday. I drove over to Perry, which is about an hour away, for my friend and co-worker's mom's funeral. I had a little time after to run in the Goodwill. I found a few things while I was there...:)

First up is a wooden letter H. It was half price, so $1. I plan to use it to make a monogram wreath for my front door...:) I also bought this brand new, beautiful vintage crewel kit for $2, and a new book for $2.50. 

I got this apothecary jar (this one makes 3 identical ones I own now) for $1.50. I love apothecary jars and use them all over my house!

This was my most expensive item at $3.99. I usually don't pay more than $1-2 for milk glass vases, but I haven't seen this particular one before, so I splurged....:)

I love this cute little pewter mug....just look at the fancy little handle! I didn't realize there was still water drops on it from where I just washed it!

I got a stack of 11 of these sweet little dessert plates for half, $2! I managed to drop one when I was washing them though, so one of them has a chip in it now. No biggie since I prefer even numbers of dishes!

They are so pretty...:)

I got this cute little white tray for $1 to add to my white collection.

This particular Goodwill is over-priced on most things! It seems to me that the farther north I go in Florida, the higher the Goodwill's price stuff! Oh well, I did manage to find a few things!  

I wanted to mention that you can now follow me via bloglovin'! I finally signed up...:) I also changed my photo banner at the top of the page.....what do you think? I love it...:) 
Have a splendid weekend!



  1. Wow, you found some really great treasures. I love the milk glass vase too, it is lovely. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty....:) I love milk glass...or just white in general! I found a couple more today and will be sharing soon...:) Thanks for the visit!

      Blessings, Vicky

  2. Where's my walk on Sunday night with Vicky!?! Just kidding though if you are going to run a 5K (and you should), you had better start training. Thanks for telling where to find the blue Ball jars. Love those dessert plates - great to serve that chocolate cake on! As you can tell I read down through your posts to catch up.

    1. Sorry has rained all evening, but I promise I will be back to walking starting tomorrow! I already called mama and told her we need to get back to it...:)I am hoping to do the 5k but I won't be running the whole thing since this one is for walkers too...:) I do hope to train this summer and run part of it though!I will do my best to put up a Sunday night post of my walk pictures next week...:)Have a wonderful week my friend!

      Blessings, Vicky

  3. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. Your treasures are all so sweet. Looks like now you have some new projects to do. Will you do the crewel work yourself? I haven't done that in years. Nice finds!

  4. I have a collection of milk glass and I love the new vase you found! Lots of good finds this week. I think the Goodwill has gotten so expensive! Love the new header!

  5. I love your new photo! I love love thrifting and love your china pieces~ but I especially LOVE your apothecary jar! I haven't seen one since we moved here sixish months ago. I wish!!!

  6. Aww Vicky those little dessert plates are SO sweet! Such great bargains all around - will you do the stitchery project yourself, or give it as a gift? I always love the way they look but do not have the skill or patience to complete them. Good luck with yours - always enjoy seeing what you've found! ~ Janet (Painted Piglet)


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